08 savel istanbul untour june 13 and june 14, 2013


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08 savel istanbul untour june 13 and june 14, 2013

  1. 1. Thursday June 13, 2013 Today we traveled to Ortaköy using different modes of mass transitfunicular, tram, and bus. This area of Istanbul is on the “Europe” side of the Bosphorus right at the end the “first” bridge connecting Europe with Asia. There are small jewelry shops near the water. There are two special foods in Ortaköy- potatoes and waffles. Both come with your choice of toppings, and they are delicious. Bosphorus Bridge Ortakoy is located on the left side. Ortakoy Potato and Waffle Shops
  2. 2. The views of all the activity on the Bosphorus from Ortakoy is very refreshing. After enjoying the local foods a walk through the shops is very nice. Next was a longer walk to Yildiz Park. This park is huge and very green and shady. There is a steep uphill climb to a small restaurant where cold drinks were available. We then walked to the porcelin factory gift shop. It was closed for lunch but we could see the incredibly fine items for sale. The high prices certainly matched the quality of workmanship. Next was a challenge to find our way to Yildiz Palace Museum. The park has a wall around it so we had to walk outside of the wall and then through the technical university to find the entrance to the museum. This is probably one sight that could be missed.
  3. 3. Friday June 14, 2013 This was an extra special day for us. Our landlord, Izel had asked us to go on a walking tour with him in an area of Istanbul that we had not visited. The weather was our first and only day of rain for two weeks in Istanbul but did not dampen our enthusiasm or pleasure to see the wonderful sights and hear the history of these sights with our “guide”. Only on an Idyll Untour do such adventures occur! We started our walk from our apartment. We chose to walk down our “hill” to catch a tram to the Grand Bazaar stop. This provided the opportunity for Izel to tell us the history of the special stairs near the bottom of the hill and then the “bankers” street at the bottom of the hill. We were untourists learning about our neighborhood. After catching the tram we walked through the Old Book Bazaar just outside the Grand Bazaar. Then we walked to Istanbul University on the way to the Suleymaniye Mosque. The university students were present on campus, and this is Izel’s Alma Mater. The mosque is magnificent. What an incredible architectural achievement! With the usual mosques included in Istanbul tours this is one mosque that untourists should see.
  4. 4. Grand Bazaar Old Book Bazaar Suleymaniye Mosque Inner Courtyard Istanbul University Domes and minarets at Suleymaniye Mosque
  5. 5. Süleymaniye Mosque interior photos
  6. 6. Izel with his longtime waiter and friend Ali Lokantasi Restaurant near Suleymanye Mosque Our simple but delicious lunch of Turkish beans, rice, pickles, and bread One of the many small businesses on our walk to the Spice Market
  7. 7. Enjoying our “Just Desserts” at a favorite baklava bakery of Izel in Karikoy
  8. 8. Night time photos from the Galata Bridge
  9. 9. Fish Restaurants under the Galata Bridge Bosphorus Bridge Karakoy; Bosphorus Bridge;Asian Side of Istanbul