WebXpress Warehouse Management System


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  • WebXpress offers solution across the supply chain from storage to movement. Our core solutions are in the area of transportation, fleet management and warehouse management. All WebXpress products are developed in India and we own the IP for the same. We also offer Analytics layer on top of all our products using globally renowned BI software –Qlikview. We also offer supporting solution for Finance and Accounts for customer who want a single solution. Even some of customers with SAP as ERP use finance and accounts for day to day operations and then transfer data to SAP. We have full capability to integrate WebXpress with any ERP system using range of technologies including Global EDI standards. We also offer solutions incorporating mobile devices and GPS tracking systems.
  • Technical Requirements of WebXpress Web Application developed by ECFY Web server for co-location Hardware Operating System- Windows NT/2000 Web server- IIS Database System- SQL 7.0/2000 Co-location services from Hosting Service Provider PCs at branches with Windows 95 and Internet browser Leased Line/ISDN connection at Head Office Dial up/cable connection at branches Backup server at head office
  • WebXpress Warehouse Management System

    1. 1. June 16, 2012 WebXpress Logistics Solution Offering Warehouse Management System Apurva Mankad ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. apurva@webxpress.in w w w. w e b x p r e s s. i n
    2. 2. Agenda About WebXpress WebXpress Solution Suite WebXpress Solution Offering: • Warehouse Management • Business Intelligence • Mobile Solutions • B2B Integration Case Study • WMS • Business Intelligence • Data Integration
    3. 3. June 16, 2012 About WebXpress
    4. 4. Company SnapshotGenesis Solution Focus Promoted by ECFY Consulting Private Limited  Transportation & fleet management Founded in November 2004  Warehousing Based at Mumbai  Home Delivery Solutions Development centers at Mumbai & Surat  Supply chain visibilityTechnology  Devices: Mobile, GPS Web based technologies  Business Intelligence Microsoft technologies Customer Segment Focus AJAX, C# .Net, SQL 2008, SSRS  Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) Mobile: SMS/ GPRS/3G, Windows Mobile/  User of Logistics Services (LSUs) AndroidTeam Profile Business Process consultants Training and Process Head Project Managers- 9+ years exp System & database designer- 6+ years exp
    5. 5. June 16, 2012 WebXpress Solution Suite
    6. 6. WebXpress Product Suite Business Intelligence- Qlikview/ Microsoft BI WebXpress Product SuiteDEVICES CustomerAndroid B2B PortalHHT Fleet Management Transportation Order Mgm & WMS Integration • TrackingGPS Web ServicesBar Code ANSI X12 • Invoice Cold Chain Home Delivery EXIM ContainersRFID RosettaNet • ComplaintsSensors Finance & Accounts | CRM • Enquiry • Contracts • E-POD Allied Services: Managed Web Hosting | Connectivity
    7. 7. Why WebXpress? Proven Solution • Over 2000 users, 1200 locations, 2 mn transactions per monthLineage Diversified Customer base • Built in Industry practices• Promoted by professionals • Start-ups to industry leaders• From IT and logistics industry • LSPs and user industry• Global expertise for local needs • IT challenged to IT mature The WebXpress AdvantageDomain Focus Support Infrastructure• Undiluted focus on supply chain • Online Customer Support Portal and logistics • Telephonic and IM support Ecosystem Approach• Product focus with services • Project Management Office • One stop solution• Transaction to Analysis • Web hosting to GPS to training • Enabled through partners A Technology Solution that works even at the Bottom of the Pyramid
    8. 8. WebXpress Customers WebXpress is used by
    9. 9. WebXpress Retail Customers WebXpress Home Delivery Solution Customers WebXpress Last Mile Distribution Customers WebXpress 3PL and Transportation Customers
    10. 10. WebXpress WMS Customers 3PL PARTNERS Deployments Deployments
    11. 11. WebXpress Partners
    12. 12. WMS Implementation Details 3PL Customer Name Industry Aqua Star Distributon SJM Auto Auto Components Kaveri Warehousing Huawei Telecom Equipment Kuehne Nagel Lead Logistics Jotun Paints Paints Narang Hospitality Beverages ZTE Telecom Leeway Logistics Mercedes Benz Auto Components Rhenus Prologistics Bharti Wal-Mart Store Capex Items Total Oil Lubricants Safexpress Acer Computer Eaton Power UPS Elsevier Books Fastrack Mobiles Grindwell Norton Machine Tools Hardvard Business Press Books HP- ARC Computer HP- DVD Computer HP- SRFR Computer NIIT- Mittals Infotech Books Thieme Books Wolters Books Siesta Logistics Rexam Medical Packaing
    13. 13. Technical Infrastructure for WebXpress PC with Browser- IE 8+ Internet Data Center. Broadband connection F WebXpress I • Branch Offices R Application E • Area Offices INTERNET + W • Hub Centers Database A Servers L L High-speed Internet GPRS/3G Link connection Firewall Server 3PL company HO Servers at Users at Transport 3PL company company LAN HO personnel Sys. Admin Interface System
    14. 14. June 16, 2012 Solution Offering: WebXpress WMS
    15. 15. Type of companies covered by WMS  Operates multiple warehouse for multiple customers3PL Provider  Provides warehousing as a service  Uses own WMS to manage multiple customers  Billing to end customer based on services provided  Customization of WMS for each industry vertical  Integration of WMS with ERP of customers  Own warehouse facilityManufacturer/Trader  Uses WMS to manage his facility  May integrate with ERP or another internal IT system  No billing as facility is his own
    16. 16. WebXpress WMS Modules WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Inspection Management INBOUND- ASN INBOUND- GRN INBOUND- Put Away generation B2B Data Customers ERP Integration Stock & Location Cycle Count WebXpress WMS Transfer OUTBOUND- Order OUTBOUND- Pick OUTBOUND- Dispatch Management Process Delivery Tracker Auto Alerts Bar Code PDT
    17. 17. WebXpress WMS Salient Features Web-based Online Warehouse Management System Information across locations to customers through online access Handles multi-customer multi-location warehouses for 3PL Advance location management for better warehouse usage B2B Integration with Customers’ ERP for online information update Bar code enabled- bar code generation and scan PDT enabled- use of hand held terminals for put-away, pick and cycle count Deployed across various industry verticals such as Paper, Telecom, Consumer Durables, Books, Music, Project management etc. Fine tuned for India situation and infrastructure
    18. 18. Project Implementation TimeframeSr. Project Steps Description Calendar Days1 Systems Study & Gap Comparison of WebXpress with requirements specified Analysis by customer. It will also include study of Data Integration requirements.2 WebXpress configuration Customization of WebXpress as per gap analysis & customization3 Test Run  Module wise and iterative test run  Testing on Internet across locations  Testing of data bridge4 User Feedback Changes in system as per user suggestions5 Training Training to staff on usage of new system6 Web Hosting#  Server procurement  Operating system & Database server software  Web hosting service7 Roll out & Live LIVE at all locations TOTAL
    19. 19. Typical Distribution Scenario E-Commerce + Home Delivery 1 warehouse CWH- Central Warehouse 35,000 SQFT 17+ warehouses Regional Distribution Regional Distribution 1500-3500 SQFT Center (RDC) Center (RDC) 20+ Stores Own Store Own Store B2B Customers 500-1000 SQFT Large Format Stores Dealers Customers Consumers
    20. 20. Customer Business Process RECEIPT PROCESS DISPATCH PROCESS Customer Order/ Sock Manufacturing/ Imports Transfer Request Advance Shipping Notice Order Processing Arrival & Pick Process Goods Receipt Note Put away Pre-Delivery Inspection Warehouse Stock Update STN/Invoice TRANSPORTATION PROCESS Arrival at Destination Transport Movement Handover to Transporter
    21. 21. Receipt Process- Central Warehouse PROCESS IN ERP Data Integration PROCESS IN WMS Order to Vendor Advance Shipping Notice Shipping Documents Advance Shipping Notice Containers arrival & Goods Receipt Note customs clearance Put Away Process Stock Update Stocks Available for Goods in Stock Dispatch
    22. 22. Dispatch Process- Central Warehouse PROCESS IN ERP Data Integration PROCESS IN WMS Stock Transfer Request from RDC Dispatch Order to CWH Order Processing Pending Order List Pick Process Pre-Delivery Inspection Stock & Dispatch Update Stocks Available for Dispatch to RDC Dispatch Advance Shipping Notice to RDC
    23. 23. June 16, 2012 Solution Offering: Business Intelligence for WMS
    24. 24. WebXpress BI- Analytics from Day One WebXpress & BI • WebXpress offers BI as built-in feature Aberdeen BI Champions • No set up time and ready to use templates • WebXpress domain expertise added to BI= analytics from day one • Option to train customer staff on BI development tools Why Qlikview? • Qlikview is world’s fastest growing BI company • Figures as Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant- 2008 • Sets up in a few weeks as
    25. 25. Qlikview- Gartner MQ since last 4 years Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI vendors 2008 2009
    26. 26. Qlikview BI deployment Other data Oracle WebXpress sources, XLS Database SQL Database files Extract, Transform, Load, Schedule Qlikview Qlikview Analytics Development INTERNET Enterprise Server Analytics File Repository LAN/VPN/Net Qlikview user on Qlikview User on Qlikview Browser Browser Qlikview Analyzer ProfessionalQlikview Developer Qlikview User on Desktop
    27. 27. KN WMS-BI- KPI Measurement Example
    28. 28. KPI Measurement Example- selected warehouse
    29. 29. KN WMS-BI- GRN Daily Trend Analysis
    30. 30. KN WMS-BI- GRN Monthly Trend Analysis
    31. 31. Data Exchange KPIs
    32. 32. Data Exchange Statistics
    33. 33. June 16, 2012 Solution Offering: WebXpress WMS Mobile
    34. 34. WebXpress WMS Mobile Technical Architecture Internet Data Center. Architecture • The warehouse is Wi-Fi enabled WebXpress WMS • Warehouse is connected to Server Internet by dedicated hi speed links • The Portable Digital Terminal FIREWALL (PDT) is also Wi-Fi enabled and it has a built in bar code scanner • PDT is connected to WMS sever over Internet INTERNET • Warehouse may also have PC/ laptops connected to the Leased/ Broadband Internet Link: 256 Kbps to 1 • PC may be connected to a Mbps wired scanner Wi-Fi Router PDT Technical Details PDT • Wi-Fi enabled • Bar code scanner • 64 MB RAM PC/Laptop • Windows Mobile/ CE OS Wireless Enabled Warehouse • .net compact framework
    35. 35. Advantage of WebXpress WMS PDT architecture The application talks DIRECTLY to web-server 100s of Km away from warehouse over the Internet. There is NO MIDDLEWARE at the warehouse- thus no server, no maintenance, no downtime The application uses Web-services over Wi-Fi or GPRS over HTTP, thus not requiring special firewall settings needed for an FTP or an SQL query. This also does away with docking, sync partnerships etc. The application retrieves data from web BUT then works offline. ALL validations of locations, SKU, quantity are carried out within the device. Thus, workers can move around warehouse without worrying about signals. This also means that we DO NOT need to cover entire warehouse with Wi-Fi signals. The built in locking mechanism ensures that when HHT is using a particular transaction- say a pick- ticket- no other HHT can use the same. Also, web application too can not use it till the time HHT releases or completes the transaction. Also, users can move seamlessly between HHT and non-HHT environment. For example, user may decide to carry a pick ticket using paper and update the same directly into web-browser in a PC. This ensures that if a HHT is down or work load is more requiring extra workers without HHT, we can continue our operations.
    36. 36. WebXpress Mobile WMS: Put Away Process WebXpress WMS at PDT at Warehouse Data Center ASN preparation GRN Preparation Put away information Generate Put-away Ticket Download Put-away ticket Put away material, scan and store information Stock At warehouse Upload Put-away status Put-away update information
    37. 37. WebXpress Mobile WMS: Pick Away Process WebXpress WMS at PDT at Warehouse Data Center Order Entry Order process Pick information Pick-ticket Preparation Download Pick ticket Pick material, scan and store information Dispatch and invoice Upload Pick status Pick update information
    38. 38. WebXpress WMS Mobile: Update Pick TicketExample 1. Pick Ticket No 2. Order No1 2 3. SKUID 4. Ordered Quantity3 4 5. Location Available (Display Name)5 6 6. Stock at location 8 7. Scan Location (Display Name)7 8. Scan SKUID / IMAI ID 9. Quantity to pick from Location 109 10. Total Pick Quantity Current SKU 11. No of SKU from Total SKU 12. Next (To Proceed)11 13. Done (To Update PickTicket) 14 14. Close the form and return to previous 12 13 menu.
    39. 39. June 16, 2012 Solution Case: B2B Data Integration- WMS
    40. 40. WebXpress B2B Integration For complete visibility, various players across supply the supply chains need to collaborate. Information Exchange is the key to such collaboration WebXpress is capable of integrating with systems of any supply chain partner using various technology options WebXpress is compliant with following data integration standards: • Electronic Data Interchange- EDI- using following standards  EDIFACT  ANSI X.12  Rosettanet  VDA • Flat file exchange using FTP (CSV files) • SQL query based table updates • Manual upload of XLS/CSV files • Web form for data entry Data Integration allows information from WebXpress to directly flow into partner’s application with no human intervention
    41. 41. Case Study- Saregama India Saregama is India’s largest Music and entertainment software company All data from SAP server is sent to WMS using a fully automated proprietary SAP bridge program SAP WebXpress WMS Advance Shipping Notice Vendor Order/STN/Sales GRN Return Stock Update SAP Stock Put Away Customer Order Pending Order Creation Invoice Notification Order Entry-Pick List- Invoice Pick process SAP Stock Update Dispatch Data Bridge Formats Delivery Tracker
    42. 42. Data Bridge Architecture- SIL to KN WMS SIL Data Center Internet Data Center FTP Over Internet Inbound FTP Folder ASN CSV Files Outbound FTP Folder KN WMS SAP Servers Invoice CSV Files ServersSIL to KN WMS SIL updates Inbound Process folders on its server with ASN and Invoice CSV files KN WMS server polls SIL server over FTP on a every minute basis Any new file is processed and sent to KN WMS Any error record is rejected and stores in a separate database table
    43. 43. Data Bridge Architecture- KN WMS to SIL SIL Data Center Internet Data Center KN WMS SAP Servers FTP Over Internet Servers Stock FTP Folder Stock Update CSV FilesKN WMS to SIL On every put-away update, WMS stock is updated On completion of put-away ticket, WMS sends stock update data to SAP SIL data bridge program polls FTP folder for new file Data is processed and stock update is then updated into SAP
    44. 44. Inbound Process PROCESS IN SAP Data Integration PROCESS IN KN-WMS Order to Vendor/ Stock Transfer/ Customer Sales Return Advance Shipping Notice PO/STN/Sales Return Advance Shipping Notice Goods Arrival Goods Receipt Note GRN Entry in SAP Put Away Process Stock Update Stocks Available for Goods in Stock Dispatch SAP Stock WMS Stock
    45. 45. Outbound Process PROCESS IN SAP Data Integration PROCESS IN KN-WMS Customer order receipt Invoice / Credit Note/ STN SAP Order Entry Order Generation SAP Pick List Pick List Generation & closure SAP Invoice Dispatch Note Delivery Tracker SAP Stock WMS Stock
    46. 46. June 16, 2012 Thank you APURVA MANKAD, CEO apurva@webxpress.in +91 93242 42802 ECFY Consulting Private limited w w w. w e b x p r e s s. i n