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Webxpress cold chain solutions

  1. 1. Organization Overview & Cold Chain Solution CapabilityTransportation & Fleet Management
  2. 2. Background Genesis • Founded by Mr. Apurva Mankad in 2004 to leverage emerging Internet and Mobile Revolution for Business Benefits • Based at Mumbai with offices at Delhi and Surat Team Profile • Team size- 40+- combination of Technology and Domain experts • Professional Structure with team led by COO • Team with combined experience in LOGISTICS DOMAIN of more than 75 years Customer Segment Focus • Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)- Mid sized to large companies • User of Logistics Services (LSUs)- Large companies with focus on distribution Solution Focus • Transportation & fleet management • Warehouse Management • E-commerce and Home Delivery • Business Intelligence • Devices: Mobile, GPS, RFID/ bar coding
  3. 3. WebXpress Team Structure Partners Founder & CEO Apurva Mankad Finance & Admin Chief Operating Business Officer Development Head Darshan Hadkar Brijesh AroraHead- Project Implementation Head- New Technology Head- Product Development Krishan Malik Chaitanya Tembe Ramashish Gupta Project Project Module Leader Module leader Manager Manager Customers Project Team Development Team
  4. 4. Customers WebXpress is used by
  5. 5. WebXpress Fleet Management CustomersCustomer Fleet Size and Type Varuna Integrated Logistics Fleet Size- 900 + Large vehicles- 16 to 40 Ton Agility Logistics Fleet Size- 150 + Large vehicles- 16 to 32 Ton Coldex Fleet Size- 850 + Reefer Vehicles- 1 Ton to 22 Ton Kaveri Warehousing Fleet Size- 250 + LCV/MCV vehicles- 3 to 10 Ton Prasanna Transport Fleet Size- 50 + MCV- 8 to 12 Ton Ritco Fleet Size- 50 + Large vehicles- 16 to 32 TON SRL Logistics Fleet Size- 70 + Large vehicles- 16 to 32 TONTOTAL vehicles managed by 2400 +WebXpress FMS
  6. 6. WebXpress Technology Partners Qliktech Inc Business Intelligence Solution www.qlikview.com Microsoft WebXpress is Microsoft Independent Software Vendor www.microsoft.com Motorola India Enterprise Mobility Solutions Partner www.motorolasolutions.com Netmagic Solutions | CntrlS Data Center Web Hosting Partner www.netmagicsolutions.com | www.cntrls.in
  7. 7. WebXpress Solution Stack Analytics Integrated Business Intelligence- Qlikview | Microsoft BI Storage Warehouse Management Visibility Tools Demand Order Mgmt & Vehicle Request MOBILE SOLUTIONS Android Applications Hand Held Terminals Movement Transportation & Fleet Management DEVICES Cold Chain Home Delivery GPS & Maps RFID |Bar Code Long Haul FTL EXIM Containers Sensors FIN Control Customer & Vendor Contracts | Billing | Payments | Accounts
  8. 8. Technology Stack Web Application Technology • Microsoft .Net version 3.5/ 4.0 • SQL Server Reporting and Analytical Services (SSRS/SSAS) Mobile Technology • Windows Mobile 6.0 /CE 6.0 • Android 4.0 using Eclipse Analytics • Qlikview Business Intelligence • Microsoft BI GPS and Maps • Google MAP API
  9. 9. WebXpress TMS Solution Overview 3 P L/T R A N S P O R T S E R V I C E PROVIDER Reports Customer Self Service PortalCustomer contracts Operations Tracking • Tracking • InvoiceCustomer retention WebXpress TMS POD Management • Complaints • Enquiry • Rates Vendor contracts Invoice & payments Online accounts • E-POD • Octroi Rcpts Security management • MIS GPS SYSTEM RFID/BAR CODING MOBILE SYSTEM
  10. 10. Fleet Management Building Blocks Overview Vehicle Request Fuel & Vehicle Expense Movement Management Fleet Management GPS Driver Tracking & Management Telematics Maintenance
  11. 11. Fleet Management Building Blocks • Request for placement of vehicleVehicle Request • Approval based process for placement of external vehicles • Trip sheet generation for given journey • Trip sheet operations closure and financialVehicle Movement closure • Capture of leg wise operations details and expenses • Driver allocation to vehiclesDriver Management • Driver advance payment and settlement
  12. 12. Fleet Management Building Blocks • Job creation for preventive, scheduled and other maintenanceVehicle Maintenance • Multiple level approval based on amount • Job closure with work done details • Fuel Expense Request and ApprovalFuel & Expense • Fuel expense entry against vehicle as wellManagement as trip sheet • Fuel Data Upload from Oil Company data • Vendor neutral GPS Integration Module • Use of GPS data for business solutions- TripGPS Tracking & TAT, Geo-fence alerts, Order level GPSTelematics tracking, Mobile visibility • Integration of telematics data such as door open sensors, temperature sensors etc.
  13. 13. GPS Integration USER ACCESS LAYER Qlikview WebXpress WebXpress Business Applications/ GPS reportsIntelligence Customer ERP and maps layer Computer WebXpress GPS Integrator Middleware Tablet Server of Server of Smart phone GPS Service GPS Service Provider A Provider B Field team with Mobile DevicesTrailers with devices Trailers with devices from A from B
  14. 14. WebXpress GPS capabilities GPS provides location, WebXpress makes sense of that location Thus, WebXpress has devises applications around GPS data to enable an enterprise to solve business problems such as Track & Trace, Impending Arrival Notification, Proof of Delivery with GPS Signature etc. WebXpress has built standard interface to receive data from multiple GPS providers WebXpress has built Application to convert the GPS data into information relevant to customers business needs
  15. 15. WebXpress @ Cold Chain
  16. 16. Challenges for Cold Chain Products needs to travel from manufacturing point to point of consumption at UNIFORM temperature Any loss in temperature can result in product getting rejected by customers or worse can result in a health problem if consumed Multiple legs of supply chain required for economical distribution Cold Chain Infrastructure Components: • Cold Storages  Warehouses with facility to store goods at 4 C to -30 C  Special dock doors to ensure no loss of temperature in handling/ loading/ unloading • Reefer vehicles  Vehicles with reefer container and cooling plant
  17. 17. Business Type Handled Parcel or Sundry business • During loading the shipment temperature of the package is recorded in the LR entry. • Temperature is been maintained till the time it is delivered • This kind of business has committed time of delivery • Example: Insulins, Life saving drugs etc. FTL or Upcountry Business • In this business type, there is single pickup – Multiple delivery points • Temperature is maintained throughout the entire journey • Temperature is maintained in the form of chiller, freezer and Temperature control • Log Sheet is maintained to record temperature at every point of delivery • Example: Frozen food, Poultry products, Ice cream etc.
  18. 18. WebXpress Solutions for Cold ChainProcesses WebXpress Module Cold Chain Specific FeaturesLR Entry C Note • Consignment level recording of pick up temperature • LR captures the temperature and Weight of consignment at the time of loading of consignmentTrip Sheet Trip Sheet • Log book is maintained in the Trip sheet module for point to point distribution. • Temperature is recorded in each leg of loading / unloading to ensure temperature is constantVendor Contracts Vendor Contracts • Customer and Vendor contracts based on temperature based Km run • Customer and vendor contracts are based on Refrigerated or non-refrigerated vehicle movement • Contracts is also based on level of cooling to be provided for different type of items
  19. 19. WebXpress Solutions for Cold ChainProcesses WebXpress Module Cold Chain Specific Features GPS Tracking GPS Tracking • GPS based real time location management and tracing • System can be integrated with GPS Devices and real time temperature data can be sent to concerned person through email, sms or shown through reports System Trip Sheet • Temperature sensor data capture Integration with • Auto alert on loss of temperature Temperature • Fuel consumption Monitoring sensors • At the time of maintenance, Job order is capable to capture serial no of Air conditional unit installed on the Truck for keeping record of Air condition unit. Job Order Job Order • Cold fleet maintenance record for vehicle, container and plant
  20. 20. WebXpress Cold Chain Deployments
  21. 21. Transportation and Fleet ManagementConsumer ColdexProfile • Gwalior based distributor of cold chain products • Fleet of over 800 vehicles • Last mile distribution for Nestle, Cadburys • Long haul movement from -18 to +18 CWebXpress • Temperature based contracts for customer as well as vendors • Special log books design for recording of leg wise temperature and KmUnique Features • Deployment of WebXpress TMS and FMS for daily transactions • Customized billing formats for specific customers • Integration with GPS and sensors
  22. 22. Fleet ManagementCustomer Spear LogisticsProfile • Pune based LSP into warehousing and distribution • Launched cold chain division for long haul Movement • Plans to deploy over 50 Hino vehicles over next one yearWebXpress • Real time monitoring of location and temperature using GPS andUnique Features Temperature sensors. Fuel sensors monitoring for checking misuse • Special consignment to record temperature data at pickup as well as delivery • Integrated with WebXpress Fleet system for transaction level tracking • Deployment of WebXpress TMS and FMS for billing, driver settlement, expense management
  23. 23. TransportationCustomer Transocean ExpressProfile • Mumbai based LSP into transportation and Warehousing • Market vehicle based cold chain operationsWebXpress • Special consignment to record temperature data at pickup as wellUnique Features as delivery • Integrated with WebXpress Fleet system for transaction level tracking • Deployment of WebXpress TMS and FMS for billing, driver settlement, expense management