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Think place cocreative presentation -1 august 2013.pdf (design jam)

  1. 1. MEZZANINE 55 WENTWORTH AVENUE KINGSTON | PO BOX 5249 KINGSTON ACT 2604 P +61 2 6282 8852 F +61 2 6282 8832 LEVEL 13 EQUINOX HOUSE 111 THE TERRACE WELLINGTON P +64 021 689 848 P +64 022 043 0821 Design-led Innovation for the Public Sector Level 13 Equinox House 111 The Terrace Wellington 6040 CANBERRA | SYDNEY | WELLINGTON
  2. 2. Jim Scully, New Zealand
  3. 3. Russ Gaskin, Washington DC
  4. 4. ThinkPlace is a strategic design consultancy that specialises in transforming complex systems that deliver public value, to be more efficient and work better for people and society. We do this by integrating design thinking, systems thinking, human insight mining and innovation practice. CoCreative helps diverse groups of people solve tough problems together. By positively leveraging deep values tensions, our corporate, public sector and non-profit clients realize innovation and sustainable solutions to complex societal challenges in the areas of food, health, education, and economy. Who we are! Sustainable value
  5. 5. THE THINKPLACE FOUNDATION APPLIES DESIGN THINKING TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT TO COMMUNITIES AND THE PLANET We provide strategic design, service design and design capability building to philanthropic projects that are: Systemic in scope Innovative In concept High-impact For beneficiary communities High-integrity in vision and execution Mostly, we do this by providing services to partner organisations. Sometimes, we do this by running our own projects. Our work We source our expertise from ThinkPlace and carefully chosen associates. Everyone on a Foundation project: Our people Through Foundation work, we enrich our people and give them opportunities to make an impact on communities and the planet. Brings to Foundation projects… •  Top notch skills •  High integrity •  Confident execution •  A passion for contribution Can expect to be… •  Safe •  Supported •  Empowered •  Informed We work with partners to extend and intensify impact – both ours and theirs. Our partners: Our partners Our partnership model allows for both long-term/strategic and short-term/project- based partnerships. Will be… •  Mission-driven •  Strongly led •  High integrity •  Well-networked •  Pragmatic •  Strong execution Can expect… •  Stunning execution •  Strong integrity •  Powerful outputs •  A great relationship
  6. 6. 1.  KIA ORA from New Zealand and session focus 2.  INTENT | the imperative of a focal point 3.  HOLISTIC CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT | our experience 4.  CENTRALISED AND DECENTRALIZED | Design-led innovation; a window on our experience 5.  DESIGN AND INNOVATION | for policy development 6.  Open discussion with those who can stay Today!
  7. 7. INTENT The imperative of an innovation capability focal point
  8. 8. How do you stay focused and aligned? © ThinkPlace 2012
  9. 9. In your experience, what is an example of an innovation that delivered impactful value? •  What was it? What kept it on track? - Reflect •  What is one innovation imperative for UNDP? Reflection!
  11. 11. Innovation by Nature Innovation through nurture Innovation: an Existing Body of Practice
  12. 12. Organisational capabilities are usually more suited to tinker with the current state Those are the traditional capabilities that create stable systems that are seen to be well governed, accountable and efficient. Innovation Impact Horizons © ThinkPlace 2012
  13. 13. Operational Innovation Transformational Innovation Focused on the improvement and evolution to improve the current operations Focused on inventing new ways of operating, even transforming the dynamics of operation Builds on existing services, products, business processes and business models Creates services, products, business processes and business models that do not exist and might not even be imagined yet The challenge can be stated in terms of a problem to address The challenge is defined in terms of areas of opportunity for change Output of the design process is a specification for improvement Output of the design process is an articulation of the new future state and the interventions to create it Fuelled by certainty and clarity; exploration within a tightly bounded area of ambiguity Grounded experimentation within a wide area of ambiguity Leadership to drive improvement Leadership to nurture fledgling ideas and drive the creation of new meaning
  14. 14. Holistic Innovation Capability Framework! © ThinkPlace 2012
  15. 15. !InnovationEnabling… Leadership & Governance • Governance for innovation is valued & intentionally developed Skills & Expertise • Dedicated and defined innovation roles across the organisation Environment & Infrastructure • Intentionally designed space that fuels innovation dynamic Processes & Practices • Defined and integrated toolkit of processes, practices and techniques Culture & Mindset • Value set is in sync and appropriate with innovation practice Mature Organisational Conditions for Innovation   Examples from our capability development model, where we diagnose maturity against a range of attributes. This is based on experience across multiple innovation capability developments mainly in the public value space.
  16. 16. An Innovation Capability Framework – Today we will focus on a sub-set! © ThinkPlace 2012 •  Experience-based model •  Design-led Innovation methodology Today, we will go deep on one technique •  Polarity Thinking •  Human-centred mindset •  BOTH/AND mindset
  17. 17. An Experience-based Model for Design of Change! © ThinkPlace 2012
  18. 18. STAGE I Understand policy intent STAGE II Conduct research and surface insights STAGE III Generate ideas and prototypes STAGE IV Formulate & evaluate STAGE V Develop project intent STAGE VI Research and design STAGE VII Specify, build & test STAGE VIII Evaluate the whole change “What do we need to make?” Implementthesystemchange “Make it” DESIGN THE PROGRAM DESIGN THE PROJECTS Endorse Our Design-led Innovation Methodology! © ThinkPlace 2012 ThinkPlace’s design methodology with a focus on policy development.
  19. 19. Personas created by ThinkPlace for NZ Government Result 10, to bring deep empathy into policy and service development. The work was drawn from ethnographic research. The resulting personas, individual stories, mental models and pain points are still reasonating and being used across government agencies 14 months after development. Used with permission of Result 10, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand.
  20. 20. Part of a set of customer journeys created by ThinkPlace for Australian Government, Department of Human Services. This was initially used to help realign multiple project streams in a large transformation programme to the orginal intent which focused on a positive shift in citizen experience. It has been used in numerous other ways to ‘make real’ the human experience. Used with permission of the Department of Human Services, Australia.
  21. 21. Corporates Individual Taxpayers Family recipients Businesses Child support Student loan borrowers What the initial segments looked like…….
  22. 22. After a design “outside-in” exercise with the executive, what the new segment model looked like. Paradigm shift occurred, as from a citizen’s perspective, they can be in multiple segments….inside-out, outside-in!
  23. 23. Do we (UNDP) have a model for building a holistic and integrative innovation capability? How might we intentionally mature this capability across the globe? Reflection!
  24. 24. Leveraging tensions Design-led innovation; a window on our experience Continuity and Innovation Centralised and Decentralized
  25. 25. Get Oxygen Too Much Carbon Dioxide Release Carbon Dioxide Not Enough Oxygen Live Die Anticipate and/or Experience Anticipate and/or ExperienceInhale Exhaleand Thrive
  26. 26. Innovation Angst Innovation Traction I have to do my work AND I have to innovate! I can use an innovative approach to do my work better We don’t have time to think about the big picture We cannot not think about the big picture We need to prove human insight totally and absolutely We recognise the power of acting on a rich insight There are pockets of isolated innovation There is integrated innovation activity We apply individual interventions We cohesively design new future states We experience paralysis by analysis We think big, start small, learn fast We debate ambitious goals Embracing ambitious goals
  27. 27. Continuity and Innovation
  28. 28. Copyright © PMA 2002 Polarity Map ™ 29 RESILIENT INNOVATION FIXES THAT FAIL Continuity Transformationand Stability Core Values Tap past and present wisdom New energy and direction Creativity Tap new wisdom Stagnation Loss of energy Missed opportunities Lose continuity Lose core values Foolish risk
  29. 29. Copyright © PMA 2002 Polarity Map ™ 30 Sustainable, Agile Enterprise Failing Enterprise Decentralised Centralisedand Speed Adaptability Responsiveness Silos High costs Redundancies Slow Bureaucracy Poor responsiveness Coordination Efficiencies Economies of scale
  30. 30. DESIGN AND INNOVATION for policy development
  31. 31. There are many cases where government’s and development organisation’s intended policy did not achieve what was intended or the policy had unintended damaging consequences
  32. 32. Policy plays out in complex systems spanning society, the economy and the physical environment. When governments develop policy they are intending to change that complex system in some way.
  33. 33. Policy prototype examples to talk through! •  Personas and pain points for Nzers •  No individual tax return required •  Co-design with vulnerable families •  Corporate tax walkthrough •  Review of an existing system •  Chronic and Mental illness •  Plus others
  34. 34. Reflection! What one thing that we have shared most intrigues you and why?
  35. 35. MEZZANINE 55 WENTWORTH AVENUE KINGSTON | PO BOX 5249 KINGSTON ACT 2604 P +61 2 6282 8852 F +61 2 6282 8832 LEVEL 13 EQUINOX HOUSE 111 THE TERRACE WELLINGTON P +64 021 689 848 P +64 022 043 0821