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Off the Shelf 1.3

  1. 1. Aliens… again! That’s where we last left the Murry family. The third abduction. Another alien baby on the way!
  2. 2. Charles groaned, his hands clutching his stomach as nausea rolled through his senses. He’d had a craving for grilled cheese and had polished off three plates worth. That, of course, had been a very bad idea.
  3. 3. The girls giggled a bit at their dad’s muttered grumblings and stifled curses about being pregnant once again.They were all pretty excited at the prospect of another kid even if that kid would be too young to play with for a while.
  4. 4. “We’re seriously having another one,” Alan said in amazement when Charles started to show. He pulled Charles into a hug. “Four children. I never thought…” Charles said, trailing off at the end and laughing softly. “I know,” Alan said, “but it’s wonderful.” He paused. “We’re getting sappier with age.” “Weren’t you always kind of sappy?” Charles teased. Alan gave an incredulous laugh.
  5. 5. The next morning, when Charles paid the bills, a different type of envelope, handwritten, was also sandwiched in the pile. He slipped them into the mailbox with a small, hopeful smile.
  6. 6. As Meg’s birthday quickly approached, she went to her brother for advice.“Is being big good?” Meg asked. “Why can’t I be small like Zilly for a while longer. I don’t want to grow up without her.” Madoc laughed softly.
  7. 7. “Is it funny?” Meg asked, her nose scrunching up.“Not that,” Madoc reassured her. “It’s just… Zill’s going to be right behind you, you know. She’s growing up a day after you.” “A day’s too long!” Meg exclaimed. Taking one look at her brother’s expectant smile, she paused and then said, “But I guess I can be patient.” “I’m sure you can,” Madoc said.
  8. 8. And later that day, Meg stood in front of her cake. She hadn’t really wanted a party, and her parents were disappointed. Eventually they compromised on just the family, but having cake. After all, why would Meg say no to cake?
  9. 9. Meg grew up beautifully, looking a lot like Alan.As soon as she could, Meg asked for an allowance. She didn’t think her transition clothes matched her and wanted desperately to go buy a new outfit.
  10. 10. Meg came back with a new outfit and a new haircut.She found that she really didn’t mind growing up. In fact, it really suited her.
  11. 11. Zillah sat at breakfast the next morning. She looked at her sister and said, “You think you can convince the dads that I really don’t want a party?” “But there’s cake!” Meg said. “Not even cake. Please, Meg?” Zillah implored.
  12. 12. “Fine. I’m sure they’ll agree,” Meg said. She paused. “You sure you don’t want to reconsider the cake part?” “Positive.” There was a honking noise. “The bus! You go first and hold the bus, Zilly. I need to get changed!” Meg scrambled out of the chair.
  13. 13. Meg brought Venus Curious, Vidcund’s alien abduction child, home from school. “Not a bad place,” Venus noted.“Not as nice as your place, but it works for us,” Meg said. She really was proud of their house.
  14. 14. “Come on, Curious. You haven’t caught the ball once!” Meg said, giggling to herself.
  15. 15. Venus winced as the ball hit her knees. “I’m not really a sports sim. What sports sim do you know plays football in a strapless shirt?” Venus grumbled.“It’s just a ball. If you catch it, you won’t get all those bruises on your legs from missing,” Meg said with a shrug. Venus gave her a dirty look but passed the ball anyway.
  16. 16. Venus was immensely grateful when Meg was distracted from playing toss the football by a boy who walked past the house. Venus quickly made her way inside for less strenuous activity. Meg greeted the walk-by. “Hey, haven’t I seen you at school? Chemistry, right?” “Y…yeah,” the boy stuttered. “I’m Buck… Grunt. Buck Grunt.” “Meg Murry,” she said, taking his hand and shaking it.
  17. 17. “You’re really pretty,” Buck managed to say. Meg’s eyes went wide and then Buck’s went wide as well.“Thanks,” she replied before he could apologize. “You’re pretty cute yourself.” Meg smiled brightly.
  18. 18. While Meg was busy chatting up Buck, Zillah grew up without a party and without her family making a huge, obvious deal out of it just like she wanted. “I look good,” she said to no one in particular. “But this outfit has got to go.”
  19. 19. Luckily, Meg had anticipated Zillah’s birthday and need for a new outfit. Zillah felt much more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. “Wonder if Meg is still talking to that guy,” Zillah wondered out loud to herself.
  20. 20. And Meg was. In fact, the two of them had become close during their talk. Incredibly close.When asked about the chaste kiss later, Meg would say she felt butterflies in her stomach. Zillah would say it was just her stomach announcing that it was almost dinnertime.
  21. 21. Charles continued to spend most of his pregnancy resting. He was constantly tired, but he knew the birth was getting closer.
  22. 22. He woke up from a nap on the couch a while later with some discomfort in his abdomen.The discomfort turned into pain, which turned into a muffled groan as Charles went into labor.
  23. 23. Matthew Murry, with Charles’ eyes and hair color, came into the world and mumbled a cry that Charles, having had three children before this one, immediately recognized as one for food. “You have a pretty good appetite, Matthew,” he cooed at the family’s newest addition.
  24. 24. Alan managed to pry their son from Charles’ arms and send his husband to bed. He knew how tired Charles must have been.“Hello there,” Alan said as he held the little baby close to his chest. He heard the little gurgle and it warmed his heart. “Just wait until the kids see you,” he said with a laugh.
  25. 25. The next morning, the three siblings had gotten up and gathered in Madoc’s room. They were still unaware that their little brother had been born the night before, so they happily laughed and gossiped amongst themselves.“And don’t think I didn’t see the two of them make out. Not even one date and her first kiss is gone,” Zillah said to Madoc.
  26. 26. “I can hear you, you know,” Meg said, but with a good-natured smile. “Of course. That’s why I’m saying it here,” Zillah teased.
  27. 27. “Does there need to be some big brother beating of this Grunt kid?” Madoc asked. He held his serious expression for a good two seconds before he and Zillah broke into peals of laughter.“I can take care of myself… losers,” Meg replied with a groan before quitting the game she was playing. “Come on, weirdoes,” she said to her still giggling brother and sister, “let’s get changed. The bus should be here in a half an hour.”
  28. 28. On getting downstairs, the siblings had bumped into Alan who informed them of Matthew’s birth. They all went to go see their baby brother, but Meg ended up wrestling Matthew from the rest of her siblings so she could feed him.She was careful and made sure to support his head. Something about holding Matthew made Meg so happy. She knew, in that moment, she most definitely was a Family sim.
  29. 29. Homework was quickly done as soon as they got home.Zillah watched Meg and Madoc, and, as soon as Madoc had dotted his last ‘i,’ Zillah yelled out to their dads. “We’re done! Can we invite our friends over now?”
  30. 30. The three teens weren’t the only ones to invite people over. Charles also invited some of their neighbors and some of his and Alan’s friends.The Newson, Broke, and Curious famlies made themselves at home in the Murry household, including some teenage flirtation.
  31. 31. “Why are you in your pajamas?” Dusk Curious, Lazlo’s alien abduction child, asked Madoc. “Why not?” Madoc answered with a shrug. “You’re at a party. It’s weird,” she answered.“Guess I’m weird then,” he said with a quirked smile, before he walked past Dusk, who rolled her eyes.
  32. 32. Just as he exited the kitchen area, someone caught his eye.Oh, right. Dusk is here, so of course her cousin is here. Madoc thought to himself as he admired Rai Curious, with whom he shared a few classes at school. “Wow,” he said out loud like he was seeing her for the first time. He swore he heard Beau’s snort of amusement, but ignored it. Rai looked at Madoc with an appraising smile.
  33. 33. “Madoc, right? You sit two seats behind me in English,” Rai said. Madoc nodded wordlessly as he could feel her eyes take in everything about how he looked. Suddenly, he was uncomfortable with his choice of clothing. He cleared his throat. “So,” he added, “considering how we’re both half-alien, I’m not sure how we’ve never talked before. I’m making up for it now. How about a date?”
  34. 34. Rai tilted her head and looked at him. She didn’t say anything for a good half a minute.With no answer, Madoc started to panic a bit. “We can go get burgers or go skating or go watch a movie or—” Rai interrupted his babbling. “I’d love to go on a date with you.” Madoc grinned so wide his cheeks hurt.
  35. 35. Of course, not everything in the house was all romance and fun.“I just fed him,” Zillah muttered to herself as Matthew started crying in her arms. “What do you want now, little guy?” She sighed as Matthew just continued to wriggle uncomfortably in her arms. “Maybe the green cloud of stink is a clue, Zilly,” Meg said, watching from the kitchen entryway. “Oh… yeah… I knew that,” Zillah said with an embarrassed grin.
  36. 36. Zillah was happy to get out of the house and out of baby duty though. Even though it was raining, she played like a little kid again on the community lot playground. Meg tried out the indoor ice skating, but when she fell just from stepping out onto the ice, she seriously reconsidered her decision.
  37. 37. Sometimes, they even went to the neighborhood hangout where they tried out the instruments or sang and were usually joined by some of the townies to form a temporary band. It was all good fun. Generally, their teen years were going smoothly.
  38. 38. For Madoc, it was going even better, in his opinion, after getting his first kiss from Rai.
  39. 39. Even though Rai was a Romance sim, Madoc really loved the time he had with her. Maybe that would change when they got older, but for now they just dated and had fun together.
  40. 40. And as a Romance sim, Rai had been seeing someone else. Madoc knew about it. He didn’t really mind. Beau Broke was a decent guy from what Madoc knew about him.After all, none of them ever said they were exclusive. Madoc just hadn’t found anyone else he liked as much as Rai at the moment.
  41. 41. Matthew’s birthday crept up on the family. They didn’t have a big party and Charles was at work, but the three oldest siblings cheered as loudly as they could as Alan took Matthew to the cake.
  42. 42. A quick blow of the candles later, Matthew grew into his toddler years with an infectious smile.
  43. 43. Meg immediately took charge of playing with Matthew as often as she could. His excited little smile never failed to cheer her up.“Boo!” Meg exclaimed. Matthew giggled and copied her hand motions. “That’s right! Boo!” “Boo!” Matthew copied perfectly.
  44. 44. When Meg wasn’t playing with Matthew, she would make friends with the sims her parents brought home. One such sim was Lazlo, whose laid-back intelligence and soft smile made Meg’s heart beat faster. Even though she was dating Buck, there was something about Lazlo that was so attractive.
  45. 45. Meg knew that Lazlo was like her dads, having carried a baby himself. To get closer to him, she found herself asking about his experiences and hanging on his every word. One day, she had enough of small talk. “Do you want to get coffee?” she blurted out.
  46. 46. “Whoa, hold up there. I’m ten years older than you and you’re still in high school,” Lazlo said, backing up a bit. When he saw Meg’s hurt expression, he sighed. “Look, I’m flattered, but you’re way too young.” Meg cleared her throat and looked down at her feet. “Sorry,” she said so softly Lazlo almost didn’t catch it. He relaxed a little. “It’s okay, Meg. We’ll just be friends, okay?” Meg nodded.
  47. 47. “You can do it, Matt!” Alan exclaimed as Matthew attempted his first steps.The toddler fell a few times, but before he could start to cry, Alan would pick him up and get him to try again. Pride filled Alan’s eyes when Matthew finally and quite steadily walked into his arms.
  48. 48. Now that he had learned to walk, Matthew toddled everywhere, including to his Dad when he wanted attention. Which Charles always gave willingly and with much joy.
  49. 49. Matthew especially had a love for bobbing along to anything Charles sang.
  50. 50. When he wasn’t enjoying music, Matthew was unsuccessfully trying to force blocks into the wrong holes.“You think we should help him out?” Charles once asked as he and Alan stood in the doorway to Matthew’s room. Alan had laughed, shaking his head. “He’s just stubborn,” Alan said. “I wonder where he gets that from?” The two fathers shared a smile.
  51. 51. As the time approached for Madoc to head off to university, he found himself wondering about university life without Rai. Madoc invited his sort-of-girlfriend over the day before he was going to leave. Well, they didn’t get a lot of talking done at first.
  52. 52. “As much as I appreciate the heavy makeout session, want to tell me what’s up with you?” Rai asked as they finally broke apart for air. Madoc found himself fidgeting under her gaze. He made sure to have a bright smile on his face before he continued, but he also felt his palms getting sweaty.
  53. 53. “I’m off to university!” he exclaimed with perhaps a bit too much excitement. Rai looked at him with amusement.“I know it’ll be harder to keep in touch, but I still want to, and we can e-mail and phone and –” he stopped and cleared his throat. “I… just… it would be nice if we still stayed in touch,” he said more softly.
  54. 54. “Well…” Rai said with a grin biting at her lips, “I’m going to be going to university too.”“Really?” Madoc’s eyes went wide. Rai gave him a smile and a good-natured eye roll. “Yes!” he exclaimed with an excited gesture. Rai laughed.
  55. 55. She reached for Madoc’s hand and he gladly interlaced their fingers.“You know I never promise anything,” Rai said, “and we don’t know what’s going to happen in university, but let’s just have fun, yeah?” “Definitely,” Madoc replied.
  56. 56. Madoc arrived at Murry University with excitement racing through him. He thought nothing of having a last name that was the same as his university’s name. He only thought it might be useful to be able to pass off as someone important, if only to get into the campus club without having to queue.
  57. 57. It didn’t take long for other sims to arrive, including Rai and Beau Broke. It also didn’t take long for girls to flirt with Madoc.
  58. 58. Rosa Patel and Georgia Newson both immediately honed in on Madoc, who was flattered at the attention. In high school, he had been popular, but Rai was the only one who had ever gone out with him. “You’ve really grown up well, Madoc,” Georgia Newson said as she leaned in closer. “Hey, I got here first,” Rosa said. Madoc smirked a little. “There’s plenty of me to go around, ladies,” he said confidently.
  59. 59. As he talked up the girls, Madoc tried not to watch Rai and Beau flirt nearby.
  60. 60. Rai and Madoc were one of the firsts to try out the photobooth for a picture.
  61. 61. Madoc cleared his throat as Rai got into the small booth.“Not a lot of room, huh?” he said, trying to laugh it off. Madoc felt his pulse quicken as she practically sat on his lap. “We’ll manage,” she said. Madoc didn’t notice her nervousness.
  62. 62. “Look at us!” Madoc exclaimed as he took out the finished prints. “Your big fat head is always in the way!” Rai joked.“Pfft, I’m photogenic. The camera loves me!” Madoc said before they both broke out into laughter.
  63. 63. Madoc and Rai found time to hang out together between classes.“Those 20 Simoleans are mine, Madoc,” Rai boasted as she lined up her shot. “Not going to happen and you know it,” Madoc fired back. He laughed as she missed.
  64. 64. Madoc went to line up his shot while thinking about how they really had fallen into a comfortable friendship without really making a conscious effort. Rai had been with Beau consistently and hadn’t made any indications she wanted to continue their relationship. Madoc was okay with it in a way. He was glad that she was still his friend in any case.
  65. 65. “Are you going to do something or has your brain expired?” Rai teased. Madoc shook himself from his thoughts and made a successful shot. “Damn, I am just not in this game today. I think I’ll have 20 less by the end of this,” Rai said.“Giving up already?” Madoc asked with a quirked brow. Rai stood up straighter and challenged his look with one of her own, indicating that she was never a quitter.
  66. 66. With Madoc’s wallet 20 Simoleans richer, they settled on the floor to just hang out.Since they shared some of the same classes, they settled into an easy conversation about their professors and assignments. Madoc tried to ignore just how good Rai looked. That shirt wasn’t helping.
  67. 67. “Rai.” Madoc looked up and saw Beau standing over them with a serious expression. “What are you doing?” Beau asked.Madoc was sure he heard some accusation in that voice. He saw Rai’s lips tighten and could tell she had heard the same.
  68. 68. “We’re just talking about classes,” Rai said, not looking at Beau at all. Feeling the tension, Madoc got up. “It’s fine,” he said. “No. You don’t have to leave,” she said firmly.
  69. 69. “I’m pretty tired myself, so I’ll just turn in for the night,” Madoc assured her. Rai paused and looked at him with a penetrating gaze. “Alright. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” she said.
  70. 70. Rai still sat on the floor when Madoc closed the door to his room.“What’s wrong with you, Beau?” she asked stiffly before getting to her feet.
  71. 71. “Come on, babe. It was a harmless question,” Beau said with a disarming smile. “Whatever,” Rai said. “The last thing I need is a boyfriend who’s jealous of my friends.” “I’m not,” Beau argued.“I’m not in the mood, Beau. I’m going to bed.” She turned and left without a second glance.
  72. 72. “So… you know Madoc Murry… like, you two are close?” Georgia Newson asked. “I mean, I heard you two dated in high school.”
  73. 73. Rai sighed good-naturedly. “Yes,” she said, knowing exactly what the other girl wanted. “But you’re with Beau now.”“I’m a Romance sim, Georgia,” Rai stated plainly. At the silence behind her she rolled her eyes. “But Madoc and I aren’t together. We’re just friends.”
  74. 74. “Really?” Georgia said brightly. “Yes,” Rai answered. “That’s great news.”Rai knew what Georgia’s next move would be, but she couldn’t help her heart tightening in her chest.
  75. 75. With her opening, Georgia got exactly what she wanted. And Madoc definitely didn’t complain.
  76. 76. And Georgia wasn’t the only one.
  77. 77. But Madoc also knew to do his schoolwork.He tried not to procrastinate or get distracted and locked himself in his room.
  78. 78. It was harder said than done.Madoc kept staring at the picture hanging nearby.
  79. 79. Luckily, Madoc soon got a call from his dad. It was time to pay home a visit.
  80. 80. Meg cuddled Matthew. “Ready for you big day, little guy?” Matthew didn’t answer. He just snuggled harder.“We get cake this time too,” she said before bringing him out.
  81. 81. Charles was the one to bring Matthew to his cake.Everyone waited as the candles were blown out and Matthew transitioned.
  82. 82. A quick change later, Matthew joined the party.
  83. 83. And he immediately went up to Madoc. Matthew was glad he could see his big brother. “Yeah, kid, university’s good. Wait a bit longer and you can come too,” Madoc said. “Really?” Matthew asked, eyes wide. “In no time,” Madoc assured him.
  84. 84. Matthew also tried his hand at baking. He thought there wasn’t enough cake to go around.However, his first attempt ended in a blackened lump that retained its shape when he accidentally dropped it. Needless to say, no one ate it.
  85. 85. Matthew really felt grown up and independent especially since he had to take the bus on his own back home. However, the sight that greeted him on the sidewalk in front of his house made him roll his eyes.“I… I want to go steady. You’re more beautiful than all the flowers in the world, Meg,” Buck Grunt nervously said to Matthew’s older sister.
  86. 86. “That’s so sweet.”“You’re falling for that?” Mathew retorted. “He’s probably never even seen ALL the flowers in the world.” “Matthew! Sorry, he’s… young.” She gave a sweet smile. “I would love to go steady, Buck.” Matthew couldn’t even watch and made for the house.
  87. 87. He found dancing much more interesting than his sister being mushy with her boyfriend.
  88. 88. Of course, Meg wasn’t the only one who was dating. Zillah had set her eyes on Marcus Baldwin and invited him to the house for a study date. They found the hot tub much more inviting than textbooks.
  89. 89. Which, of course, led to much more.
  90. 90. All this dating resulted in a rather frustrated Charles who didn’t quite know what to do or how to react when he saw his daughters being affectionate with their boyfriends around him. After all, they were his little girls. Why were they growing up so fast?
  91. 91. “You sure you want to go off by yourself?” Zillah asked, not taking her eyes away from her book.
  92. 92. “Yeah,” said Meg. “You want to stay, but I want to go out there and, you know, grow up…” “Meet guys who don’t look at you like you’re a kid anymore?”Meg blushed. Even though she was with Buck, she had been thinking a lot lately and she had to admit she was curious about other guys as well. “No time like the present,” Zillah said with a grin.
  93. 93. “Great idea, Zilly!” Meg got up.With a quick press of some numbers, proving she was more prepared than Zillah thought, Meg excitedly waited for an answer. When she got one, she immediately spoke in her most “grown-up” voice. “I’d like to apply to Murry University!” End Chapter 1.3! (continue on for more info)
  94. 94. Leaving a picture of Matthew during a photoshoot I had. He’s adorable! It’s been ages, literally. I’ve been playing but not writing as I have a gazillion things to write for school.Thank you for reading! I will still continue this as I have gotten pretty attached to this family and its future generations as well. The following slides are just for the Murry children’s stats as well as a little intro for the Curious family.
  95. 95. Both Meg and Zillah grew up this chapter. Meg is Family/Knowledge with a LTW of being Education Minister. Her turns-ons are hardworking and cooking, while her turn-off is formalwear.Zillah is Popularity/Family with a LTW of having 6 Grandchildren (although she’s not good with children right now). Her turn-ons are mechanical and cleaning, while her turn-off is brown hair.
  96. 96. And little Matthew made his appearance! His stats for now: Gemini – 2/10/10/2/10 Hobby: FitnessHis PT parent is different from Madoc and Zillah’s.
  97. 97. Now, onto the Curious girls. They were imported over from a previous neighborhood. They are shown here in their teen forms. Rai, in the red, is the daughter of Pascal Curious. Venus, in the pink, is the daughter of Vidcund Curious. And Dusk, in the sparkly dress, is the daughter of Lazlo Curious.
  98. 98. You’re going?Well, come back to visit the Murry family again. I will try my best to do the same!