Maximise your Event with Facebook and Social Media


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Learn how to maximise your event using Facebook and other Social Media Networks.

Keeping up to date with current marketing trends can be difficult so we have collected the essential elements that events need to complete and consider to successfully market, advertise and enhance their event.

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  • A bit of perspective – While this does not take into account youtube, and Skype is not really a “Social Media” it does show how large Social Media is. With 800 Million users world wide it is undisputably the largest and most powerful social media available for businesses.
  • With 800 Million + users the Viral effect is in full swing..Traditionally a message travelled from you, to one person, then from them to another, to another then if you were lucky maybe on to anotherWith the Viral Effect your message travels you, to another, to their group of friends and to all of their groups of friends... Before you know it you have reached a wall of people.
  • Whispering secrets/ Cameron MadduxRecent studies have shown that over 68% of people that have become a Fan of a page say that they are VERY likely to recommend that product to another person. That means that word of mouth is about 68% more likely to positively travel about your business than without social media.
  • Nike says “Just Do It” but when it comes to Facebook that is not the case...There are 3 types of facebook accounts or “profile” that you can create,Personal – for friendsBusiness – for fans / likersGroups – for those interested in topicDo it the right way and create a business page!
  • Min 5 pics before they will show across the topProfessional profpicAll info fields should contain content and at least 1 keyword
  • Facebook pages are flexible and can be changed and added to depending on your needs, seasonality or functionality. With so many developers and apps out there you can add the functionality and design that you want to a custom page or tab within your business page with minimal effort. This means that you can have a newsletter signup, f-commerce, product display and latest news tabs on your facebook page and remove or change any of them all at your own disgression.
  • We think Version B won because of its active headline, clear explanation of the program’s benefits, and “learn more” call-to-action at the end.  Version A’s copy defined what the program is, not what the program does.
  • Essential for tourism.Facebook places allows mobile users to check-in to locations that are nearby using the GPS. They can see who else has checked in nearby.Step 1: Create Or Claim Your Place on your phoneStep 2: Claim The Place As YoursStep 3: Merge Your Place & Page - The result is a combined Page which effectively serves as a local business page. If you don’t claim it anyone can create it for you!But that’s only the beginning.
  • It’s no secret that email marketing is an effective and inexpensive lead generation channel. But while email is effective, it is limited by the size of your email list. This may sound obvious and unexceptional, but social media does not experience the same limitation.Whereas with email, your reach is equal to your list size, with social media, your reach is equal to your followers, fans, subscribers plus all of their connections, which gives your campaigns more leverage through people consuming and sharing content.Facebook is a great channel to engage with your fans and drive traffic to your official websites and blog but don’t get caught up in the hype and ignore your other online properties but continue to integrate and optimise all your digital assets and the synergy will surprise you.1. Add social sharing to your emails.2. Promote your email program in social mediaDon’t forget that you don’t own the customer data on Facebook like you do with your email list and if you’re Facebook account was shut down for some small breach of their T&C’s that could be a disaster if you can’t contact you fans.
  • Facebook e-commerce or f-commerce. Facebook is like a party for many people and who likes being pulled out of a party? Does you booking or tour system integrate with Facebook?
  • Maximise your Event with Facebook and Social Media

    1. 1. Social: It’s like electricity. You can’t see it, but it powers everything. Image: flickr/...It’s Electric! / Avery Studio
    2. 2. Its about Tweet Time...Tweet your comments, questions and thoughts! Best question/ best tweet wins a printed copy of the Maximise your event with Facebook guide
    3. 3. Twitter – 140 character tweetsFacebook – mixed mediaYoutube – videosLinkedIn – business networking
    4. 4. 800MILLION
    5. 5. Why Facebook ?
    6. 6. You
    7. 7. Image: flickr/whispering secrets/ cameron maddux
    8. 8. Facebook 101
    9. 9. Just Do ItPersonal Profile Business Page Groups Your Friends Likers/ Fans Members
    10. 10. Image: flickr/HathaYoga Championships -Bikram-Ron Sombilon Gallery/ Ron Sombilon Gallery
    11. 11. Buildingrelationships
    12. 12. Image: flickr/Orange Stage/ MichaelMarner
    13. 13. Facebook
    14. 14. Which Facebook Ad Got a Huge Lift in Click Through Rate? A B (Different Headlines & Copy)
    15. 15. Version B lifted the click through rate by 2,666%Active headline B Clear benefits Call to actionVersion A’s copy defined what the program is, not what the program does.
    16. 16. FosteringRelationships
    17. 17. Integrate email marketing with social media
    18. 18. SocialCommerce
    19. 19. A recent study titled Turning “Like” to “Buy” estimates: and $30 Billion per year by 2015! Booz & Company
    20. 20. “Since rezgo app, we got ±100 new fans in just over 30days...
    21. 21. Pulling it all together Post regular quality updatesBuild a relationship through interesting content Customise your facebook page
    22. 22. Image: flickr/Thank You/ eunmind
    23. 23. Social Media for EventsSaturday 12 November 2011
    24. 24. Gold Coast Airport MarathonCASE STUDY• Annual Event• Local to International• Participants - 25,000+• Volunteers - 1,000+• Sponsors• Suppliers• Media
    25. 25. Gold Coast Airport MarathonEVOLUTION OF OUR MARKETING MIXBased on resources, budget, effectivenessRanking: 1 – highest, 7 – lowest MEDIA 2000 2005 2010 2015 Social Media 2= 1= Website 4 1 1 1= Media & PR 1= 4= 4= 4= Advertising – Traditional 1= 4= 4= 6 Advertising – Online 4= 4= Direct Mail 1= 2= 7 7 Electronic Direct Mail 5 2= 2= 1=
    26. 26. Planning your Social MediaQUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF1. What are our event’s aims and objectives?2. What social media should we use?3. How do we resource social media?
    27. 27. Planning your Social MediaWHAT ARE OUR EVENT’S AIMS & OBJECTIVES?• Increase participation numbers• Promote the destination• Develop the event’s profile• Increase commercial sponsorship supportWHAT SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD WE USE?
    28. 28. Planning your Social MediaHOW DO WE RESOURCE SOCIAL MEDIA?• Person/s – Consistency – Knowledgeable about event – Marketing / Communications staff or University student• Time – Daily monitoring – Regular content related to the event – Stay up-to-date with social media trends• Budget – Staffing – Advertising
    29. 29. Social Media for EventsPUTTING SOCIAL MEDIA TO ACTION … “THE 4 Cs”• Customise• Connect• Content – Concise – Consistent – Conversational – Call to Action• Combine
    30. 30. Social Media for EventsTIPS1. Find your social media guru2. Set a social media policy3. Produce regular, relevant and conversational content4. Use a dashboard like HootSuite.com5. Monitor the activity6. Advertise on Facebook