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Google Places has recently merged with Google Plus, creating a new local listing system called Google Plus Local (or Google+ Local). Now, businesses will be required to have a Google Plus account in order to have a local business listing with them.
In addition, Google has gotten rid of the 5-star customer review system in exchange for a more detailed scoring system, which will impact how your customer reviews are rated.

While this change presents even more opportunities for your local business to generate new customers, it could be very confusing for you as there are some major differences between the two systems.

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Google Plus Local

  1. 1. H o w G o o g le + L o c a l PagesI m p a c t Yo u r B u s i n e s s Click to edit Master subtitle style
  2. 2. What is Google+ Local A Local Business listing center introduced by Google to replace Google Places pages Show up in the search results when consumers search for local products and services Makes it easy for businesses to socialize with their customers and prospects to increase sales Makes it easy for consumers to find local businesses, as well as rate and review their favorite local businesses
  3. 3. What is Google+ Local?Here’s a sample of search engine results when user enters “Los Angeles Caterer” into the search box:
  4. 4. What is Google+ Local? Here’s a sample of a Google+ Local Page:
  5. 5. The Switch from Google PlacesAll former Google Places pages are now Google+ Local pagesA “Local” tab has been added to Google+ so users can easily find local businesses, as well as write reviews and make recommendations
  6. 6. The Switch from Google PlacesThe Zagat review and scoring system has replaced Google’s old 5-star systemGoogle+ Local pages integrate with Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Mobile Maps
  7. 7. Why The Switch?More Dynamic Socialization for Local BusinessesMore Exposure Across All Google Platforms
  8. 8. Google+ Local FeaturesGoogle+ Local Tab in Left Hand Sidebar on Google+ This will take Google+ users to the Google+ Local section to find or review businessesNew Zagat Scoring System 5-Star reviews are gone and now local businesses are rated using the Zagat 30-point scoring system based on consumer feedback
  9. 9. Google+ Local FeaturesAbility to Add Better Photos Businesses can portray what they want consumers to “see” with bigger and better photosRanking and Indexing Google+ Local pages will now be indexed and will show in search resultsPlus 1’s (+1’s) This digital form of “word-of-mouth” will give your business even more relevanceMap Integration A map is included on your Google+ Local page to help your prospects
  10. 10. What Does This Mean for Consumers?Can quickly and easily find local businesses that have what they are looking forCan instantly get place recommendations based on their Google+ circles and other factorsCan get reviews about businesses from people they know and trust in the search resultsCan write reviews of their favorite businesses
  11. 11. What Does Your Business Need to Do?Already Had a Verified Google Places Page? Still manage your page via Google Places for nowDid Not Have a Verified Google Places Page? Can still claim your listing via the Google Places platformDid Not Have a Google Places Page at All? You can crate a page directly through Google+ Local – must join the Google+ network first
  12. 12. What Does Your Business Need to Do?Once Your Page is Fully Setup on Google+ Local… ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE
  13. 13. Thank You for Viewing Our Google+ Local PowerPoint If you would like more information about howGoogle+ Local can help boost your business, contact me today for a free consultation Dan Giordano 561-420-0319