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Workshop presentation for defining the marketing strategy for your startup or small business. Think through basic but important questions you have to answer to get your marketing strategy, and don't fall into common traps many businesses do.

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  • Introduction – 15 minutesUnmana Business Participants StudentsNilesh
  • 5 minutes
  • Start by 4:3010 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • “Important” to the customerStart by 4:455 minutes for exerciseTotal – not more than 15 minutes
  • Start by 5 pm10 minutesUnmana
  • 15 minutes
  • Start by 5:2510 minutes break after the exercise
  • 10 minutesStart at 5:40
  • Start at 5:50NileshStart with Markitty example10 minutes
  • By 6 pmNo review
  • 5 minutes
  • Start at 6:2010 minutes
  • Start by 6:3010 minutes for exercise10 for review
  • 6:50
  • Define your marketing strategy

    1. 1. Defining Your Marketing Strategy By Better Marketing Unmana Datta Nilesh Bhojani
    2. 2. Workshop Goals1. Create a marketing strategy that you will execute over the next six months2. Set up marketing objectives and ways to measure performance3. Review your performance and tweak your strategy and tactics
    3. 3. What Is Marketing Strategy?• What is your product/service?• What are its benefits?• Who are your target customers?• Who are your key competitors?• Why you and not a competitor?• How much will you charge for your product?• How will you deliver your product/service?• How will you reach out to customers?
    4. 4. But First...Take a step back.
    5. 5. What Is Your Business Strategy?• Why are you in this business?• What is your vision?• What are your strengths?• What is unique about your product or service?• How will you make money?
    6. 6. Exercise: 1• Describe your product and its benefits in one paragraph• State one most important benefit of your product/serviceTime: 5 minutes
    7. 7. What Is Positioning?• What does your product/service do?• What does it NOT do?• Who are your target customers?• Who are not your target customers?• Where are you placed against competitors? Focus.
    8. 8. Choosing Your Target Market• What do you know about your customer?• What does he/she think, feel, want?• If you don’t know what drives them, how will you sell to them?
    9. 9. Exercise 2• Define your target audience for your most important product: pick just one customer group.Time: 5 minutes
    10. 10. Now Go Back to Exercise 1And update your product/service benefitsbased on the preferences of your targetcustomer group.
    11. 11. Setting Objectives• What is the most important goal for your business right now?• What is the most important goal for your business in the next year?• How do the above translate into measurable targets?
    12. 12. Exercise: 3• Define 3 business objectives for next six monthsTime: 5 minutes
    13. 13. Choosing Marketing ChannelsChannel AttributesWebsite Necessary but not sufficientBlog Great for SEO and if you are good at creating contentFacebook B2C; advertising; exciting products or great contentTwitter B2B; customer service; time-intensiveLinkedIn B2B; sales; personal brandingEmail Great for nurturing or remindersForums Go where your customer isContent Find new audiences – webinars, guest posts, white papersOnline ads Lead generation/sales (measurable actions)PR For innovative products or exciting storiesOffline Go where your customer is Events/PR Ads/flyers/mailers SMS
    14. 14. Caveats• Online-only does not work.• There is no substitute for getting to know your customer and listening to her.• You should have consistent messaging across all channels.
    15. 15. Exercise: 4• Select marketing channels you will focus on in the next 6 months• Define strategy for each marketing channelTime: 5 minutes
    16. 16. Working with Constraints• Budget• Resources – Time – Skills Copywriting Web design Graphic design SEO Communication Responsiveness Business Knowledge Marketing Knowledge Selling Editing Planning Coordination Photography Video Creativity
    17. 17. Exercise: 5Complete your marketing strategy document.Focus on activities you can accomplish givenyour constraints.Time: 10 minutes
    18. 18. Exercise: 6• Discuss your strategy with co-founders or senior members of the company.• Create your marketing plan.• Set up marketing channels identified in the plan.• Start marketing.• Record experiences and achievements.Time: 1 month
    19. 19. Next Session: Measuring Performance• Difference between business and marketing objectives• Aligning business and marketing objectives• Measuring performance• Tools for marketing measurement• Making decisions based on marketing results
    20. 20. Thank You!For more marketing tips from us, or like us is an online tool that offers suggestionsbased on your marketing activities. Check