Army IPFU Standard


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This powerpoint presentation explores the proper wear and appearance of the Army PT (physical fitness) uniform in accordance to AR 670-1 and FM 21-20. I hope this information is valuable, informative, and helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about this concept. I'd also welcome feedback, suggestions, and recommendations which could make powerpoint presentation more satisfactory.

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Army IPFU Standard

  1. 1. Improved Physical Fitness Uniform StandardsThe Proper Wear and Appearance of the Army PT Uniform. Courtesy of SPC HERNANDEZ, A.
  2. 2. IPFU
  3. 3. TaskFamiliarize 87TH HHD unit memberson the Army PT (Physical Training)uniform standards in accordance to AR 670-1 and FM 21-20.
  4. 4. ConditionThis class will be presented at the motor stables formation.
  5. 5. StandardsTo ensure that ALL 87th HHD members are familiarized with the wear and appearance of the IPFU standards inaccordance to AR 670-1 and FM 21-20.
  6. 6. Risk Assessment • Dehydration Drink plenty of water or Gatorade • Weather Present information in-doors Possibility of rain and lighting • Use of Technological DevicesThere will not be authorized during this presentation (i.e. Cell phones) • Exits  Sleeping/ Drowsiness If you get tired, stand up. DO NOT SLEEP.
  7. 7. CLASSIFICATIONS OF IPFU Winter and Summer
  8. 8. Compositions Winter IPFU Winter IPFU consists of the following items:Green Fleece Cap.Long Sleeve, Gray, T-shirt (Gray summer T-shirt underneath).IPFU Jacket.Reflective Belt (worn across the chest from left to right).Long black sweatpants (summer shorts underneath).Calf-length or Ankle-length WHITE socks (No Logos or Designs).Athletic shoes.Athletic black gloves.Watches are authorized but not necessary.
  9. 9. Compositions Continued Summer IPFU Summer IPFU consists of the following items:Grey Short-sleeve T-shirtBlack PT shortsAuthorized Grey or Black spandex underneath PT shortsCalf-length or Ankle-length White socks(No Logos/designs of any nature)Athletic shoesReflective Belt (Worn across waist)
  10. 10. Maternity IPFU Wear of IPFU until uniform becomes small/uncomfortable. T-shirts are authorized to be worn outside PT shorts. At no time will CO required pregnant soldiers to purchase a larger IPFU to accommodate the pregnancy. When the IPFU becomes small/uncomfortable, pregnant soldiers may wear equivalent Civilian work-out clothing.
  11. 11. Sharp Appearance Males Shaven and clean haircut. Women Hairstyle always sharp in a bun to conduct physical fitness.
  12. 12. Occasions of IPFU WearIPFU is authorized to be worn on and off duty, on and off an installation, when authorized by CO.Soldiers may wear all or part of IPFU with civilian attire off an installation if authorized by CO.
  13. 13. IPFU InsigniaPhysical Fitness Excellence BadgeThis is the only decoration authorized on PFU/IPFUIt is sewn on upper left front side of PFU/IPFU T- shirt or on the PFU running winter jacket. MeasurementsThe insignia is sewn centered ½ inch above the word“Army.”
  14. 14. Questions
  15. 15. AAR
  16. 16. References0 Office of Undergraduate Studies. “Reserve Officers Training Corps.” Army ROTC. (accessed June 3, 2012).0 “Uniforms and Insignia: Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia.” Army Study Guide. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 03 Feb. 2005. ( AR 670-1)