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5 Minute Talks - Dr. Lee Hughes and Undergraduate Biological Sciences Research


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Assistant Professor and Biologist Lee Hughes discusses how the Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant is helping UNT advance undergraduate research in biological sciences.

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5 Minute Talks - Dr. Lee Hughes and Undergraduate Biological Sciences Research

  1. 1. UNT-HHMI ProgramsUndergraduate Research Lee Hughes, Ph.D.Assistant Professor — Biological Sciences
  2. 2. What are the UNT-HHMI Programs?The National Genomics Research Initiative (NGRI)First National Experiment of the HHMI’s Science Education Alliance
  3. 3. What are the UNT-HHMI Programs?UNT’s Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2010 Science Education Grant• Undergraduate Researchers Program• Classroom Research Laboratory Courses• Transitions Summer Workshop• Transitions Summer Research Experience
  4. 4. NGRI• Co-direct with Dr. Robert Benjamin• Provides a classroom-based biological research experience for first-year students.• Freshmen students conduct research to isolate and characterize a bacteriophage (bacterial virus)
  5. 5. NGRI - Phage Research• An isolate is sent for genome sequencing over winter break.• Students analyze and annotate the genome during the spring semester.
  6. 6. Slide TitleTalking PointsTalking Points
  7. 7. NGRI 2009-2010 Last Day of Class• Student Presentations • University Scholars Day 1 Poster 1 Award-Winning Paper• NGRI Symposium
  8. 8. NGRI 2009 Scientific Accomplishments• Number of Phage Isolated/Purified 24• Number of Sequenced Phage (awaiting publication in Genbank) 2
  9. 9. NGRI 2010 Scientific Accomplishments• Number of Phage Isolated/Purified 22• Number of Sequenced Phage 1 complete and in annotation, 1 — 2 2 at sequencing center
  10. 10. NGRI 2010 Student Presentations• Six student presenters at the Spring Meeting of the Texas Branch- American Society for Microbiology (1 poster award winner)• Five posters and one talk scheduled for UNT University Scholars Day• One student selected to present at the NGRI Symposium.
  11. 11. UNT-HHMI Science Education Grant $1,300,00 over four years (Sounds like a lot... we asked for $2,100,000!)
  12. 12. Undergraduate Researchers Program (URP)• Paid research experience for UNT juniors and seniors• Placed with a faculty research mentor for up to one year• Receive support for conference attendance• Average of 10 students per year of the grant
  13. 13. Current URP Placements• Jennifer Archer with Dr. Jyoti Shah• Adrian Cadar with Dr. Ed Dzialowski• Coreen Manley with Dr. Lee Hughes• Shelby Needham with Dr. Duane Huggett• Raven Pena with Dr. Ed Dzialowski• Melissa Torres with Dr. Michael Allen Adrian Cadar (Borrowed from UNT Website Feature)
  14. 14. Classroom Research Laboratory (CRL)Teaching laboratory space equippedand designed to facilitate NGRI-likeresearch courses for UNTundergraduates.
  15. 15. Classroom Research Laboratory (CRL)16 juniors and seniors per semesterwill participate in faculty-drivenresearch in a classroom laboratorysetting
  16. 16. Classroom Research Laboratory (CRL)First three topics to be developed• Systems Microbiology Michael Allen• Developmental Physiology Ed Dzialowski• Plant Biochemistry Kent Chapman
  17. 17. Transitions Summer Workshop (TSW)• Five week summer workshop for first year community college students• Taught in the Classroom Research Laboratory• Coordinated by Dr. Mark Burleson
  18. 18. Transitions Summer Workshop (TSW)Focus on• College Skills• Science Reading and Writing• Laboratory Skills• Introduction to ResearchOne community college faculty member per year invited to co-teach the workshop
  19. 19. Transitions Summer Workshop ParticipantsSixteen students who have completed one year of community college(selection underway)Community College Partners:• Brookhaven College• Eastfield College• El Centro College• Richland College
  20. 20. Transitions Summer Research Experience• Five week summer research experience for second-year community college students• Placed with a UNT faculty mentor• Ten students selected for Summer 2011
  21. 21. Exceptional Research Opportunity Program• UNT-HHMI nominated Jordyn Talley• She will be in the research lab of HHMI Professor Joseph Takahashi, UT Southwestern