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  1. 1. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism ManagementHTM3012 Resort and Spa Hotel ManagementAnalysis of Casino ResortsSEM004 GROUP 5 (MON 1630-1720)LEE Po Shan Bobo (09364485D) CHENG Yui Lung Uno (09182851D)MOK Yuen Ling Carrie(10605383D) CHEUNG Chung Yin Samuel (09116307D)
  4. 4. Examine 3 Casino-Resortswithin the Asian Pacific Region Reasons &?Q MNO>C?M =IP?L !MC;H Grand Lisboa Macau ;GCHA )H>OMNLS -IMN A;GCHA MNO>C?M ;L? 53r Macau <;M?> ((MOm V^^Z) Resort World )HN?HMCP? ;H> @;MN J;=? Genting Malaysia >?P?FIJG?HN CH !MC;H 0;=C@C= 2?ACIH Singapore #IGJ?NCHA =;MCHIrL?MILNM Marina Bay -;HS OJr=IGCHA =;MCHIM CH NB? Sands Singapore L?ACIH Asia-Pacific Gaming
  7. 7. BackgroundCasino de Genting in Resorts World Genting U][Un%MN;<FCMB?> V^^Xn ,;OH=B?> 34!27/2,$m QBC=B CM ; =IHN?GJIL;LS A;GCHA P?HO? FI=;N?> CH &CLMN 7ILF> (IN?F V^^Yn ,;OH=B?> NB? F;N?MN NB?G? EHIQ ;M u,;NNé 4B? !MC;H’M "?MN )HN?LH;NCIH;F #;MCHI 2?MILN 4B? IHFS JF;=? @IL F?A;F A;GCHA CH -;F;SMC; 6CMCIHn "? L?MJIHMC<F? NI NB? =B;HACHA >?G;H>M I@ IOL =OMNIG?LM ;H> ?R=?F CH JLIPC>CHA KO;FCNS JLI>O=NM ;H> M?LPC=?M ! GOFNCH;NCIH;F =ILJIL;NCIH ;H> IH? I@ NB? <?MN G;H;A?> =IGJ;HC?M )NM <OMCH?MM?M ;L? >CP?LMC@C?> CHNI BIN?FMm M?;MC>? L?MILNMm A;GCHAm NB?G? J;LEM ;H> ?HN?LN;CHG?HN
  9. 9. LOCATION Grand Marina Bay Resorts World Lisboa Sands GentingCountry China Singapore Malaysia Genting HighlandCity Macau Singapore (Kuala Lumpur) Independent - 51 km from cityNature City center City center center - 45 Mins from Kuala Lumpur
  10. 10. TRANSPORTATION 4IOLCMNM JL?@?L @FS NI (+)! ;H> N;E? NB? >CL?=N ?RJL?MM @?LLC?M NI Resorts World Grand Lisboa Marina Bay Sands Genting - The Macau International - Changi International - Kuala Lumpur Airport (MIA) Airport (CIA) International Airport - Smaller scale - Larger scale (KLIA)BY - Asian flights and budget - International flights - Larger scale - International flightsAIR airline - Helicopter service - Bus - Bus - Luxury Coach  - Free complimentary - Complimentary shuttle - Genting Express Bus Casino/Hotel shuttle Bus bus connect with CIA ServiceBY connect with MIA/Ferry - Limousine service - Complimentary shuttleLAND Terminals - Taxi service - Limousine service - Limousine service - Taxi - Taxi - Ferry Services - Subway (Mass Rapid - Sky Rail Cable CarOther Transit) (Attraction)
  11. 11. TRANSPORTATION By Air: the scale of airport and the dominant flights determine the target market for each casino resort Grand Lisboa: Asian tourists Marina Bay Sands & Resorts World Genting: International tourists By Land: strengthen accessibility (connect with airports/ ferry terminals) All of them are HIGHLY ACCESSIBLE: Different channels are available Difficult and pointless to evaluate which one is the highest Different geographic location & size (countries/cities) Different distance from city centre Different target market from different countries
  12. 12. INFRASTRUCTURE OF RESPECTIVE CITY Examine the extent of SELF-FEEDING of three casinos from Gamblers perspectives v.s. Non-Gamblers perspectives Support of their respective cities From Gamblers perspectives, all resorts are self-feeding as they can provide them fine dining and accommodation inside the resorts as well as a variety of games.
  13. 13. INFRASTRUCTURE OF RESPECTIVE CITY Resorts World Grand Lisboa Marina Bay Sands Genting Highly Self-feeding Self-feeding Highly Self-feeding (Mainly focus on gaming/ (incomprehensive gaming (comprehensive gamingGamblers comprehensive facilities) facilities: no poker) facilities)Non- Low Self-feeding Highly Self-feeding Highest Self-feedingGamblers Developing Destination Mature Destination Alone Destination - Cultural Tourism - Cultural Tourism - Not located in a respectiveSupported city but on a highlandby the - Lack of primary attractions - Urban Tourismcities - Eco Tourism - Art Tourism
  14. 14. INFRASTRUCTURE OF RESPECTIVE CITYGRAND LISBOA MACAU Nature: SEMI SELF-FEEDING RESORTwithout appealing attractions in the city Macao have Rich Cultural Attractions Cultural Tourism e.g. Ruins of St. Paul, Churches, Museums, Fortress, Temples (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Urban Tourism Lack of theme parks, shopping malls, cinemas
  15. 15. INFRASTRUCTURE OF RESPECTIVE CITY MARINA BAY SANDS SINGAPORE Nature: SEMI SELF-FEEDING RESORT Singapore have Rich & Diversified Attractions Cultural Tourism e.g. Merlion Park, China Town, Little India, Temples, Museums Urban Tourism e.g. Universal Studios, Orchard Road, Suntec City Mall Eco Tourism e.g. Singapore Botanic Gardens, Night Safari, Zoological Garden, Jurong Bird Park Art Tourism e.g. Singapore Art District: Art Museums, Art Galleries
  16. 16. INFRASTRUCTURE OF RESPECTIVE CITYRESORTS WORLD GENTING MALAYSIANature: Highly SELF-FEEDING RESORTlocated @ Genting Highland Separately Not Located in a respective city But on a separate Highland HIGHLY SELF-FEEDING instead of depending on KL attractions and dining outlets Provide one-stop services from attraction, accommodation, dining and entertainment Dependent on KL Airport for international tourist arrivals
  17. 17. TARGET MARKETConcept of Catchment Area WESTERN GUANGDONG PROVINCEGRAND LISBOA MACAU Hong Kong, Taiwan China: Western Guangdong province Malaysia Thailand Singapore Indonesia Source: Nadkarni & Leong, 2007
  18. 18. TARGET MARKETConcept of Catchment AreaMARINA BAY SANDS SINGAPORE CHINA Singaporean (Locals) Malaysia Indonesia Thailand China Source: Bloombery BusinessWeek, 2010
  19. 19. TARGET MARKETConcept of Catchment Area CHINARESORTS WORLD GENTING MALAYSIA Malaysian(Locals) Singapore Indonesia Thailand China Source: Oppermann, 1992Catchment area: affected by transportsystem between the regions and thelocation of the resortAll catchment area identified are of shortflight hours and good transportationnetwork
  20. 20. FACILITIES - GAMING FACILITIES Resorts World Grand Lisboa Marina Bay Sands Genting (Macau) (Singapore) (Malaysia) Casino Grand Lisboa Marina Bay Sands Casino de Genting Casino • Around 300,000 sq. ft. • Around 150,000 sq.ft • Around 200,000 sq. ft. • Totally 240 table games • Totally 500 table games • Totally 500 table and 746 slot machines and 1,600 slot machines games and 3000 slots • The largest poker room in and VP machines Asia with 33 tables and • 5 themed areas: Monte open 24 hours Carlo, Hollywood, Snowboat, Circus Palace and International ,;LA?MN ;GCHA !L?;n L;H> ,CM<I; #;MCHI 4B? -IMN ;GCHA 4;<F?M h -;=BCH?Mn #;MCHI >? ?HNCHA
  21. 21. FACILITIES - NON-GAMING FACILITIES Spa ShoppingAccommodation Dining Recreation Entertainment Business
  22. 22. AccommodationGrand Lisboa • Approx. 431 rooms(Macau) (Included Superior Rooms, Corner Rooms, Suites) • Around 2561 roomsMarina Bay (Included 3 types of rooms: Atrium Rooms, Horizon Rooms, The ClubSands Room, 10 types of suites: Orchid Suites, Marina Suites, Bay Suite, Sands(Singapore) Suites, Singapura Suites, Istana Suites, Merlion Suites, Straits Suites, Presidential Suite, Chairman Suite) • Genting Hotel: 648 roomsResorts World (Included Deluxe Rooms, Genting Club, Junior Suite and AmbassadorGenting Suites)(Malaysia)* • Highlands Hotel: 889 rooms (Included Deluxe Rooms, Parlour Suites, Duplex Suites, VIP Suites and Penthouses)*There are 6 hotels for Resorts World Genting and 3 hotels for Awana Hotels & Resorts, ranging from 3-stars to 5-stars. We will choose the 5-starshotels, Genting Hotel and Highlands Hotel for comparison.4B? -IMN 2IIGMn -;LCH; ";S 3;H>M4B?G?M I@ LIIGM ;L? >C@@?L?HN >O? NI NB? MNSF? I@ NB?
  23. 23. Spa Lisboa Spa by Clarins • Around 10,000 sq. ft. • Themed-suites & Treatments (Flowers name: Jasmine, Orchid, etc.; Cities name: Lisbao, Rome,Grand Lisboa Venice Kyoto, Suzhou, etc.)(Macau) • Opening Hours: 0800-0000 • Features:Vichy Shower, Facial and Body Treatments, Body Exfoliations, Body Massage, Spa, Body Wraps, Make-up Service, Waxing, Mother-to-Be and New Mom Treatments, etc.Marina Bay Sands The Banyan Tree Spa (opening soon)(Singapore) Genting Hotel: M Spa & FitnessResorts World • Features: Body Exfoliations & Mask, Facial, Head and Neck Therapy,Genting (Malaysia) Body Massage, Foot Treatment, etc.4QI I@ NB? L?MILNM JLIPC>? MJ; M?LPC=?M NI NB? AO?MNM L;HACHA @LIG <I>SG;MM;A? NI MECH =;L? M?LPC=? QBCF? 4B? ";HS;H 4L?? 3J; CH -;LCH; ";S3;H>M CM MNCFF >?P?FIJCHAo4I BCABFCABNm NB? #F;LCHM 3J; CH L;H> ,CM<I; JLIPC>?M NB?G?>rMJ;
  24. 24. Recreation • Temperature-controlled outdoor swimming poolGrand Lisboa • Gym and Fitness Centre(Macau) • Salon (Le Salon) • Sands Sky Park Pool - An outdoor swimming pool • Sands Sky Park • Sampan RidesMarina Bay Sands • The Banyan Tree Fitness Club (Gym, Sauna, Steam room, hot pool)(Singapore) • Golf • Qube Kids Club – An activity center for kids and teenagers • Skating Rink Genting Hotel • Jacuzzi • Indoor heated swimming poolResorts World • Genting Indoor Theme Park (Included Vision City Games Park)Genting (Malaysia) Highlands Hotel • Indoor heated swimming pool • Gymnasium • Tennis Courts-;LCH; ";S 3;H>M ;H> 2?MILNM 7ILF> ?HNCHA ;L? KOCN? =IGJL?B?HMCP? CH N?LGM I@L?=L?;NCIH @;=CFCNC?M ;H> <INB B;P? NB?CL MCAH;NOL? @;=CFCNC?Mm QBC=B ;L? NB? 3;H>M 3ES 0;LE;H> NB? NB?G? J;LEM L?MJ?=NCP?FSo 4B?CL @;=CFCNC?M =;H =;N?L NB? H??>M I@ @;GCFS NL;P?F?LMoL;H> ,CM<I; CM L?F;NCP?FS F;=E I@ L?=L?;NCIH @;=CFCNC?M ;H> MG;FF CH M=;F?o
  25. 25. DiningGrand Lisboa • 8 restaurants including International, Cantonese, Chinese and Italian (awarded 3(Macau) Michelin stars) cuisines and a lounge barMarina Bay • More than 30 restaurants cover International, Italian, French, American,Sands Australian, Chinese, Japanese cuisines, including 7 Celebrity Chefs(Singapore) restaurants (3 are awarded 3 Michelin stars) , and lounge bars Genting HotelResorts World • 12 restaurants including Cantonese and Western cuisines, café and bakeryGenting Highlands Hotel(Malaysia) • 16 restaurants including Thai, Chinese, Hakka cuisines and Cha Chan Tang (HK style restaurants)4B? GIMN HOG<?L I@ L?MN;OL;HNMn -;LCH; ";S 3;H>M4BL?? L?MILNM JLIPC>? ; P;LC?NS I@ =OCMCH?M NI AO?MNMm L;HACHA @LIG !MC;H NI)HN?LH;NCIH;Fm QBCF? -;LCH; ";S 3;H>M I@@?L ; QC>?L L;HA? I@ =OCMCH?Mo4B? @?;NOL?> L?MN;OL;HNM I@ -;LCH; ";S 3;H>M ;L? NB? #?F?<LCNS #B?@M2?MN;OL;HNMm QBC=B IJ?L;N?> <S NB? QILF>r@;GIOM ;H> ;Q;L>rQCHHCHA =B?@Mm G;E? NB?L?MILN MN;H>M ION ;<IP? NB? INB?L NQI L?MILNMo
  26. 26. Business Convention CenterGrand Lisboa • 1 Grand Ballroom: total 10,590 sq. ft. which can accommodate up to 1,300 people(Macau) • 4 Function Rooms: area ranging from 690 to 2,180 sq. ft. Sands Expo and Convention Center • Total area 1,200,000 sq. ft. which can host up to 45,000 convention delegates, includingMarina Bay • 10 Exhibition Halls with over 300,000 sq. ft.Sands • 8 Flexible Junior ballrooms which features over 80,000 sq. ft. and can be divided into(Singapore) over 200 rooms • The Sands Grand Ballroom features 81,400 sq. ft. which cater up to 6,000 delegates in banquet-style and 11,000 delegates in theatre-style seating Genting International Convention Centre • 2 Grand Ballrooms: accommodate up to 2,000 delegates in banquet-style and 4,000Resorts World delegates in theatre-style seatingGenting • 3 Convention Halls: total area of 20,000 sq. ft. which cater up to 1,200 delegates(Malaysia) • 6 Meeting Rooms: features 22,375 sq. ft. which can cater up to 500 people • 1 Business Centre: consists of 3 Boardrooms and 3 Meeting Rooms which have a capacity of up to 5 and 16 people respectivelyL;H> ,CM<I; B;M L?F;NCP?FS F?MM <OMCH?MM @;=CFCNC?M NB;H NB? INB?L NQI L?MILNMo-;LCH; ";S 3;H>M B;M NB? F;LA?MN @FIIL MJ;=? ;H> NB? GIMN LIIGM HOG<?L @IL -)#%;=NCPCNC?M ?KOCJJ?> QCNB NB? GIMN OJ>;N?> ;H> =IGJL?B?HMCP? ;G?HCNC?Mo
  27. 27. Entertainment ShoppingGrand Lisboa Rockza Theater • 2 retail shops ranging from gift, clothing,(Macau) accessories, etc. The Sands Theater The Shoppers at Marina Bay Sands • Host up to 1,680 guests on 2 levels • Over 800,000 sq. ft.Marina Bay The Grand Theater • More than 300 internationally renownedSands • Seat up to 2,155 guests over 3 stores, offering the best in fashion, jewelry,(Singapore) levels accessories, gifts, services and sporting goods •Some stores open in fall bloom during 2011 Arena of Stars Genting Hotel • Accommodates up to 6,000 guests • 23 retail shops ranging from fashion, beauty,Resorts World Genting International jewellery and telecommunicationGenting(Malaysia) Showroom Highlands Hotel • Host up to 1,700 guests • 11 retail shops ranging from bags & luggage, timepiece, etc. &IL ?HN?LN;CHG?HN @;=CFCNC?Mm ;FF L?MILNM B;P? MBIQLIIGM IL NB?;N?LM @IL J?L@ILG;H=?M FCE? =IH=?LNM ;H> JF;S L;H> ,CM<I; B;M IHFS IH? MG;FF NB?;N?L QCNB FCGCN?> P;LC?NS I@ MBIQM QBCF? 2?MILNM 7ILF> ?HNCHA ;H> -;LCH; ";S 3;H>M B;P? V QILF>r=F;MM P?HO?M @IL ?HN?LN;CHG?HN QBC=B ;NNL;=N G;HS CHN?LH;NCIH;F J?L@ILG?LM ;H> MCHA?LM &IL MBIJJCHA @;=CFCNC?Mm NB? M=;F?m HOG<?L ;H> P;LC?NS I@ MNIL?M I@ -;LCH; ";S 3;H>M ;L? L?F;NCP?FS F;LA?L ;H> GIL? NB;H NB? INB?L NQI L?MILNMm QBC=B =;H M;NCM@S >C@@?L?HN H??>M
  28. 28. PROMOTION Marketing Strategies Similar strategies are discovered: Packages Benefits Redemption Membership program Special Events
  29. 29. PROMOTIONPromotion directly based on CASINO Mainly focus on gaming businessBrand name of Stanley Ho"The King of Gambling"TV-CNN opening ceremonyCelebrities effect Edmund Ho, Chief Executive of MSAR, held the opening ceremony Showing the status of Stanley Ho in Macau Casino Industry International tournament APPT Macau Image of international poker and gaming centre
  30. 30. /P?LF;JJCHA /@@C=C;FPROMOTION 7?<MCN?MWebsites Two websites: some information is overlapping Three languages with the same layout To target their catchment areas
  31. 31. PROMOTIONPromotion not directly based on -IL? CHN?HMCP? ;H>casino but BRAND NAME H?Q?MN JLIGINCIH position as an integrated resort rather than casino resort =B;HH?FM The Sands Theater Holding concerts and plays for famous star Diversification of the resort Cover a number of aspects besides casino e.g. Museum, Expo and Convention Center, Shopping Mall
  32. 32. PROMOTION Websites Eight languages with the same layout To target their catchment areas Official Facebook Group frequent update latest trend and news Magazine Sands Style
  33. 33. PROMOTION Promotion directly based on the ,?MM CHN?HMCP? <ON WHOLE RESORT and BRAND NAME H?Q?MN JLIGINCIH emphasize the uniqueness of the resort =B;HH?FMOfficialFacebook Group frequent update latest trend and news
  34. 34. PROMOTION Websites Seven languages with the same layout Some information is missing in some language versions ??????????
  35. 35. INTEGRATED ANALYSIS Competitive Advantages Opportunities Analysis Weaknesses Analysis Conclusion Recommendations
  36. 36. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Grand Lisboa Local management style Largest gambler market in Asia: China (GMR, 2009) Exclusive and taylor-made products and services for Chinese gamblers Incorporate Feng Shui concept into the casino resort Superstitious nature of Chinese, esp. gamblers
  37. 37. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Grand Lisboa Ultra-luxury Image Ritz-Carlton utilizes an ultra-luxury image to be its competitive advantage successfully (Limestone, 2007) $44 billion was used to create the image of a 7-star casino resort in Asia The Star of Stanley Ho, a 218.08 carats diamond and the largest cushion shaped internally flawless D-color diamond in the world, is on permanent display at the Casino Grand Lisboa
  38. 38. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Marina Bay Sands Comprehensive MICE facilities with experienced management The Sands Expo and Convention Center: Singapores largest and most flexible exhibition and meeting venue, and the islands largest hotel Wealth of experience from sister properties: the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas Sands. The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel: Best Business Hotel in Macau, Best Meetings & Conventions Hotel in Macau, and Best MICE Hotel in Asia The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas Sands: Meeting & Conventions Magazine’s Gold Key Award for overall professionalism and quality, a number of awards from Special Event Magazine for catering, event production, entertainment and logistics Asias Best MICE Hotel and second place for Asias Best Convention and Exhibition Center, as part of the CEI Asia Industry Awards 2011
  39. 39. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Marina Bay Sands Las Vegas-style gaming casino Owned by Las Vegas Sands Architectural design of the casino imitated Las Vegas style casino design which is grand and modern Appealing to people who desire to travel to Las Vegas but lack sufficient time and money Especially caters for its target market which Chinese Mainlanders and Taiwanese as Las Vegas atmosphere is an exotic experience
  40. 40. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Resorts World Genting Highland location: High altitude Kuala Lumpur: Located near the equator, tropical climate Hot throughout the year ( Average temperature: 26°C) Genting in Highland location ( Average temperature: 15°C) Provide opportunities to escape from unfavorable weather (hot and humid)
  41. 41. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Resorts World GentingExtraordinarily huge scale and area Diversification is fundamental to sustain in the resort industry (Mill, 2008) The highly-diversified nature captures the needs of all gamblers and non-gamblers Large area allows further development for diversification
  42. 42. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Resorts World Genting Leading casino resort in Pacific-Asia region The long development history provides the Resorts World Genting with experienced management and large market share Awards: The Asian’s Best International Casino Resort 2010 World’s Leading Casino Resort 2005, 2007-2010 Asia’s Leading Casino Resort 2005-2010 by World Travel Awards
  43. 43. WEAKNESSES ANALYSISGrand LisboaRelatively small scale Diversification is fundamental to sustain in the resort industry (Mill, 2008) Small in scale when comparing with The Resorts World Genting and Marina Bay Sands Less possibility to for further diversified development Poor control on Demand and Capacity Overcrowding Reason of choosing a resort destination: family relaxation (Inbakaran and Jackson, 2005) Poor experience of family relaxation
  44. 44. WEAKNESSES ANALYSISGrand LisboaConcentrated development mode andLack of market diversification Key development consideration for the tourism industry in Macau: The MICE (Glenn, 2008) Casino development evolved to entertainment convergence (Mill, 2008) Over concentrate on casino development instead of market diversification Insufficient facilities Insufficient facilities for the non-gamblers Lack of retail stores/ shopping malls in the hotel
  45. 45. WEAKNESSES ANALYSIS Marina Bay Sands Numerous unready facilities(temporary) Some restaurants, retail stores and spa have not been opened May not meet guests’ expectation Policy of checking passport Customers demand convenience in whatever services (Lew, 1990) Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents of Singapore have to pay to enter the casino Foreign guests’ passports are checked frequently Incur disturbance to both local and foreign visitors
  46. 46. WEAKNESSES ANALYSIS Resorts World Genting Long development History Decay of facilities and outed design All the hotel rooms are not equipped with air- conditioner Failure to attract overnight visitors Resorts rely on them to stay longer and spend more 70 of visitors: One-day visitors Low occupancy rate of hotels
  47. 47. OPPORTUNITIES Grand Lisboa Increasing accessibility Construction of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and elevated Light Rail Transit Expansion of Macau International Airport and Light Rail Transit New attractions Sanrio Land and Macau Studio City can attract more visitors to Macau Joint destination itinerary promoted by DMO Multi-destination in Pearl River Delta helps Macau to generate more visitors Synergistic effects from different tourism resources
  48. 48. OPPORTUNITIES Marina Bay Sands Synergistic effect with the Sentosa Intensive promotion by DMO Lack of MICE facilities in Sentosa Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa: Casino Resorts Different target markets leads to less intensive comp A completely new destination for gambling Singapore lifted a 40-year ban on casinos in 2005 Novel to potential visitors (Datamonitor, 2010)
  49. 49. OPPORTUNITIES The Resort World Genting Cooperation with MGM Mirage (Chan, 2009) Further increased the market share Reinvestment of the resort $10 billion will be used to build new hotel and shopping mall, and upgrade the theme park The 40th Anniversary Intensive promotion campaign to motivate a number of visitors The only legal land-based casino in Malaysia The government shows no intention to establish another legal casino Enjoy the monopoly play
  50. 50. CONCLUSIONDynamic and intensive developmental trend of casino resorts in Asia Excellent accessibility and both gaming & non gaming facilities to cater the needs of every guest Successfully transformed themselves from a resort to a destination with a regional or even international catchment areaX Keen competition To survive, the casino resorts should: cherish their competitive advantages differentiate their products with better positioning and branding tackle their internal weaknesses and external threats
  51. 51. RECOMMENDATIONSBased on the weaknesses and trend of development in casinoresorts 1. Improvement of the promotion channels Two official websites provides overlapping but also different information Combining the two websites reduce confusion caused to the guests 2. Construction of entertainment facilities Lack of entertainment facilities and activities Utilize the non-constructed area to develop diversification instead of expanding the gambling facilities 3. Providing more packages Cooperate with turboJET(ship company of SJM) to provide fee transportation to the resort Cheaper price but lengthen the time of stay and increase guests expenditure
  52. 52. RECOMMENDATIONS 4. Promotion of loyalty program/ club membership Current trend of the casino resort(Antony & Sarah, 2010) Important to retain current guests(Lovelock,2002) Target on heavy spenders5. Introduction of children guardian services Drawing or cooking workshops Parents enjoy gaming delights without worries e.g Qude
  53. 53. RECOMMENDATIONS1. Building up better relation with travel agents and tour operators Newly opened leads to low market share Include Marina Bay Sands in their package by providing incentives2. Frequent holding of concerts Utilize the fixed assets (the Sands Expo and Convention Center) to attract more guests Safety concern3. Safety concern about the Skypark Security guard should be arranged for monitoring
  54. 54. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Cooperation with Star Cruises Promote onshore excursions from Kuala Lumpur to the resort Utilize internal resources to achieve synergy 2. Improvement of transportation services Insufficient transportation services during peak seasons Development of peak tram and expansion of cable car capacity3. Redecoration of the hotels and theme parks Long development history Introduce new characters or mascots to create new atmosphere Noted with ghost stories, address Feng Shui in hotels to regain the confidence of guests4. Enhancement of the website Inconvenience to potential guests caused by less informative website Enrich the website information to provide more tourism-related materials
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  58. 58. Q&A DISCUSSION QUESTION 1 Will the opening of Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore affect the business of Genting? Hints: * The location of Santosa and Genting ? * Their catchment areas? * The growing potential of Southeast Asian Tourism?
  59. 59. Q&A DISCUSSION QUESTION 1 (ANS) IN SHORT TERM (2011) Attention is posed on new resort and demand will be slightly affected Universal Studio is of international catchment area IN LONG TERM Genting has its geographical advantage of escaping from hot wave Local Malaysian Market is served New hotels and theme parks will be built to enhance attractiveness Belongs to the same development group >>> combo itinerary SE Asian Tourism is grooming with the introduction of low cost carrier
  60. 60. Q&A DISCUSSION QUESTION 2 Hints:
  61. 61. Q&A DISCUSSION QUESTION 2 (ANS) Hints:
  62. 62. THE END