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Feature Writing

  1. 1.  First, it is not simply as a news story. Second, it is not an editorial or opinion piece. Third, it is not an academic paper.
  2. 2. FEATUREspells:F – factual not fictitiousE – EntertainingA – appealing to the emotionsT – timely or not timelyU – unusualR – reader-orientedE – explanation, extrapolation – extending orprojecting known info
  3. 3. are well-researched papers written for apopular audience. They highlights of a newspaperor magazine. They aim to inform, educate,entertain, and provide significant knowledge Anideal newspaper feature is composed of 700 to 800words whereas magazine features can be moreelaborated and descriptive in nature, and can reachup to 15,000 words.
  4. 4. Features have the following qualities:1. It contains an introduction, body, andconclusion.2. It does not a definite length. The content arebased on the writer’s development ideas.3. It may take time to interest the reader.4. It often reflects the personality, tendencies,beliefs and aspirations of the writer.5. It includes quotations from principalcharacters, experts, and variety of sources.
  5. 5. 6. It can use the elements of fiction andinformal writing.7. It uses photographs, charts, graphs, sidebarsor boxes, drawings, diagrams, among others toreinforce the message and bring life and color to thesubject.
  6. 6. Features are human interest storiesthat speak of people, places, andsituations. They tend to be descriptiveand original in ideas and writing skills.Nonetheless, they can go beyonddescription.
  7. 7. 1. News behind the news stories. An in-depthlook at the stories behind current news.a. A news about a student athlete suspended byschool authorities because of steroid use may leadto a feature which deals with the use of drugsamong university athletes.2. Personality sketch/profiles. Profile stories ofthe rich and the famous. Readers like to know thehidden traits and lives of famous personalities.
  8. 8. a. The secret behind the wealth of Bill Gates ofMicrosoft3. Science and technology stories. Theyconcentrate on the latest advancement in scienceand technology with the aim of informing thereaders and arousing their interest.a. The latest Mobile Phone Technology
  9. 9. 4. Human appeal stories. They expose burningissues which need urgent solutions. These storiesshow the magnitude of the problem through cases,anecdotes, and quotable quotes. These featureshighlight the dramatic condition and experiences ofcertain groups of people. They are written usingheart-piercing presentations which evoke emotionalresponses from the readers.a. Unpleasant Conditions of Our Overseas FilipinoWorkers.
  10. 10. 5. Historical and Cultural Features. Historicalevents and sites can provide readers a sense ofidentity. By comparing the present to the past, theycan see how time has changed their environment,culture, values, and perspectives.a. High School students: Then and Now6. How-to and what-to-do features. They areeducational in essence. They provide knowledgeabout a process or an activity.
  11. 11. a. Step-by-step guide to cooking Kare-kare.7. Business and development features. Theyprovide a glimpse and insight on the business worldand the development of certain sector or area. Thiswriting requires a working knowledge and specialinterest on the workings and operations of thebusiness community.a. Earning through Electronic Loads (e-Loads)
  12. 12. 8. Life Style Features. Changing fashion trendsand life-styles makes an interesting reading.a. The Latest Trend in Female Accessories andPerfume.9. Entertainment Features. Movies stars, popsingers, and show business events are thecommon subjects of these stories. Their main goalis to entertain and give relief to the people.
  13. 13. 10. Hobby Features. They interest the readersthat are into exceptional hobbies.a. The Rules of Gardening11. Career Features. They focus on careerguidance, tips or issues.a. Effective Resume Writing
  14. 14. 12. Seasonal Themes. These articles magnifythe significance and relevance of holidays,anniversaries, and special events.a. Christmas Time in the Philippines13. Travel Features. These features highlightthe beauty of interacting with people and places.They offer endorsements and guidelines on placewhere money would spending. Travel featurewriters demand exceptional descriptive andnarrative skills.
  15. 15. a. Hidden Caves of Beaches of Palawan14. Insider Features. They are sensitive in nature andare accomplished using in-depth, investigativejournalism. Insiders look at unusual occupations,issues, or events which are hidden from thepublic. Readers are attracted to unusual details or“well kept secrets” about procedures or activitiesthey might not ordinarily be exposed to, orallowed to participate in.a. Corruption Strategies of Public Officials Revealed
  16. 16. 1. Use alliterations.Example:“We happily hopped out the truck…”“[The rain] waltzed with the wind!”2. Use rhymes.The tone of your piece is vital. Sprinkling some rhymeswill make the feature more readable. But be aware notto overdo it, or your write-up will end up as a poem.Example:“So, you better be there in the flesh and feel the bloodcome up your head!”
  17. 17. 3. Make good use of the Figures of Speech —simile, metaphor, personification, andhyperbole.The Figures of Speech is an effective tool in enhancingyou feature writing. Make use of them frequently.Example:Simile:“My abdomen began to itch like ants infesting it.”