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1934 yearbook


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1934 yearbook

  1. 1. 1934 YEAR BOOK ofJEHOVAH’S WITNESSES ContainingReport of the Year 1933 with Daily Texts and Comments for 1934 Corporate P : r e h s i l b u Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society Peoples Pulpit AssociationInternational Bible Students Association Brooklyn, NewYork, U S A. Branch Offices appear on last page Copyright 1933 Made m U S A.
  2. 2. WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY OFFICER2 RD r J.F. PRUTHERFO t n d i s e C° A. WISE Vice-President W. E. VAN AMBUSH Secretary & Treasurer PEOPLES PULPIT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS J.F. RUTHERFORD Preident E. J. CowARD t n d i s e r P Vice- A. R. G x u o eas ur er Secretary & Tr INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION S R OFF1CE J.F. RUTHERFORD Prevalent JEsse. HEMRY VicePresident E. C. CHITTY Secretary GH W. E. VAN AMBUR Ass’t Secretary & Treasurer
  3. 3. 1934 YEARBOOK OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES RIGHTEOUS GOVERNMENT earth, on ad-A ministered for the general welfare of the peo- ple, has for centuries been the desire of honest persons. In obedience to the commandmentof Jesus Christ his faithful followers for nineteen centuries have prayed for the coming of such a government that the will of God might be done on earth even as it is done in heaven. Centuries before the coming of Jesus to earth men who believed in and served Jehovah God looked forward with confidence to the time when there would be a righteous rule on the earth. Their hope was based upon the promise Jehovah made to Abra-ham, the father of the faithful, that he would in duetime raise up a seed that would rule the world m righteousness and by and through which seed all thefamilies and nations of the earth shall have an op-portunity for lasting blessings.--Gen. 22: 17, 18. Jehovah sent his beloved Son Jesus to earth to give testimony of and concerning the purpose of God andto redeem the human race. It was in the year (A.D)33 that Jesus Christ began his ministry, preachingto his hearers: "The kingdom of heaven is at hand";meaning that Jesus himself was God’s anointed Kingand had begun his work amongst men according tothe will of the Most High. Jesus gathered round himfaithful men and taught them and used them as wit-nesses for Jehovah. He strongly impressed upon theirminds the fact that he must die and be raised from 7
  4. 4. 8 :Year Book. the dead in order that mankind might have the op- portunity to live, and that he must go away to heaven and receive from Jehovah the authority for his king- dora or rule of the world. He further informed his disciples that in God’s due time he, Jesus, would come again and receive unto himself those whomhe foundfaithful and that then he would begin his reign as theworld’s ruler. Portions of the Bible were written by the faithfulapostles of Jesus Christ, and this they did under theinspiration and direction of the holy spirit. Thatwhich, in the writings of the apostles, is emphasizedabove all things else is the fact that Christ Jesus theKing shall come again and establish Jehovah God’skingdom and carry out the purposes of the Most High,that the peoples of earth may be blessed. It was theapostle Paul who identified Christ Jesus as the seedof Abraham according to the promise which Jehovahmade to Abrahamlong centuries ago. (Gal. 3: 16-29)Thus the promises of Jehovah set forth in the OldTestament are directly connected with the truths inthe New Testament, and this proves that the OldTestament and the New Testament constitute theWord of God given to man for his direction in thecourse of righteousness and that it is the truth. The apostles were informed that from the time ofthe resurrection of Christ Jesus and his ascension in-to heaven until his coming again to set up the king-dom or government would be a long period, duringwhich men must wait. What was to be done in thatlong interval of waiting ? The apostles and other menof mature mind met together at Jerusalem to considerthis very matter. (Acts 15 : 6) They knew that Godhad dealt with the Jews as his chosen people and thatbecause of unfaithfulness of the majority of that peo-
  5. 5. :YearBook 9 ple God had removed his favor from them as a na- tion, but that his favor still continued toward the faithful individuals of that nation. They also saw that honest seekers for the truth who were not Jews were receiving God’s favor. Someof these faithful men at the convention above mentioned made known to their brethren that ’God had wrought miracles among the Gentiles [nations]’ by giving them the truth. The Lord had especially directed Peter to take the gospel to Cornelius and other Gentiles. (Acts 10: 1-48) Thus they discerned that God was no r t c p e of persons but now opportunity should be given to non-Jews to become followers of Christ Jesus. The apostles then considered the words of the prophecy of Jehovah, spoken by Amos, which disclosed Jehovah’s purpose to take out from the nations a people to be associated with Christ Jesus in his king- dom and that in due time Christ Jesus would come again, receive these faithful ones to himself, and setup his righteous government, which government orkingdom was foreshadowed by the reign of KingDavid. (Acts 15: 14-18, Amos 9: 11, 12) The Lordtherefore revealed to the apostles that the long periodof time of waiting, from the exaltation of Christ Jesusto heaven to the time of his coming again, would beemployed in teaching or preaching to the people ofand concerning the Kingdom; and this the apostlesproceeded to do. This preaching of the gospel has beenfor the purpose of bearing witness to Jehovah’s king-dom and for the taking out a people for his name.All those persons so selected from the world and whocontinue faithful to God and Christ Jesus must bearwitness to the truth. (John 18:37) The apostlesstressed the fact that the faithful followers of ChristJesus would look with eagerness for the coming of the
  6. 6. 10 :Year BookLord again and that those who remained faithful andtrue to God would love the appearing of Christ Jesus,and that such would then receive their reward, towit, the crown of life, that is, the highest element oflife. That would mean that such faithful ones wouldbe made a part of the Kingdomor righteous govern-ment.---2 Tim. 4 : 7, 8, Rev. 20 ¯ 4. With these great truths ever before those who loveand serve Jehovah God and Christ Jesus it can readi-ly be seen that such faithful ones would eagerly lookfor the second coming of the Lord and his kingdom.It was about the year 1872 (A.D.) that a small com-pany of earnest and faithful followers of Christ Je-sus, while studying the Scriptures and comparingthese with events coming to pass, saw evidence thatthe Lord was giving special attention to those onearth, and that the second coming of the Lord and hiskingdom was imminent. This little company of faith-ful Christians continued to grow in numbers and inknowledge of the precious things which are found inthe Word of God. Shortly thereafter they formedthemselves into a Society for more systematic studyand teaching of the Word of God. Living on earthand in a nation that has laws for the holding and con-trol of property, both real and personal, and desiringthat their organization should perpetuate its work andactivity without depending upon the earthly existenceof any particular person, this little company faith- offul followers of Christ Jesus decided to form a cor-poration, which corporation should have the manage-ment and control of the property and holdings anddirect the activities of those whowouldcontinue faith-ful to God and who were looking for his kingdom un-der Christ.
  7. 7. :Year Book 1 In the year 1884 these followers of Christ Jesus formed a corporation under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, which was then given the name Zion’s Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. The word "Zion" is one of the names which Jehovah God has given his capital organization and frequently appears in the Bible. The word "Zion" appearing in the corporate name had no reference to or connection with the Jew- ish organization which is called "Zionism". After- wards the name of the above-mentioned corporation was, by the law of the State of Pennsylvania and order of court, changed to that of Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society; and the faithful followers of Christ Jesus on earth have continued that name of their cor- poration to this day. At no time has any Jew been connected with or supported the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. Merely for convenience and to comply with the lawsof the land, and to further the interest of its work,the Society organized the Peoples Pulpit Association,in 1909, under the membership corporation law of the State of NewYork. For the same reason the Inter-national Bible Students Association was organized,in 1914, under the laws of Great Britain. These threecorporations are really one, and they are all directedby the same officers and have possession and controlof the property of the Society. By the word "Society"is meant the united company of faithful men andwomennow on earth who are wholly devoted to Godand his kingdom under Christ and who are, by Hisgrace, carrying forward the work of the Lord in theearth. No one of these three corporations above namedhas any capital stock. They pay no dividends to anyperson, and no person receives any pecuniary profittherefrom. They are wholly and entirely devoted to
  8. 8. 12 Year Bookcarrying forward the work of the Society, which isthe preaching or making knownto the people the goodnews that Jehovah’s time is at hand for the establish-ment of his kingdom under Christ, and the truthskindred thereto. These statements of fact are here made for the in-formation of any and all honest persons who desireto know what is the purpose of the Society and thecorporations that carry forward its work Misinformedpersons, who have been misled and deceived by thewillful enemy of God and his kingdom, have beeninduced to believe that the Society and the corpora-tions above mentioned are selfish, political organiza-tions, operating in connection with other selfish, polit-ical organizations for the overthrow of present gov-ernments. Such wicked falsehoods proceed from theDevil, who at all times has opposed every one whoserves Jehovah God. In every country of the world where there is ananti-Jewish sentiment the malicious falsehood is cir-culated among the people that our Society and itscorporations are financed by commercial Jews. Thatis also a malicious lie originating with Satan andcarried forward by his earthly representatives. Incountries where socialism and communism are threat-ened the enemies charge the Society and its support-ers with being in league with socialists and communistsfor the overthrow of the government; which is also amalicious lie emanating from Satan and carried for-ward by his earthly representatives. This Society and the three corporations namedherein have at all times kept completely separate andapart from all political parties or affiliations. Wehaveno part in the political affairs of this world, for thereason that our devotion is absolutely and complete-
  9. 9. :Year Book 13ly to God and his kingdom under Christ, for which kingdom faithful men and women have been hoping and praying for the past nineteen hundred years. It would be foolish and contrary to God’s will for us to participate in or be associated with any political organization. Our Society and its corporations havenever received one cent of financial support from Jews. From the very beginning of the Society untilthe present day its money to carry forward its workhas come from contributions made by humble men and women who have a desire to make known thetruth of and concerning Jehovah God’s provision forthe blessings of the peoples of the earth. The work ofthe Society is done according to the will of Jehovah God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and he puts inthe hearts of faithful men and womenthe desire tosupply the money to carry forward his work. All themoney and all the property of the earth belong tohim, and he can see to it, and does see to it, that themoneywhich is necessary is supplied for his purposes. Those who love God, and who believe and rely uponhis Wordas set forth m the Bible, plainly see andclearly understand that Satan the Devil is the archenemy of God and the opposer of all true followersof Christ Jesus. It was Satan the Devil who at thevery beginning of human history challenged Jeho-vah God to put on earth men who would remainfaithful and true to God. Satan declared his abilityto cause all men to curse God and turn away fromhim. That raised the issue, which Jehovah accepted,and he has permitted or suffered Satan to do all with-in his power to make proof of his wicked challenge,Jehovah biding his own due time to vindicate his greatname and to completely destroy Satan and his wickedorganization. The great time of climax has arrived,
  10. 10. 14 k Year Boo and hence the strenuous witness in the earth and the opposition thereto. To carry out his wicked challenge Satan commer- cialized the human race and has caused his agents on earth to deal in humanflesh and blood. He is the one who put in the mind of man the greedy love for money, or the things that bring personal gain, and by which men have builded among the nations a tremen-dous commercialorganization that at all times has beenoppressive and injurious to the common people. As a part of his commercial scheme, and as anothermeans of defaming Jehovah’s name and of turningmen away from the true God, Satan early in the his-tory of man organized religion, and since then everyreligion practiced on earth has been used by Satan todefame the name of Jehovah God. "Religion," asthat word is properly used, means an outward formof worship which gives honor to men and to an un-seen power. Manyhonest people believe that they areworshiping God, when in fact they are being misledby the Devil to defame God’s holy name. Some partsof the Bible are used by the clergy to support reli-gions, and this affords another means of deceiving thepeople. All religions have indulged in the polities ofthis world, which is contrary to the Word of God.--James 1 : 27. True Christianity means the faithful following bymen in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, the Anointed ofGod. (1 Pet 2:21) That means entire devotion toJehovah God, and not to any man or to any worldlyorganization directed by man. It means that the trueChristians or followers of Christ Jesus must be wit.nesses to the majesty and supremacy of Jehovah Godand bear testimony to the truth of God’s Word. (John18 : 37) In order to give testimony of the truth it is
  11. 11. :Year Book 15 necessary for one to study and to understand the Wordof God, the Holy Scriptures, which is the truth. ---John 17 : 17. "Organized Christian religionists" have entirely overlooked the Scriptural meaning of the second com- ing of Christ Jesus and his kingdom. The Bible testi- monyis all one way, to wit, that the comingof Christ Jesus and his kingdom is to vindicate Jehovah’s name by proving that Jehovah is the supreme and true God, that he is the God of wisdom,justice, love and power, and from whom all life and blessings flow. The Bible testimony further is that the kingdom of God under Christ is a righteous government, which kingdom or government will vindicate Jehovah’s name and is the only hope of the peoples of the world. In this year of 1933, when the nations and peoples all over the earth are in great distress and perplexity, "organized Chris-tian religionists" entirely ignore the Scriptural testi-mony as to the cause of this trouble, and how theworld can be brought out of this depression, and in theplace and stead of the Scriptures they follow thetheories of men and join m all man-made schemes torelieve mankind. These religionists not only entirelyignore the cause of the trouble, but appear to be en-tirely blind to the divine remedy. The clergy and the politicians pose before the peopleas followers of Christ and by word of mouth say, "Weimplicitly believe in divine guidance," and at the sametime entirely ignore the Wordof the divine God, whoisJehovah the Most High. No one who is truly devotedto Jehovah God and his kingdom can have any part inthe political affairs of this world. If these men, asthey say, did implicitly believe and trust in the divineGod, then they would follow his Word and would seethat the great climax of trouble and wickedness is
  12. 12. 16 :Year Booknow upon the earth because of Satan, and that soonGod will destroy this wicked organization, and in itsplace there shall follow a rule of complete righteous-ness; and they would teach the people these truths,and inform them that the kingdom of God alone willbring relief and blessings. Any persons who wouldjoin forces with socialists or communistsor any otherpolitical organization in this day would thereby fur-nish the conclusive proof that they are not the serv-ants of Jehovah God. OPPOSITION At all times opposition to the truth has originatedwith and proceeded from the Devil, and" religionists"have been the chief instruments of the Devil used tocarry forward this opposition on earth. At the verybeginning of the ministry of Christ Jesus the Deviltried to cause the destruction of Jesus. (Matt. 4: 1-11)Jesus was constantly persecuted by the religious lead-ers, the clergy of his time, and the proof in the divineWordis that such religionists, the clergymen, werethe agents of the Devil. Those religionists claimed tobe the representatives of God, but to them Jesus said:"But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath toldyou the truth, which I have heard of God; this didnot Abraham. Ye do the deeds of your father. Thensaid they to him, "Webe not born of fornication; wehave one Father, even God. Jesus said unto them, IfGod were your Father, ye would love me: for I pro-ceeded forth and came from God; neither came I ofmyself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understandmy speech ? even because ye cannot hear my word. Yeare of your father the devil, and the lusts of yourfather ye will do. He was a murderer from the begin-ning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no
  13. 13. :Year Book 17truth in him. Whenhe speaketh a lie, he speaketh ofhis own; for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:40-44) Whyhas opposition to the Lord Jesus andhis kingdom always been manifest? Because the Devilhad sworn to turn all men away from Jehovah Godand he has taken every opportunity to oppose God andhis servants. WhenJesus came to earth as the specialwitness of Jehovah and to redeem the human race,and to begin the work of taking out from the nationsa people to be witnesses to Jehovah, the Devil wicked-ly opposed every part of his work. In this oppositionthe Devil used his earthly agents, to wit, the religion-ists of that time, and he has continued to use such menever since. Jesus plainly told his true followers thatthey would receive like persecution from the samesource of religionists.--Matt. 10: 24, 25; John 15:18-21. It is therefore certainly to be expected that the wit-nesses of Jehovah, that is to say, the true followers ofChrist Jesus who would be looking for the secondcoming of the Lord and his kingdom and testifyingthereto, would be the objects of the Devil’s wrath andof his cruel opposition. Jesus told his faithful follow-ers that they would be hated of all nations at thattime for his name’s sake, and the facts that have cometo pass in recent years completely prove the fulfilmentof this prophecy. (Matt. 24: 9) To his faithful fol-lowers Christ Jesus committed the work of giving tes-timony to the truth, and told them that they wouldbe wickedly persecuted by the Devil and his earthlyrepresentatives; and it is even so to thin day.--Rev.12: 17. SEDITION The false charge of sedition and blasphemy wasmade against Jesus by the religionists, and he was
  14. 14. 18 Year Book wrongfully and without any true evidence eonvieted of that crane and put to death. The clergy who were his persecutors were the very ones who tried to de- stroy the evidence of his resurrection, and in that it is manifest that they were the instruments of the Devil. (Matt. 27 : 62-66) It is certain, therefore, that the second coming of Christ and his kingdom wouldbe violently opposed by the Devil and his agents, even as we see it going on at this time. "Organized Christian religion" had its origin inthe day of Constantine, the emperor of Rome. Thenit was that the RomanCatholic hierarchy came intoexistence. From that time to the present day the Ro-man Catholic hierarchy has been the most powerfulreligious organization on earth and also the chief in.strument of the Devil in opposition to the kingdomof God under Christ. It not only practices religion,but is a powerful commercial organization and a cruelpolitical organization. Its opposition to truth has beenand is subtle and deceptive, and thereby manyhonestpersons have been deceived. The RomanCatholic hier-archy has always appeared before the people as arepresentative of God and of Christ, and yet at thesame time has been the chief instrument for the per-secution of all who have told the truth concerningGod’s Word. It has tried to keep the people in com-plete ignorance of the Bible and has induced them tofollow, instead of the Scriptures, the teachings of thePapal "religious organization". The RomanCatho-lic hierarchy has at all times indulged m politics andtried to control the nations of the world. It has col-lected fabulous sums of money from the people tocarry on its works. All true witnesses for the Lordhave been classed by the RomanCatholic hierarchyas bigots, blasphemers and enemies of the state, and
  15. 15. ~ear Book I9 the charge of sedition and blasphemy is often laid against the humble followers of Chmst Jesus. Such wicked opposmon to the truth, and such persecution of Jehovah’s witnesses, are made manifest today, par- ticularly in the countries of Italy, Germany, Canada and the United States, and that persecution is led by the religionists of so-called "organized Christiamty", the chief instrument of Satan on earth. There was a time when ministers of the Protestant religious organization opposed the RomanCathohc hierarchy, and called attention to its ungodhness, but in modern times the so-called "Protestant rehglon- ists" have abandoned the "protest theory" and ~omed forces with the RomanCatholic hierarchy, and both organizations are in opposition to God and his king- dom under Christ. These opposers of God’s kingdomunder Christ, in an effort to hide their owncrooked-hess, falsely charge the faithful followers of ChristJesus with the crime of sedition and blasphemy. Suchopposers constantly indulge in a campaigq~of circulat-ing slanderous and hbelous reports to the effect thatJehovah’s witnesses are violators of the commercmllaws of the land and are alhed with communists tooverthrow the government. All reasonable personscan readily see that such opposition and persecutionomginate and proceed from the Devil and therefore"organized rehgionists and rehgions" are instrumentsand servants of the Devil and do not serve God andhis kingdom under Christ. These statements are here made, not to provoke acontroversy, but in order that honest persons whodesire to know the truth may have a proper under-standing of our Society and its work. The Societyand its supporters are in no wise interested in thepohtics of the present world. Our work and devotion
  16. 16. 20 Year Bookis entirely to Jehovah God’s kingdom under Christ,because such is the only hope of the humanrace, andbecause all blessings must proceed from God, and hisw~tnesses delight to obey his commandments becausesuch is right. Having devoted ourselves to JehovahGod, the divine commission and duty is laid uponus to bear testimony before the rulers and the peoplesof evxth of and concerning tho great Jehovah and hiskingdom. Wehave no fight with any person on earth,but in fulfilhng our commission and duty of telhngthe truth as contained m the Word of God we drawupon us the fire of the visible agents of the Devil, andamidst such opposition and persecution we proceedwith the work assigned to us. Knowing that thiswork is being done at the commandmentof the LordGod we are certain that no opposition can destroy it,but that it will go on until Jehovah’s name is com-pletely vindicated.--Isa. 54:17. TEACHINGS The Society has no formal creed, as that word isgenerally understood. It has no membership roll, butall who are truly devoted to God are asked to worktogether to the honor of Jehovah’s name. It is not inany wise engaged in propaganda, because it does notseek to propagate any doctrine or bring others intoits fold. As the followers of Christ Jesus we believeand teach what is in the Scriptures, and nothing moreand nothing less. That being God’s doctrine, no hu-man creature could propagate it; hence our work isnot propaganda, but merely bearing testimony to thetruth. The teachings of the Bible, the Wordof God,and which is the truth and to which we fully sub-scribe, are, amongother truths, as follows, to w~t:
  17. 17. Year Book 21 The great First Cause, the Creator of heaven andearth, is God, whose name alone is Jehovah; and thatname means his purposes concermng his creatures Hehas revealed himself to those who believe his Wordunder other names, to wit: Almighty God, meaningthat his power is without limitation; the Most H~gh,meaning that he is above all; the Lord of hosts, mean-ing that he is the great Warrior whowill destroy theenemy; and the Eternal Father, because from himproceeds all life.--Ex. 6 : 3, 4; Isa. 42 : 5, 8; Ps 91:1, 2. The beginning of creation was his beloved Son,whose first title is the I_~gos. (John 1: 1; Col. 1: 15;Prov. 8: 22-29) Thereafter all things created werecreated by Christ Jesus as the active agent of Jeho-vah. (Eph. 3: 9) Amongthe creatures created wasLucifer, who was made the overlord of man and allother creation of earth. God created the earth as a place for man’s home,and the earth shall abide forever and be inhabited bythose who love and serve Jehovah God.--Isa. 45-12,18; Eccl. 1: 4. The Bible is God’s Wordof truth and is given asa guide and for the instruction of man in the way ofrighteousness, and it contains the expressed purposeof Jehovah; and those who study it may ascertain hispnrpose.--Isa. 46: 9-12; 55.11; John 17: 17. Godcreated manof the dust of the earth, breathed in-to his nostrils the breath of hves, and manthereby be-came a living, moving creature called a "soul". (Gen.2 : 7) The first man Adam was perfect, and it was hisduty and obligation to obey God. (Deut. 32 ¯ 4) He wasplainly informed by Jehovah that a willful violationof His law would mean death. Lucifer, the overlordof man, rebelled against God, and Adam,the first man,
  18. 18. 22 Year Book followed the lead of Lucifer in sin and was sentenced to death. (Ezek. 28: 13-15; Gen. 3: 3-19) The power ~o produce children was exercised by Adambetween the time of his sentence to death, which deprived him of the right to live, and the time of his actual dissolu- tion; hence all of his children inherited the result ofthat death sentence and all the human race have been born as sinners. (Rom. 5: 12) Jehovah God changed Lucifer’s name to that of Serpent, meaning deceiver; Satan, meaning opposer; Dragon, meaning destroyer; and Devil, meaning the slanderer of God. Ever sinceSatan has been the opponent of Jehovah God and thepersecutor of all who serve God. The Scriptures further teach that Satan the Devil~hallenged Jehovah God to put on earth any manthat would be faithful and true to ~od at all times,Satan claiming that all men, under certain conditions,would curse God to his face. (Job 2: 1-9) From thattime until the present the human race has sufferedwoe, sickness, sorrow and death. In order that allcreation might be able to intelligently determine whois supreme, and from whomthe blessings of life andhappiness proceed, and who is the just, wise and lov-ing one, Jehovah or Satan, the great Jehovah Godpermitted or suffered Satan to put forth his endeavorsto prove his w]cked challenge, declaring His purposein due time to bring the knowledgeof the truth to allcreation and to fully vindmate his own name. (Ex. 9:16, Leeser) From the very beginning of man’s expe*rience Satan has carried forward an organized opposi-tion to God and to righteousness, and continues soto do, and will continue so to do until he and his or-ganization are destroyed. Early in the history of man Jehovah God madepromise and stated this promise to Abraham that he
  19. 19. :Year Book 23 would raise up a seed which would redeem the human race from death and through which seed all the fami- hes and nations of the earth should have opportunityfor blessings. That promised seed is Christ, theAnointed of Jehovah God.--Gen. 12: 1-3; 22: 18; Gal. 3 : 16-29. In due time Jehovah God sent his beloved Son, theLogos, to earth, who was made a man or human, insteadof a spirit, that he might be the redeemer of mankindand the v~ndmator of Jehovah God’s name.--I-Ieb. 2:9; 5:7-9; John 3:16; Phil. 2:7. Whenon earth Jesus was a perfect man, holy, sin-less, and therefore competent to be man’s redeemer. (Matt. 1: 18-25; Gal. 4: 4; Luke 1: 35) He began hismimstry at the age of thirty years, and testified boldlyto the truth, and for th~s reason was the object ofconstant and wicked persecution by the rehglomsts ofhis time, and whlch rehglomsts caused him to be cruci-fied upon the tree. H~s hfeblood, poured out m death,provided the redemptive price for the human race.--Matt. 4 : 1-9; John 8 : 40-44; 1 T~m.2 : 5, 6, Heb.9: 22-26; 1 Pet. 1: 18, 19. Jehovah God raised up Jesus out of death and ex-alted him to heaven and gave him a name above everyname and committed into his hands all power in heav-en and in earth and made him the Executive Officerof Jehovah to carry out his purposes---Eph. 1:20-22; tIeb. 1:3,4; Matt. 28:18, Heb. 2.7,8; 1 Pet. 3:21,22; Ps 2:6, John 5:21-27, Isa. 9:6,7; Ps~ 45:6. Whenon earth Jesus emplmsLzed the fact that hecame to be a w~tness to Jehovah’s Wordof truth andthat he spoke only what God had commandedhim tospeak. (John 18 37) Just before his crucifixionespecially impressed upon the minds of his disciplesthat he must die and go away to heaven to receive the
  20. 20. 24 Year Book authority for his kingdom, and that in God’g due time he would come again and receive his faithful ones to himself and set up his kingdoIh, and which kingdom would be a vindication of Jehovah’s name, and through which government the families and nations of the earth shall receive a blessing. He also emphasized thefact that he had suffered at the hands of Satan and his representatives, and that all of his true followerswould hkewise suffer; that he had borne testimony tothe truth himself, and his followers must bear testi-monyto the truth, and for this reason Satan and hisfollowers would persecute them.--Matt. 10: 23-28;John 14 : 1-4; 8 : 40-44; 15 : 19-23. The disciples inquired of Jesus what would be theevidence *of his return, knowing that they would beunable to see him with natural eyes. To this questionhe replied that the evidence of his return, and thebeginning of the exercise of his power, would bemarked by a world war, in which nation would riseagainst nation and kingdom against kingdom, and thatthis would be followed by famines and pestilence inthe earth, and great distress of nations with perplexi-ty amongst the people. (Matt. 24: 1-12; Luke 21:21-25) The facts that have come to pass show that 1914marked the time when the Lord Jesus took his powerand was sent forth by Jehovah to rule. That markedthe end of the waiting period and the beginning of theexercise of his regal authority.raPs. 110: 1, 2; 2: 6;l{ev. 11 : 16-18. The Scriptures further show that the true followersof Christ Jesus do constitute a people taken out of theworld for the name of Jehovah and that these mustbecome Jehovah’s witnesses and bear testimony to hispurposes.--Acts 15 : 6-17; P, ev. 12 : 17.
  21. 21. :Year Book 25 The Scriptures and the facts further show that in 1918 the Lord Jesus began to gather unto himself his faithful followers to examine them and make them the representatives of the Lord on earth (2 Thess. 2: 1), and to these he committed his testimony and sent them forth to proclaim this gospel of the Kingdom. (Rev. 12"17; Matt. 24:14) These being taken out from amongst the nations as the witnesses to the name of Jehovah, God himself gives to them the name "Je- hovah’s witnesses", puts the Wordof truth in theirmouths, and sends them forth to testify. For thisreason the faithful followers of Christ on earth arenowdesignated "Jehovah’s witnesses’ ’.--Isa. 62 : 1, 2;43 : 9-12; 51 : 16. The Scriptures also show that from and after 1918all the true and faithful followers of Christ Jesus onearth must bear testimony to the truth as a w~tness tothe rulers and to the peoples of the nations of earth;and that when this witness work is completcd and thepeople have received notice, then there will comeuponthe world tribulation such as never before was known.That tribulation will be the battle of Armageddon,orthe battle of the great day of God Almighty, whmhw,ll completely wreck Satan’s orgamzation and clearthe way for the complete setting up of God’s kingdomof righteousness on earth amongst men. As Satan has always opposed Jehovah and thosewho serve him, so Satan and his agents, and partic-ularly the rehglomsts, the Scriptures teach, would op-pose Jehovah’s witnesses and persecute them and halethem into court, and kill some of them; and the Lordadmonishes his faithful followers that in the face ofall such opposition they must continue to proclaimthe message of truth concerning his kingdom, and thisthey must do without fear of man. (Matt. 10 : 24-32,
  22. 22. 26 Year Boolr Mark 13: 9, 10) In fulfilment of these prophetic commandments .the Lord, Jehovah’s witnesses are of now engaged and must be engaged in testifying to God’s truth concerning the Kingdom, and for this reason Satan and his agents carry on a wicked and mahcious persccutmn of Jehovah’s witnesses in all the countries of "Christendom". The Scriptures also teach that these who continue faithful must do so without regard to persecution and are not to count this life dear unto them, nor to fear man, but to fear only God.--Matt. 10: 26-28. Furthermore, the Scriptures foretold that the reli- gionists would tell the people that the trouble upon the nations and peoples of the earth today is due to their lack of faithfulness to the religious organiza-tions, and for that reason God is sending this troubleupon them; and also that such statement by the reli- gionists is wholly false and a defamation of God’sname. Manifestly Satan is inducing thin slander ofJehovah’s name in order to turn the people away from God. The present suffering and depression upon theworld are shownby the Scriptures to be the result ofSatan’s wickedness, as is stated: "Woeto the inhabit-ers of the earth and of the seat for the devil is comedown unto you, hawng great wrath, because he know-eth that he hath but a short tlme."--Rev. 12: 12. Following the complete destruction of Satan’s or-ganization the people will be fully relieved of oppres-s~-on. The righteous reign of Christ Jesus shall thenopen the way to all to love and serve God and findlife everlasting in happiness, and those who do obeythe Lord will hve upon the earth forever, and not die. (John 17:3; 8:51; 11:25,26) "The I~rd preserv-eth all them that love him: but all the wleked will hedestroy."--Ps. 145 : 20.
  23. 23. :Year Book 27 These are the cardinal points set forth in the Scrip-tures; and those who are devoted to God and hiskingdom are now making these truths known in obedi-ence to God’s commandment, and hence could not bein any wise in a propaganda work. (Matt. 10: 27-33)The faithful followers of Christ Jesus look forwardwith great joy to the early destruction of Satan’s or-ganization and the complete estabhshment of the right-eous government under Christ, the lifting of the bur-dens from the backs of the people, and the outpouringupon the obedient ones the abundant blessings thatJehovah long ago promised to those who love andzcrvc him. The work of the Society, therefore, is avoluntary work of doing good to mankind by pointingout to them God’s gracious provision for creaturesIt is a righteous and unselfish work, because it is notdone for the purpose of individual gain, but to honorthe great Jehovah God. It is a work of righteousness,because it is done at the commandmentof JehovahGodand in honor of his name. Wetherefore confident-ly point all persons of good will to the facts in thehght of the Scriptures and ask them to give carefulconsideration to what is herein set forth concerningthe work that is being carmed on in the earth by theSociety. ANNUAL REPORT JEHOVAtthas blessed the united efforts of hiswitnesses on the earth during the past year, and it isa real joy to report the progress of that work. Hav-ing in mind that this witness work is carried forwardin North America and South Amemca, Europe, Asia,Africa and the isles of the sea, and that the printedmessage is distributed in fifty-eight d~fferent lan-guages, you will apprecmte the fact that in thxs report
  24. 24. 28 :Year Book it is practically impossible to give the minute details of the work. Wemust be content to make mention ofsome of the more important facts. Even though the numberof the witnesses in the ficld is small, and the opposition is muchgreater nowthan in times past, yetthe results show that the work of bearing testimonyto the name of Jehovah and his kingdom has gonesteadily forward This fact will serve as a eomfort toeach one whois privileged to have a part in that work. Every one of Jehovah’s witnesses today and everyday delights to sing forth the praises of the MostHigh. It could not be otherwise with them. For manycenturies the lovers of righteousness have waited forthe coming of Jehovah’s King and his kingdom, andnow Christ is here and his reign has begun. Soonwickedness shall be eliminated from the earth, Jeho-vah’s name vindicated, and the people brought to arealization of the fact that lasting peaee has come toearth, and everlasting blessings to all whohave goodwill toward God and righteousness. The fulfilment ofthe prophetic utterance at the time of the birth of Je-sus is now being realized. (Luke 2: 9-14) Jehovah’switnesses are privileged not only to discern thesetruths, but to announce them to others and thus to de-clare amongst the people the gracious works of theAlmighty God With gladness they have received thetruth, and with joy and boldness they tell the truthto others.--Isa. 12:2-6. First we delight to give thanks to Jehovah for theabundance of food provided for his own at the temple.He gave his word that all who are born of his or-ganization shall be taught or fed by him and shallhave great peace, and we have now abundant evi-dence that this precious promise is being fulfilled.Christ Jesus, the Head of Jehovah’s capital organiza-
  25. 25. Year Book 29 tlon, has gathered unto himself at the temple those whomhe has found faithful. Jehovah and Christ are the teachers, and Christ imparts to those of the tem- ple company the present-day truths, and thus he teaches or feeds them upon food convenient for their upbuflding and consolation. All of the temple class fully appreciate the fact that no mart is teaching them and that they need no man to teach them. Their strength comes from the Lord, because he is the great Shepherd of the sheep. Amongother precious things which the Lord has taught his people during the year is the truth that the church have ’come into the unity of faith and knowl- edge’ and ’henceforth are no more carried away by every wind of doctrine and the craftiness of men’. (Eph. 4 : 11-14) The cleansing of the temple is an ac- complished fact. Those of the temple class are at uni-ty, and henceforth "in his temple doth every one speak of his glory".--Ps. 29: 9. During the year amongsome of the companies there have been disturbances made by fault-finders andmurmurers, but it is quite manifest that such fault-finders and trouble-makers are not of the temple. Theymay be walking along m the company of some of thetemple members, but in fact they are outside of God’sorganization and cannot see what is on the inside.Only those of the temple class appreciate the truthand rejoice in their privileges just now. The templeclass will proceed together in unity. They will not,and are not dmposedto, waste any time in discussingfoolish and unnecessary things, nor do they make aneffort to justify themselves before men, knowingthatsuch a course is displeasing to the Lord. (Luke 16 : 15)They know that Christ Jesus is their Judge and, ifthey are faithful in the performance of their divinely
  26. 26. 30 :Year Book given eomm~sslon,they will please him aud please the Eternal Father, and that is all-sufficient. For this reason the faithful push forward in the work which has been assigned to them. They have and do manifest patience, which means that, knowing they are right and doing the Lord’s work according to his command- ment, and have the approval of the Lord, even though suffering great inconvenience, persecution and contra- diction of sinners, they steadfastly moveon and bold- ly declare God’s truth as they go. During the year the great Teacher has made known to his own the meaning of other prophecies not here- tofore understood, and these truths have served as a great comfort and stimulus to the faithful, and thus the Lord has sustained them in making a hard battle. As you read here concerning some of the experiences of your brethren in other parts of the earth you will rejoice that you are privileged to be a part of the or- ganization of the Lord that suffers at the hands of the wicked and yet amidst all such cruel opposition doesnot break its ranks but marches onward singing thepraises of the Most ]~Iigh. Every one of the templel~ves every other member that blessed temple class, ofand all must be and are at complete unity. It is alittle company umted in the holy cause of Jehovah’shngdom and m obedmnce to his commandments whichcontinues to hft high the standard of the King thatothers may have the opportumty to know the trueG od and to set their hopes upon his King and king-dom. During the year the message of truth has been’proclaimed from the housetops’ by means of radio, byother means of speech, and by the wide distributionof books, booklets and magazines. The factory inBrooklyn has run on full tune. Likewise the factory
  27. 27. Year Book 31in Switzerland has operated full time. The Society’sfactory at Magdeburg, Germany,during the first partof the year operated three shifts of eight hours eachl~er day, but about the middle of the year the enemysucceeded in closing it down. The production duringthe year, however, will be of great comfort and satis-faction to those who have had some part m the work.The distribution of the books and booklets amongst thepeople in all languages during the year has reachedthe aggregate of 24,074,401 volumes. Had not the ene-my hindered the work in Germany the distributionwould have been greater. Weare not disturbed, how-ever. The Lord is at the helm and he has good reasonin permitting everything, and with this we are content. AMERICA Since the mainexecutive office of the Society is sit-uated at 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NewYork,and the principal manufacturing plant at 117 AdamsStreet, Brooklyn, NewYork, in the Umted States ofAmerica, the report from here is first set out, fol-lowed by reports of other parts of the earth. The mainoffice at Brooklyn, and every branch office of the So-ciety on earth, makes a report every thirty days of theprogress of the work, including the cost of operation,and the general outlook in the field. These reports aresent to the president’s office, where they are carefullyexamined and checked and thus furmsh the informa-tion which is the basis for the general d~rectlon ofthe work. RECEIPTS ANDEXPENDITURES Enemies of Jehovah’s work in the earth glve them-selve~ much concern about how the money LS obtained
  28. 28. 32 ~Yea~"Bookto carry forward the work of this Society. Religion-ists are always begging for money, and, seeing thatour Society never solicits money, our opponents areperplexed and are compelled to trump up some kindof false charge as to the source of our income. Amongthe false charges made is the one that this Society isengaged in a book-selling scheme for profit. The facts are these: A small amount of money is taken for thepublications of the Society, but on the whole thisamountis less than the cost of production and publica-tion. During the year the receipts for all the publica-tions of the Society aggregate the sum of $455,080.62,while the costs of production and publication aggregate $662,187.64, leamng a deficit of $207,107.02. Of thisamount branch offices returned to the HomeOffice thesumof $102,000.00, leaving a deficit still to the amountof $105,107.02. This deficit is made up lty voluntarycontributions of men and women who love God and whodesire to have some part in the bringing to them thecomforting message of truth concerning God’s king-dom, which is the only hope of the world. Millions ofmoney are spent in worldly schemes upon a pretextof finding relief, but there is no human power thatcan reheve the peoples now. In the name of God’sKing the people must hope. The Society contracts nodebts, but expends money when it is in sight or inhand. The brethren make their contributions as theLord prospers them, and thus the Lord carries for-ward his work. The books and publications that are written andcopyrighted by the president of the Society are in factthe property of the Society, and no part thereof be-longs to the president or the writer. The copyrightfor each publication is immediately assigned to theSociety, and that without royalty or other pecuniary
  29. 29. Year Boo~ 33eonslderation. Those wholabor at the offices and fac-tory, and in the gardens which produce food for thefamily, receive their necessary food and housing spaceand the small allowance of fifteen dollars per monthfor clothing and other incidental expenses. No one ofthe organization receives any pecuniary profit. Allthey have is wholly devoted to the Lord. As every-body is aware, the economic conditions throughoutthe earth are very bad; but in the face of all such theLord has graciously provided the necessary means tocarry on his work. Almost all of the contributaonsare in small amounts, because those who are rich inthis world’s goods do not love the Lord. It is mani-fest that the Lord God through Christ Jesus m puttingit into the hearts of the people who love righteousnessto supply the necessary money, and that without anysolicitation whatever; and to the Lord God thanksare due. FACTORY By the term "factory", as used herein, is meant theprinting and bookbinding machinery and estabhsh-ment at 117 AdamsSt, Brooklyn, where the hteratureis published m twenty-two different languages andsh~pped out for distmbutmn. I can do no better thanto quote from the office manager’s report, to wat: "Jehovah has favored those who have the privilegeof working at Bethel, whether it be at the factory orat the office or anywhere. In the building at 117 AdamsStreet there were an average of 138 working, to com-pare with 140 of the previous year. Even with fewerbrethren, more work was accomphshed. This can beaccredited to unity, the Lord’s splrlt and love for thework. Each one in the factory is able to operate two
  30. 30. 34 Year Boo/:or more machines, so that when it is necessary to runsecond shifts the brethren can be transferred fromone department to another and do that which is mossimportant to be done at the time. Sometimes those inthe office are put in the factory to help out duringrush periods. All of the brethren are willing to dowork other than their regular work, which keeps thembusy all the year around, and give a helping handwhen extra effort must be put forth to produce largequantities of literature. "During the year the factory was operating 269working days of 81/2 hours each. In addition to thistime it was necessary to put on an extra night shift,whmhgenerally began at 5:30 in the evening and rantill 2 : 30 in the morning, for 22 days during the year.Also on 24 other days it was necessary to operate somemachines extra time, from 7 : 00 in the evening until9 : 30. Most of this extra work was required a monthor two prior to the Remnant’s Thanksgiving Period,in the spring, at which time the Cr/s/s booklet wasbeing produced, and also during the month of August,when we were getting out Escape to the Kingdom andmaking such large shipments of literature prior toclosing downthe factory for two weeks. PRODUCTION "During the 269 working days in the factory it hasbeen the privilege of the brethren to produce moreliterature than any time in the 6½ years that the fac-tory has been in operation, tn February, 1927, this:factory began to produce, and in the first year therewere manufactured 6,500,000 books and booklets andapproximately 3,400,000 copies of magazines. Since~hen the factory has steadily increased, and this yearthe factory has prodneed 21 ~q1~159 lmolm and book-
  31. 31. Year Book Z5 lets. During the same period there were 4,691,750 copies of magazines produced, making a grand total of books, booklets and magazines for the fiscal year 1933, 26,005,909, to compare with last year’s produc- tion of 18,655,847. "A good many machines have been added to thefactory in this period of hme, and the brethren havebecome very efficient in the operation of these ma-chines and, with the Lord’s sprat and blessing uponthem, have been able to bring about such a large m-crease in the manufacture of the Kingdommessage. These books are not being made and put in storage,but are being made because the demand in the fieldrcquires this number, as can be seen from the dmtri-button report of the literature from the factory. "During the 269 working days the average dailyproduction in the factory of clothbound books was11,057, to compare with last year’s 10,453 bound booksdally. The average daily production of booklets forthe past year was 68,177, to compare with the previ-ous year’s average of 42,506 booklets daily. Not onlydid the factory produce more books, booklets andmagamnesduring the past year, but the increase mwhat we calI odd jobs was very large. During the pastyear there were 16,000 calendars made, 75,000 cata-logs, 2,204,506 office forms, bulletins, workers’ slips,1,970,500 Jehovah’s w~tnesses’ calling cards, as well as31,373,800 radio folders. This ramies a grand total ofodd-job printing of 35,639,806, to compare with lastyear’s total of this kind of work, 22,832,795. The in-crease of 1933 over the year 1932 in this nature ofwork is 12,807,011. In regard to the radm folders,17,000,000 were used to adverhse the regular tran-8criptmn programs throughout the United States. Theother 14,300,000 were used to advertise radm c]=a~n
  32. 32. 36 Year Book broadcasts and were given to the brethren free for distribution. The total number of individual pieces of matter printed during the twelve months of 1933 is more than 61,000,000. "During the year the brethren had the blessed privilege of working on two new books and two new booklets. In the early part of the year the Preserva- tion book was completed, and is having a very splendid circulation. During the last few days of the year the autographed edition of Preparation was completed, and was ready for the brethren before October 1. This book undoubtedly will find an unprecedented distri-bution during the year 1934. The Crisis booklet hadthe greatest production of any publication in the fac- tory during the year. It was ready for distribution in the Rcmnant’s Thanksgiving Period. Up to the present time the booklet has been produced in theBrooklyn factory in twenty different languages, andit has reached a grand total of 5,208,047 in the Eng-lish and foreign languages. Escape to the Kingdomcame later in the year, and this takes second place asto production. Near the close of the year a special Golden dge was prepared by Brother Rutherford,and 1,100,000 copies of his lecture "Religious Intoler-ance: Why"and his open letter to the Catholic presswere printed and shipped out to all the workers in theUnited States for free distribution along with otherbooklets. This campaign was very successful andbrought about a tremendous witness, as is shown inthe report of field activities. "During the fiscal year 1933 there were 149 dif-ferent publications in the form of books and bookletsprinted. In addition to the books and booklets werethe regular issue of The Golden Age and the L~lz yVerdad, or Spanish publication, also the regular issue
  33. 33. :Year Book 37of the English Watchtowerand its translation in nineother languages.PUBLICATIONS PRINTED IN FOLLOWING LANGUAGES IN 1933The Harp of God: Enghah, Boheml~-, Spanish, Ukraiman.Del~vera~: Enghsh, Fmmsh, Russxan, Ukrainian, Yoruba.Crcatwn: Hollandmh, Spamsh.l~econvd*at~a: Bohennan, Danish, Flnmsh, French, German~ Hollandlsh~ Korean, Slovak.Government: Enghsh, French, Italian, Swechsh~ Ukrmmaa.Y~fe: Damsh, French, Hollandxsh, LlthuanmmProphecy: Danish, German, Italian.Light Book One: Enghsh, German, Greek, Itahan, Japanese.L~ght Book Two: Enghsh, German, Greek, Japanese.V,~u/~t~a’a Book One: Enghsh, Afrikaans, Damsh~ ~umsh.V~nd,cat~o~ Book Two: Enghsh, German.F~watton Book Three: Enghsh, German.Preservation: English.Year Book: Enghsh, Danish.Prepara$~on: Enghsh.Escape to the K,ngdom : English, French, Greek, Spanish.The Crts~: English, Afrikaans, Albaman, Arabic, Armenian, l~nniah, French, German, Greek, Ho]landlsh, Icelanchc~ Itahan, Llthuaman, Norwegmn, Pohsh, Russmn, Slovak~ Spamsh, Swedxsh, Ukrmman.The Ktngdom. Enghsh, Afrikaans, Chinese. German, Ilocano~ Itahan, Portuguese, Swechsh, Tagalog, Y~ddash.Who Is God?: Enghsh.What Is Truth t: Enghsh.Cause of Death: Enghsh.Hereafter: EnghshGood News: Enghsh.L~berty : Enghsh.F~nal War: Enghsh.What You Need: Enghsh.Health and Life: Enghsh.Home and Itapp~ness : Enghsh.Keys of Heaven: EnghshHeaven and P~rgatory. En~hsh, Chinese, Fmnish, French t Hollandmh, Japanese, Portuguese, Yo~ t,baCrvn~ and Calamities: Enghsh~ Japanes% Sl)amsh.
  34. 34. 38 Year BoohWa¢or Pea~: English, Armeman,Chinese, French, Japanese~ Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Yoruba.Oppression: Japanese, Korean, Spanish.Judgment: Bulgarian, Japanese, Norwegian~ Pohsh Portuguese, t Spanish.Prosperity ~ure : Japanese, Spanish.Where Are the Dead~: Enghsh, Bulgarian, Chlnyanja~ Greek t Korean, Xosa, Yoruba.Hell: Clnnese, Hungarian, Xosa.Lord’s l~eturn: Hungarian, Pohsh, Spamsh, Yoruba.Last Days: Greek, Japanese, Spamsh, Yoruba.,~tandard for the People. Ctnnyanja, Sesuto.Intolerance: French MATERIAL "In order to produce this literature it requiredthe purchasing of 2,191 tons of paper, and 169tons of chip board which is used in the covers ofthe clothbound books. This means that duringthe year we have received in the factory in paperand cardboard alone 118 carloads. This is betterthan two carloads a week. That means that on theaverage there are 8 tons of paper that go throughthe presses each day in the printing of the Kingdommessage. Additionally, the purchase was made of246,418 yards of cloth, 2,047 rolls of gold tape and74 barrels of paste. These three items were used inthe preparing of the covers. Then there were 45,400yards of crash, 662 spools of thread and 14,844 poundsof glue used in the manufacture of clothbound books.This glue that was used we manufactured ourselvesm our own glue department. The glue we make ismuch stronger and better than that we have purchasedheretofore, and it goes farther. We made more boundbooks this year than last year and used about 700pounds less glue, and this glue was made at a muchcheaper cost to us than if we had bought it on the
  35. 35. :Year Book 89open market. In a year’s tune we save approximately$B00 on glue alone. Every effort is made by the So-ciety to save in every department possible. "The Society manufactures its own ink and paint,and during the year this department produced 36,669pounds of ink. This is equal to one carload. Wemadea saving of several thousand dollars during the yearin the manufacture of ink alone. Wehave also made515 gallons of paint, whmhwas used in the factoryand office and Bethel home. SHIPMENTS "During the fiscal year 1933 there was more litera-ture shipped out from the Brooklyn factory than atany time before. From Brooklyn the two depots in theUnited States are supphed with books and booklets mcarload lots, and from these points the hteraturo isreshlpped. This saves money for the Society m slnp-ping charges, as well as making it possible to supplyrush orders with greater efficiency. During the yearfrom these three points, Brooklyn, St. Lores and Oak-land, orders were filled and sh~pped to the amount of2,318,621 bound books, 17,280,116 booklets and 13,780B~bles. In addition to these publications there weremailed and shipped over 4,600,000 magazines and morethan 31,000,000 radio fo]dcrs. Whenour trueks go tothe piers or freight stations with literature the menthere are astounded at how well our business keepsgoing. Little they knowthat this is the Lord’s busi-ness and, even though the depression has hit all otherbusiness, it does not affect the Lord’s work, becausethe time has come to preach the Kingdom. It hasgiven our truck drivers splendid opporturdtles at dif-ferent times to witness to these persons.
  36. 36. 40 :Year Book "At the present time we are bringing in from thepiers and freight yards at least two carloads of rawmaterials each week, and at the same time we aredispatching each week hterature that amounts to twocarloads. The total number of books, booklets andBibles shipped out during the year is 19,612,517, tocompare with last year’s grand total of 13,750,707.This is an increase of nearly six million books andbooklets over that of the prewous year. "The booklets have had an unprecedented ship-ment. The Cmsis booklet takes the lead: 4,360,665were shipped out in the English language, and 320,622in foreign languages. This brings the total Crisisbooklets shipped from the Brooklyn factory to 4,681,-287. The Escape to the Kingdom booklet, which cameout late in the year and is being used in the first testi-mony period of the coming year, the Kingdom Proc-lamation Period, has been sh~pped out to the extent of3,141,383. All of the other booklets, which are moreor less new, such as the new series that came out lastyear, have had a very fine distribution. We haveshipped 6ut over one-half million of practically everyone of them. A special campaign was put on duringthe month of September in connection with giving avery direct witness to the Catholics through a specialGolden Age as well as Heaven and Purgatory, Crimesand Calamities and War or Peace booklets. Thesebooklets were practically all shipped to the field inthis month. It is an interesting comparison to see howthe literature is sent from the Brooklyn office to thedifferent divisions in the field, namely, the branches,companies, pioneers, auxiliaries, and to the publicdirect. The following is a table setting out this dmtri-bution:
  37. 37. :Year Book 41 t~ t~ L’~ * J ~o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o ¢q 2 e FIELD ACTIVITIES The remnant of Jehovah’s witnesses now on earthengage in Ins work under commandment, and the
  38. 38. 42 Year Bool~ number thereof is small. They are well organized,however, and work together harmoniously. They aremade up of pioneers, auxiliaries, sharpshooters and company workers. In each company organized thereare a service committee, a service director, assistantservice director, captmns of diwsmns, and others as-signed to special duties. The Society maintains in thefield certain regional service directors, whospeak dif-ferent languages, and the duty of each is to visit the " various companies and assist m the ’organization andthe carrying forward of the work. During the fiscalyear these regmnal serwce directors in visiting thevarmus companies have traveled the aggregate of209,415 miles, they visited 1,838 companies, and servedat many divisional campaign assemblies. The com-bined efforts in the United States of the faithful fieldworkers during the fiscal year 1933 resulted in placingin the hands of the people books and booklets to thetotal number of 9,872,335. Mfihons of persons havereceived the Kingdom message and are growing inknowledge and understanding of Jehovah’s purposes. PIONEERS It maybe well said that of all those engaged in thefield serwce the pioneers encounter the greatest amountof hardship, but the Lord makes up to them in in-creased blessings and joy of service. It would affordmuch pleasure to here make mention of the manyexperiences of the pioneers that have been reportedto this office, but space will not permit this to be done.Suffice it to say, however, that those in the field aspioneers, although suffering much by reason of im-perfect orgamsm,severity of weather, arrests, impris-onmentand, greatest of all, the contradiction of sin-ners and the defamation of Jehovah’s name, these
  39. 39. Year Book 43with gladness and with boldness in the Lord, as Hehas commanded, push forward with their work. Inhis secret place Jehovah has revealed to them hisprecious truths, and in obedience to his command-ments they go out and ’shout these truths from thehousetops’, which causes great confusion to Satan’shordes. Often false charges are laid against them,such as ’breaking the law relating to peddlers andhawkers’, and sometxmesthey are arrested, beaten andimprisoned, and yet none of these things deter themin their joyful service. They love the Lord God andhis kingdom, and this is muchdearer to them than thepleasures and comforts of thxs hfe. In due time theLord will see to it that they are fully and completelyrecompensed. He always keeps his promises. The samemay be said also of all the faithful workers in everybranch of the service of the King. In the Umted States the service work of all lan-guages is combined under one serwce department. TheEnglish and foreign-speaking, and the colored serv-ants of Jehovah, work together in complete unity, en-gaging in the commoncause of righteousness. Theyear 1933 shows a record of these faithful workers tothe praise of Jehovah. From the report of the ServiceDepartment the following is quoted: Enrollment There have been more active pioneers tins year than everbefore, with a monthly average of 1,976, and the aux~harmsmaintained the high monthly average of 939 active. The peakenrollment was reached on September 17, with a total of 3,031pioneers and auxlhanes on the hstj and winle the number ofauxiharies did not materially change, more have entered theprancer serwce. Witness Given The results by these workers during the past year showa eona~te~t anc~eas¢ throt~ouL These have gjven a total of
  40. 40. 44 :Year Bool¢ 10~554,440 testimonies, which exceeds the large number of testimomes during the preceding year by 1,572,601. The pio-neers report 8,329,955 of these test~momes, and the an~llariesj 2,224,485. Over 350,000 more people obtained literature than during1932, the total number being 2,844,743, the pioneers placinghterature with 2,335,988, and the anTiharles with 508,755 per-sons. Of the 2,710,295 hours reported, the pioneers have spent2,224,955 hours in the field, and the aumliaries 485,340. Thisis an increase over the previous year of more than 300,000hours. While the total number of books shows somewhat of a de-erease, there have been 1,196,377 more booklets placed withthe people by the pioneers and atualianes during the past yearthan the year prewous; and taking into consideration the dis-tribution of 251,000 copies of The Golden Age during Septem-ber, a grand total of 5,280,749 pieces of hterature has beenleft in the hands of the :people by the pioneers and an~llaries~or 1,193,898 more than last year. The five special testimony periods during 1933 have beenzealously entered into by the pioneers and auxiliaries, with avery great increase m the testimomes they have given. Thegrand total distributed in these periods was 116,188 books, 800,-087 booklets. The pioneers gave more testimomes and left literature withmore people than during prevmus years. Territory The isolated pioneers are carrying the message to every cor-ner of the country, and dunng the past year these have workedin 2,540 of the 3,074 counties m the Umted States. During1933, 408 counties had no work done m them, although themajority of these were w~tnessed to during the prewous year.Much work has been done m the very scattered sections through-out the nnddle west and northwest in spite of the extremelydepressed eonchtlon of the people there, and it is hoped thatnext summer and fall the work in this part of the countrycan be further advanced. Considerable work has been done in countries outside ofthe Umted States by pioneers and atunhanes enrolled at thisoffice. Reports have been received from Alaska, the Bahamas,Canal Zone, Costa Rlca, Cuba, Dutch Guiana, Egypt, the Falk-land Islands, Guatemala, Hawan, Panama, Peru, St. Kltts,B.W.I.~ and the Virgin Island& ~’om these fourteen countries
  41. 41. :Year Book 45 0.4 pioneers and 5 auxlliames have reported and there have been placed with the people 19,034 books, 34,857 booklets, mal~nga grand total of 53,891 pieces of hterature; an increase of 13,000 over the year previous. In these outlying sections 115,151 testimonies have been g~ven, hterature being placed with 26,641 persons, during 23,329 hours’ work. In addition to these coun- trees pioneers have been assigned to Bermuda, Bohvla and British Hondurasand are going there as the year closes, al- though no reports have yet been received. A prancer will short- ly proceed to Porto Rmo. And, completing hm wo~k m the :Falkland Islands, the pioneer there will proceed to the Canary Islands. BETHELFAMILY By the term "Bethel family" is meant those en- gaged in the Lord’s service at 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, New York, and 117 Adams St., Brooklyn, and Watchtower, Staten Island. In addition to theirregular duties these brethren take advantage of everyopportunity to participate in the field testimony workby going from door to door. This they do Saturdayafternoons and Sundays. When there are special testi-mony pemods they engage in these. During the yearthe following special testimony periods were had:Kingdom Testimony Period, Praise Testimony Period,Servant’s Testimony Period, Remnant’s ThanksgivingPeriod, and Ambassadors’ Devotional Period. Fortwo days during each of these periods the factory andhome were closed that the brethren might participateactively in the field. During the year 180 workerswere engaged m the field, and they put in 9,304 hours,gave testimonies to the number of 71,416, and placedwith the people books and booklets to the number of36,070. This shows an average of 35 percent of thoseto whomtestimonies were dehvered received the litera-ture. During the year brethren were sent out from theBethel home to serve other companies at the special
  42. 42. :Year Booktestimony periods. At these assemblies, to the numberof 269 during the year, the Bethel brethren served andactively engaged in the field service with companiesaside from the Bethel family. COMPANIES AND SHARPSHOOTERS The various companies and sharpshooters operatingtogether with regional serwce directors have done asplendid work during the year. There has been noseparate campaign by those speaking d~fferent lan-guages, but of all languages the brethren have joinedtogether in these campaigns, and which campaignshave had much to do with fully cementing the rem-nant throughout the land in one splendid harmoniousforward action. These campaigns during the yearhave been richly blessed by the Lord, as the resultswill show. There are 78 divisions throughout the United States,in which over 12,600 workers participated. Duringthe latter part of the year these organizations becamequite efficient and were enabled to give a very goodaccount of themselves. In different sectmns of thecountry where trouble was encountered from localofficials or the enemy endeavored to have the radiostations taken off the air, we were enabled within aweek to send from 10 to 200 automobiles of workersinto any trouble center. This was successfully donein a number of cases, and a very thorough witness wasgiven by the distribution of literature and radio fold-ers announcing stations where the transcription broad-casts and chain broadcasts might be heard. There were numerous arrests at different placesthroughout the year. However, the only ones of anyserious consequence were those which took place inNewJersey. These arrests were in practically all
  43. 43. Year Book 47 eases followed up with divisional campaigns, and in most places the local officials received the names and permitted the witness to go on without any further opposition. Regional service directors to the numberof 19, aside from the brethren whoserve from Bethel, have active- ly engaged m the field, organizing and directing the actxvities of companies in campaigns. In that t~me they have served 1,838 compames,in which there have engaged workers to the number of 31,252, and these regional directors have traveled the total of 209,415 miles. It is gratifying to note the unity that nowex- ists amongst the Lord’s remnant. The companies are well organized and united, and engage joyfully in the service in which the Lord permits them to participate. The divisional campaigns that have gone forwardduring the year number, to w~t, 10, and m these specialcampaigns there were 1,971 automobiles employed,carrying workers to the number of 8,632. They workedin the field 257,815 hours, dehvered testimonies to1,486,049 persons, placed hterature with 454,718 per-sons, the number of p~eces of literature placed ag-gregating 921,567. Dumngthese special divisionalcampaigns 136 of the workers were arrested, throwninto pmson and tried, and otherwise illtreated. Manyothers were arrested but were released without trials.Other arrests and trials were had which were not re-ported in these divisional campaigns, but the accountthereof is set forth in the report elsewhere. INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN Jehovah’s due time having arrived when his wit-nesses have come to umty of faith and knowledge ofthe Lord Jesus Christ, it was deemed proper thatthere should be a united action at certain periods by
  44. 44. 48 :Year Bookall the remnant throughout the earth. To this end an international campaign was arranged, and reportshave been received from 61 different countries wherethe remnant actively engaged in the field service.From these reports we quote the following: "Early in 1932 The Watchtower called attentionto the fact that God’s typical people celebrated twoperiods of the year, one m the spring and one in theautumn season, and therefore it seemed appropriatefor God’s covenant people now to specially observeduring the year two periods of thanksgiving andpraise. Jehovah’s witnesses throughout the earth werequick to realize the importance of going forth in unitedaction during these special thanksgiving periods, andduring the Remnant’s Thanksgiving Period, April8-16 of this year, the brethren responded to the callto service as never before. The two high spots of theyear have been the Kingdom Testimony Period, Octo-ber 1-9, 1932, and the Remnant’s Thanksgiving Peri-od, April 8-16, 1933. During these two campaigns theremnant went forth as one army in assault againstthe Devil’s organization, and the Lord greatly blessedthcir efforts. We give herewith a brief summary ofthe results accomplished for these two periods: Kingdom Testimony Remnant’s Thanksgiving Period Pemod October 1-9, 1932 April 8-16, 1933Number of coun- tries reporting 61 78Numberof pioneers 3,014 3,219Number of auxiliaries 1,580 1,941Number of com- pany workers 32,817 53,644Total Workers 37,411 58,804Testlmomes 2,202,979 6,632,439Hours 884~190 ~27,898
  45. 45. Year Book 49Obtainers 490,522 3,462,388Books 152,149 38,949Booklets 524,973 3,881,241frotal hterature placed677,122 3,920,190 "The results of the Kingdom Testimony Periodwere gratifying. Early in 1933 the Society began prep- aration to make the Remnant’s Thanksgiving Periodthe greatest united witness ever given. Every readerof The Watchtower was informed about this specialwitness in a letter from the president of the Society,and each one who professed to be one of Jehovah’switnesses was invited to participate in this world-wideaction. A new booklet, The Cris/s, was released forthis period and the various printing plants of the So-ciety rushed the translation of the booklet and its pub-lication in as manylanguages as posmble, and as a re-sult 52 different countries had The Crisis in some lan-guage to place with the people. "A speeial testimony was given to all workers touse with the Crisis booklet, and during this period theLord’s little army movedinto action in more completeumty than ever before, the brethren in 78 differentnations of the earth going forward at the same timewith the same testimony and, the greater part ofthem, with the same booklet. A goal had been set of3,000,000 testimonies and 1,000,000 pieces of htera-ture, but these figures were exceeded beyond all ex-pectation. Whenthe final figures were compiled theyshowcd a total of 6,682,439 testimonies given and 3,-920,190 books and booklets placed during the ninedays. That was almost six times as many pieces ofliterature placed as during the preceding period, Octo-ber 1-9. In previous periods the total numberof work-ers was around 38,000, but in this period the numberwent up to 58,804; an increase of almost 53 percent.
  46. 46. No doubt many of these new workers are of the Jona- dab class, which is making itself more and more mani- fest. "A great amount of opposition was encountered; but in the places where the enemy hit the hardest, that was where the greatest witness was given. It was surely a wonderful Thanksgiving Period, and the brethren throughout the earth give thanks and praise to Jehovah for the splendid results achieved." FOREIGN LANGUAGES At the Adam’s Street factory, Brooklyn, the So-ciety publishes the Kingdom message in many lan-guages aside from the English. Instead of havingseparate departments of service, however, all this serv-ice is carried on under one division. God’s people havecome to realize that there are no divisions amongstthem by reason of language, color, or previous condi-tion of servitude, but all are one in Christ, workingtogether. The following table shows the languagesother than English in which the message has beenprinted and sent out from this office, the amountdis-tributed in the UmtedStates, and the amount shippedto foreign branches, together with the total amountsdistributed in all foreign languages. Distributed Shipped to Brethren to ForeignLanguage in U.S. Branches TotalAfrikaans 20 36,671 36,691Albanian 2,761 2,810 5,571Arabic 6,826 6,442 13,268Armenian :10,133 5,454 :15,587Bohemian 7,228 2,038 9,26BBulgarian 1,383 ]1,068 12,451Chinese 3,781 48,043 51~824Chinyanja 10s361 10,361
  47. 47. :Year Book 51 Croatian 4,755 1,256 6,011 Damsh 1,986 48,206 50,192Estoman 91 12 103 l~nmsh 6,766 46,939 53,705 French 14,785 102,327 117,112German 64,952 2C t07 85,359Greek 38,926 24,117 63,043~ollandish 3,800 16,473 20,273Hungarl~n :13,199 :13,350 26,549Icelandm 170 7,853 8,023Ilocano 1,601 3,260 4,861Itahan 113,248 23.142 136,390Japanese 6,111 178,452 :184,563Korean 354 :12,587 12,941Lettish 212 22 234Lithuanian :15,833 :16,905 32,738Norwegian 4,616 3,58:1 8,197Polish 83,76:1 20,559 :104,320Poltuguese 6,398 7,626 14,024Rumama~ 4,207 187 4,394Russaan 7,976 9,857 :17,833Serblall 681 10 691Sesuto 5,450 5,450Slovak :17,935 9,955 27,890Sloveman 3,030 340 3,370Spamsh 92,345 :156,824 249,169Swedmh 7,478 34,084 41,562Tagalog 2 7,040 7,042Ukrainian :15,432 28,436 43,868Xosa 6 :11.121 :1] ,127Ylddmh 27,208 7,097 35,205Yoruba 1 62,008 62,009~scellaneous 672 :11,186 :11,858 TOTAT. 590,669 1,014,456 :1,605,125 ORDAINED REPRF-~ENTATIVES The true ordination of a minister of the gospel pro-cecds from Jehovah God. As it is declared in hisWord: "The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, be-cause [Jehovah] hath anointed me to preach [thegospcl]." (Isa. 61: 1, 2) The Socmty appoints and
  48. 48. 52 :Year Boo1~ designates and thereby authorizes or ordains certain ones to represent it in its activities, and among those thus ordained and sent forth by the Society are the following: Akashl, J.L. Emery, 11 S Koerber, A. Alita, J Eneroth, T H I~usiak, M. Alspaeh, B D. Eshleman, A D. Lester, G. Anderson, H Fekel, C J Llndsay, L M. Baeuerlein, J A. Franske, F.J. Locke. J F. Bail, A L Franz, F.W. Lord, R HBallard, E E. Freschel, M. Lowe, J EBalzereit, P. Frost, C E Lundgren, H.B. Banks, T E Fulgentis, D. Lunstrom, D. A ToBarber, C W. Gabler, H F. MacAulay, D F.Barber, R H Gangas, G D. MacAulay. J.Y.Bausch, E W. Geyer, B P MacGilllvray, A.Bausch, I.~ R. Glerman, W. $, Macmillan, A H.Baxter, W H. Gllmer, C M. Markus, J. FBeaty, C B. Goings, C McClure, MABelekon, N. Goux, A B McCormick, G. Y.Betry, L T. Gummeson, C M Messner, G.Bodnar, J M. I-!aekenberg, C F. Molin, V R.Boerner, T. I-Ialgh, J H. Montero, BBogard, J. Hammer, P Moore, A E D.Broad, E I. Hannan, G E Morris, W. 0Broadwater r. Hannan, W T. l~orrison, P G.Brown, W ~t Harbeck, M.C. Muniz, JBuenger, P M L. Harteva, K Muzikant, J.Burczyk, 0 B. Hatzfeld, R H. l’~arhan, J. M.Burtch. L B Hegner, G J. Ness, WBurton, K L. Hemery, J Neves, D DBurton, R G. Henry, W F. Norder, H T.Casola, P A. Herr, ML O’Blenes, L.Coble, WG Hersee, W M. 0chala, SComuntzls, T P. Hlbbard, 0 J. Oertel, H C.Copsey, D W. Hodgson, D Oertel, W R.Correntt, J. ]~toffman, A M. Oman, ECoward, E J. Homer, D Orrell, E D.Cutforth, C W. Homiak, R J. Paine, B E.Cutrone, F B. Hoppe, K Palo, WJDavldson, P H. Howlett, M A. Pandolfo, J A.Davis, R E Huff, MD Pantourls, EDawson, J L Insberg, A Papageorge, D.Do Fehr, J F. Isaac, J 1t. Papargyropoulos, A.Derderian, D.P. Jensen, K M. Park, MCDey, Wm. Jewulski, T G. Peach, A F.Di Ceeca, G. Jones, A R. Perry, J A.Dockey, E.L. Jones, C.J. Peterson, W.Draper, G H. Jones, G Petros, H.Duesler, H W. Karanassios. A. Phillips, FDunham. A F. Kel]arls, A N. Phillips, G R.Edwardes, J. ~ Keller, E F.Eieher. C Klein, K F. Photlnos, P.Elrod, ~W. A. Knorr, N H. Plnnock, H. E.
  49. 49. Year Book 53 Price, W F. Stpavieh. H Wagner, C E Prosser, C S Skaudvlla, L ~raicekons, JPudilner, M P. Skinner, F.E. Wainwright, F.C.Rainbow, J C. Shk, H. 17~-alter, E M.Rann, G.A. Stewart, H L. Watt, J C.Relnseth, P Stlerle, ~V R. Weiss, SRlemer, H H. Stone, E L. NVerner, ARoberts, C Suiter, G ~Vlberg, C E.Roemhildt, Veto. Sullivan, T J. 3Krllda, C deRogers, A F-, Swingle, L A. ~Vilhams, J A.Rogers, P. Symondson, E.W. Wilson, E R.Rohner, C. Talma, G L~ ~Wlse, C. ARussell, G M. Telliho, G Woodworth, C JRutherlord, J.F. Theophilldes, A.G. ~’oodworth, WESalter, W.F. Thorn, WJ Worsley, A A.Schelder, W. ToutJlan, S H. ~Vorsley, FSchmtdt, V F. Twaroschk, F. Yaholnitsky. I JSehmldt, ~V Ulrleh, C -yaholmtsky, S F.Schroeder, I~ D. Umlauf, J "Young, GSecord, A H. ~¢anAmburgh,~W.E. Zaklan. A S.Severino, F, ~randerkooy, P Zarysky, E.Short, C. Van Slprna, S M. Zdunek, F.Shuter, S. Votght, W Zell, R SSimcik, V. "vVachsmuth, A.T. Zook, A B.Sioras, J. "vVagner, A K. Zopfer, G PERSECUTION The persecution of Jehovah’s witnesses during theyear has increased with severity. There have been inthe United States alone 268 of the faithful servantsof the Lord arrested and compelled to undergo a formof trial, often resulting in fines and imprisonment.These arrests have been madechiefly in the states ofVirginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Ilhnois, Con-necticut and NewJersey, the last-named state tal:ingthe lead in the persecution of Jehovah’switnesses. Thecharges laid against Jehovah’switnesses have been thatof ’hawking and peddling without a license’ and thatof going from house to house with literature withoutfirst obtaining a permit from the police o~cials so todo. In every instance the arrests have been madebe-cause of the influence of the clergymen exercised onlocal officials. Of course, the charges against Jehovah’s witnessesof being hawkers and peddlers have been without
  50. 50. 54 YearBook foundation in fact, because none of them are hawkers and peddlers. Where convictions were had in the magistrate ’s court and appeal was taken to the higher court the judgment was reversed. Someof our breth- ren, however, preferred to serve terms in jail rather than to appeal their case to the higher courts or to pay a fine. The law-making body of the land, by en- acting laws and ordinances governing hawkers and peddlers, had no retention of applying such laws to those who engage in preaching the gospel by the dis- tribution of the printed message. Furthermore; the fundamental law of the United States and o~ the states provides that everyone shall be permitted to worship God according to the dmtates of his own conscience. The arrest of Jehovah’s wxtnesses for preaching the gospel, and charging them with being hawkers and peddlers, has been maliciously done by enemies of thetruth, and the ’hawker and peddler’ laws have simplybeen used as a subterfuge behind which the persecu-tors might hide. A hawker and peddler is one who goes about thestreets or other pubhc ways and by outcry offers hisgoods, wares and merchandise for sale for a pecuniaryprofit. The reason for the law is the life of it, and thereason for such law requiring a license is to protect theresident merchant who is required to pay a license,as well as to pay rent and taxes. The theory of the lawis that where one competes with another for tradeeach one should be required to pay a license tax. Je-hovah’s witnesses are not competing with anyone fortrade. They are preaching the gospel of God’s king-dom, because Jehovah has eommandedthat it shall bedone at the present time. They are the only companyof people on earth engaged in this kind of work, andtherefore could not compete with anyone else. They
  51. 51. Year Book. 55 are not doing this work for pecuniary profit, but at cost of money and physical effort to themselvcs. It costs moneyto buy the material for the printing and manufacturing of the books and to get them into the hands of the people. Jehovah’s witnesses would be glad to freely give everyone the literature, but be- cause they are not rich in materml things such a course would be practically impossible. Further, all people of good will desire to contribute something for what they receive and thus to make it reasonably pos- sible to defray the expense of getting this message m- to the hands of others who cannot pay. Many of the books are given away to those who are too poor to contribute anything. All reasonable persons can read- ily see that Jehovah’s witnesses are engaged in a work of doing good to the people, because God has com- manded this gospel of the kingdom must now be preached as a w~tness to the people to enable them to know of Jehovah and Ins kingdom. The clergy are angry because the gospel is preached, and the reason for their anger is that the truth ex- poses the duplicity of the clergymen and enables thepeople of sincerity to see that they have been fleecedand deceived by these paramtcs for years past. Theclergy are not at all interested in what the people hearand believe as long as they are permitted to carry ontheir deceptive work by whmhthey obtain money fromthe people. Of course, there is occasionally a clergy-man who is kindly disposed toward the truth, but heis not sufficiently enlightened, nor does he possess thezeal for the Lord to take his stand wholly on theLord’s side. The opposing clergTmen go about amongsttheir congregations and, finding anyone w~th booksexplaining the Bible, they urge them to burn thebooks, in order that the people may not learn the con-
  52. 52. 56 :Year Booktents thereof. These same opposers openly advocateviolence toward Jehovah’s w~tnesses and urge thatthey be driven out of the community. The clergy haveno knowledge or understanding of the message ofGod’s kingdom, and they do not want anyone else tohave. In their church bmldings they denounce Je°hovah’s witnesses and preach anything except thetruth concerning Jehovah’s kingdom. Why,then, do Catholic priests, Baptist and Method-ist preachers, and the preachers of other denomina-tions engage in persecuting Jehovah’s witnesses ? Whydo they induce police officers and magistrates to in-flict punishment upon these faithful followers ofChrist Jesus? The answer is, because these persecu-tors and opposers are instruments of their father, theDevil, and his bidding they do, just as Jesus told theclergy of his time. (John 8: 42-44) Christ JesusJehovah’s great Witness, and he has committed to hisfaithful followers his testimony now to be deliveredamongst the peoples of the nations that the peoplemay know the name of Jehovah and of Christ and theblessings his kingdomwill bring. To his faithful fol-lowers Jesus said concerning these clergymen and theirallies in persecution: "If they have persecuted me,they will also persecute you .... All these things willthey do unto you for myname’s sake, because they knownot him [Jehovah] that sent me."--John 15: 20, 21. Furthermore, Jehovah is now forcing his opponentsto plainly identify themselves as being on the side ofSatan, and for this reason Jehovah’s witnesses mustbear testimony to the truth; and this affords an ex-cnse for the clergy to persecute them, and by so doingthey identify themselves as the enemies of God and ofhis kingdom. They draw police officials and magis-trates into their conspiracy with them and thus canse
  53. 53. Year Book 57 them to identify themselves. Concerning this verytime Jesus said: "But take heed to yourselves; forthey shall deliver you up to councils, and in the syna- gogues ye shall be beaten; and ye shall be broughtbefore rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them." Mark 13 : 9. By his prophet Jehovah makes it clearly to appearthat the clergy and their alhes in all "Christendom"have entered into a conspiracy to destroy Jehovah’switnesses. "For, lo, throe enemies make a tumult:and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. Theyhave taken crafty counsel against thy people, andconsulted against thy hidden ones. They have said,Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation;that the name of Israel may be no more in remem-brance. For they have consulted together with oneconsent; they are confederate against thee " (Ps. 83:2-5) The Lord has revealed to his own people thatGog, the chief officer of Satan the Devil, is leading inthis conspiracy against Jehovah’s witnesses, his hid-den ones, and that thin conspiracy is not only formedin thin day but overt acts are now being committedin furtherance of that wicked conspiracy. Jehovah’sfaithful ones he has forewarned, that they may beprepared for the attack of the enemy. He has givenhis assurance that he will protect and deliver thosewho will continue faithful unto him. But why should Jehovah permit his servants to bewickedly persecuted when his King is here and hisreign begun? It is written for his faithful ones: "Wemust through much tribulation enter into the kingdomof God." (Acts 14:22) Now Jehovah has revealedto his people more clearly than ever before just whythis must be so. Satan challenged Jehovah to put menon earth who would maintain their integrity toward