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Inviting to the_way_of_allah_il

  1. 1. INVITING TO THE WAY OFALLAHDIRECTIONS & GUIDELINESA Summary From The Book By Mr. Abdullah Al-Khater (May ALLAH Have Mercy On Him)
  2. 2. OutlineIntroductionWho Should We Carry The Message To?Why Should We Carry The Message?Benefits To Those Who Carry The Message?Two Important StrategiesCharacteristics Of A Successful ConveyorMilestonesBe Careful Of These…
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONThe Sad Reality We Experience Today AsMuslims Is A Direct By-Product Of TheBackwards Mentality, and Laziness WeHave Lived For YearsReturning To Islam Is The Way ToSalvation In The Hereafter, And To DignityAnd Honor In This World
  4. 4. WHO SHOULD WE CARRY THEMESSAGE OF ISLAM TOThose Who Are Muslims, Yet Far AwayFrom Islam (Those Who Only Know FromIslam, Its Name And Looks)Those Whom The Message Of Islam HasNot Reached
  5. 5. WHY SHOULD WE CARRY THEMESSAGE OF ISLAMWe Become Honored To Belong To The BestNation:[Al Imran 110] Ye are the best of peoples,evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right,forbidding what is wrong, and believing inALLAH. If only the People of the Book had faith,it were best for them: among them are some whohave faith, but most of them are pervertedtransgressors.]
  6. 6. … WHY SHOULD WE CARRYTHE MESSAGE OF ISLAMWe Become Excused In Front OfALLAH On The Day Of Judgement: [Araf164] When some of them said: "Why do yepreach to a people whom Allah will destroyor visit with a terrible punishment?"- saidthe preachers:" To discharge our duty toyour Lord, and perchance they may fearHim.".
  7. 7. … WHY SHOULD WE CARRYTHE MESSAGE OF ISLAMA Way To Return To ALLAH & Surrender ToHIMWe Reach A High Ambitious Condition ThatALLAH Praises In the Quran [Furqan 74] Andthose who pray, "Our Lord! Grant unto us wivesand offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes,and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous."The Success Of Societies And Nations
  8. 8. … WHY SHOULD WE CARRY THEMESSAGE OF ISLAMThe (Prophet Peace Be Upon Him Said) “The Similitude OfThose Who Are Upholding The Laws of ALLAH, AndThose Who Are Transgressing Against It Are Like AGroup Of People Who Drew Lots Onboard A Ship So ThatSome Of Them Were On Top And Others Were At ItsBottom. The Ones At The Bottom Of The Ship Had ToPass By Those On Top Whenever They Needed Water. So,They Said: If We Poke a Hole In Our Share, And Do NotBother those on Top! So, If They Leave Them To DoWhat They Want, They Will All Be Destroyed; And IfThey Prevented Them, They will All Survive”. (Narratedby Bukhari).
  9. 9. … WHY SHOULD WE CARRYTHE MESSAGE OF ISLAMIn The Previous Example The Society Is LikeThe Ship: [Mohammed 38] Behold, ye are thoseinvited to spend (of your substance) in the Way ofAllah. But among you are some that are niggardly.But any who are niggardly are so at the expense oftheir own souls. But Allah is free of all wants, andit is ye that are needy. If ye turn back (from thePath), He will substitute in your stead anotherpeople; then they would not be like you!
  10. 10. CONCERN OF THE PROPHET(PEACE BE UPON HIM)The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Usedto Be Concerned About Conveying TheMessage To Such A Degree That ALLAHWas Comforting Him [Cave 6] Thouwouldst only, perchance, fret thyself todeath, following after them, in grief, if theybelieve not in this Message.
  11. 11. BENEFITS IN THE HEREAFTER TOTHOSE WHO CARRY THE MESSAGENarrated by Muslim “Whomsoever Invites ToA Guidance He Shall Have A Reward Similar ToThe Reward Of Those Who Follow This GuidanceWithout Decreasing The Rewards Of Those WhoFollowed. And, Whomsoever Invites To AFalsehood Shall Have A Sin Similar To The SinsOf Those Who Follow This Falsehood WithoutDecreasing The Sins Of Those Who Followed”.
  12. 12. …BENEFITS IN THE HEREAFTER TOTHOSE WHO CARRY THE MESSAGENarrated By Bukhari and Muslim: “ISwear By ALLAH That For ALLAH ToGuide Someone Through You To Islam, ItIs Best For You Than Red Camels”.
  14. 14. First: Comfort Of The HeartBecause Being In A Reactive State IsSaddening And Has Negative Effects On YouPsychological Experimentation Supports ThatIndividuals Who Are Not Working (Even WhenHaving An Income Similar To Others Who Work)Suffer A Lot Of Psychiatric Diseases. Those WhoWork Fulfill A Naturally Created Goal WithinThemselves
  15. 15. Second: LearningA Conveyor (Da’ee) Learns From TheOther People He Is Inviting (Guests):He Learns When He Is Asked and WhenHe Answers BackHe Learns When He Researches WhatHe Does Not Already Know
  16. 16. Third A Conveyor Acquires TheGood Characters Of His Guests:It Is Not A Condition That A ConveyorIs Better Than The Guests In Every Aspect,Small & Big. However, A Conveyor HasTo Resemble What He Is Calling For InOrder For His Guests To Be Convinced OfHis Message
  17. 17. Fourth: Increases In Faith[Mohammed 17] But to those whoreceive Guidance, He increases the (lightof) Guidance, and bestows on them theirPiety and Restraint (from evil).[Cave 13] We relate to thee their story intruth: they were youths who believed intheir Lord, and We advanced them inguidance.
  18. 18. Fifth: It Puts You Under The HumanMicroscopeEveryone Is Watching All Your ActionsSmall And Big:So, Accept The Advice Of Those WhoLove You, AndLearn To Listen To The Criticism Of TheOthers, And Do Not Ignore It
  19. 19. Six: Acquire Characteristics ThatAre Impossible To Gain AloneExample: Self Control, Is Only AcquiredThrough Dealings With Others; ListeningTo Advice; Taking Care Of OthersModern Psychiatric Experiments HasHeaded Towards Treating People InGroups, Where They Can Discover TheirOwn Characters Through Dealing With OneAnother
  21. 21. First: Returning Evil With GoodWhen You Practice This Trait, Your WorstEnemy Changes And Becomes A Dear Friend[Fusilat 34, 35] Nor can goodness and Evil beequal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then willhe between whom and thee was hatred become asit were thy friend and intimate! And no one will begranted such goodness except those who exercisepatience and self-restraint,- none but persons ofthe greatest good fortune.
  22. 22. Second: Choosing The Right Time,Place, And MannerNarrated By Bukhari That Abdullah IbnAbbas (May ALLAH Be Pleased With Both OfThem) Said One To The Other: “Let Me NotFind You Coming To People While TheyAre Busy With A Matter And Start TalkingWith Them About Islam. But Listen, AndWhen They Ask You, Talk To Them WhileThey Are Now Eager To Hear What YouWill Say”.
  23. 23. … Choosing The Right Time, Place,And MannerAbdullah Ibn Masood Used To LecturePeople Every Thursday. One Man ToldHim If He Would Lecture Them Everyday.Ibn Masood Answered That “I Would HateTo Make You Bored, And I Hand AdviceTo You Similar To What The Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) Used To Give UsAdvice In Fear That We Will Get Board”.(Narrated by Bukhari).
  24. 24. … Choosing The Right Time, Place,And MannerEven Though The Prophet (Peace Be UponHim) Was The Greatest Lecturer AndConveyor To People, And The CompanionsWere The Greatest Listeners, The Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) Used To Select SpecificTimes For Lecturing The Companions, AndUsed To Avoid It Continuously In FearThey May Get Bored
  26. 26. First: There Has To Be A DifferenceBetween You And Your Guests[Baqara 247] Their Prophet said to them:"(Allah) hath appointed Talut as king over you."They said: "How can he exercise authority over uswhen we are better fitted than he to exerciseauthority, and he is not even gifted, with wealth inabundance?" He said: "(Allah) hath Chosen himabove you, and hath gifted him abundantly withknowledge and bodily prowess: Allah GrantethHis authority to whom He pleaseth. Allah carethfor all, and He knoweth all things."
  27. 27. … There Has To Be A DifferenceBetween You And Your GuestsA Young Child Is More Willing ToListen To His Parents As He Feels ThatThey Are Superior To Him In Size,Knowledge, And Intellect
  28. 28. Second: You Have To HaveSomething To GiveExperienceKnowledge
  29. 29. Third: You Have To Have A GoodApproachHas To Be Kind In His DeliveryHas To Be Accurate In Selecting TheTime And Place
  30. 30. Fourth: You Have To Be Able ToTake Care Of Others:Be Good GiverFollows Up With Your GuestsGets Closer To Your GuestsInvent New WaysBe Patient When They Harm YouExample Of Abu Bakr (May ALLAH Be Pleased WithHim):– He Used To Ask People “What Tribe Are YouFrom? What Branch Of The Tribe? What FamilyWithin The Branch? Etc.” Until People FeelComfortable To Start Talking To Him.
  31. 31. HadithThe Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Said:“When You Meet Your Brother, Ask HimAbout His Name, And His Fathers’ Name”.
  32. 32. Fifth: You Have To Be PersistentHas The Ability To Follow Through AndContinue His Good WorkSome People Start Hot, And Have All OfThe Previously Mentioned Characteristics;But They Fade away After A Little While
  33. 33. Six: Ability To Lead PeopleIn A Manner (Not By Force) That WillLet Them Listen To YouObedience Has To Come From TheInside Of A Receiving Person Where HeFeels That You Are Indeed A Person WhoCares About Him
  36. 36. 1st Milestone: Postponing(procrastinating):When I Am Finished With College…When I Get Married…When I Am Done Raising My Children…When I Reach A Certain Level Of IslamicKnowledgeHowever, You Are Responsible To Offer WhatYou Have. You Are Not Obligated To GiveRulings, Judgments, or Fatawa’s.
  37. 37. HadithThe Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) OrderedUs To: “Convey On My Behalf Even OneVerse Or Saying”
  38. 38. 2nd Milestone: To Perceive That WeAre Better Than OthersWe Are Muslims And Others Are NotWe Pray And Others Do NotWe Study And Others Do NotWe Attend lectures And Others Do NotWe Avoid Haram Stuff And Others DoNotWe Do Good Deeds
  39. 39. …2nd Milestone: To Perceive ThatWe Are Better Than OthersProblem: When It Comes to Matters Of“Deen”, Then, As A Rule, We Should LookTo Those Who Are Ahead Of UsWhat Do We Think About Non-MuslimsWilling to Take Harm For Just An IdeaThat They Believe In (Whether True OrFalse)
  40. 40. 3rd Milestone: To Believe That WeAre Not CompetentBecause We Have Shortcomings OrBecause Of Our Weak PersonalityWe Are Convinced We Are Not CapableOf Doing Something In the Absence OfGoing Through A Real Life ExperienceWhere We Actually Try And FailGeneral Lack Of Self Confidence
  41. 41. Solutions To Milestone No. 3:Fact: We Have To Realize That People Tend ToPlace Ideals In Front Of Themselves. Then, IfThey Fail To Reach These Ideals, They BecomeDepressedIt Is Unrealistic And Impossible For You ToHave All People Around You Happy With YourSayings And ActionsWhy Don’t We Try For Real So We Can FairlyJudge Ourselves?
  42. 42. … Solutions To Milestone No. 3:We Should Continue To Fix Our ShortcomingsAnd Improve Ourselves, But Yet Continue ToConvey The Message of IslamThere Are Other Means For Conveying IslamBesides Having An Effective Personality:– For Example: Only Some People Can Convey AndTeach Effectively. For Others Who Lack This Talent,They May Be Able To Show Others Places WhereThey Can Get Guidance– Also, They May Be Able To Pass Books AndPamphlets To Others
  43. 43. HadithThe Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Said:“May A High Place In Paradise Be For AnUnkempt, Dusty Slave Who Is Taking TheLead Of His Horse: If He Is At The End OfThe Army, He Is At The End Of The Army;And If He Is Appointed As Guard, HeGuards.”
  44. 44. …RememberWhat We Are Requested To Do Is ToWork To Convey The Message Of Islam,Even If We Were Not At The Forefront OfMattersBeing At The Forefront Of Things CanSometimes Be Harmful, As Well As It MayInfluence Our True Intentions
  45. 45. 4th Milestone: Fear And A SelfWeakness.We May Believe That Being Active In Conveying TheMessage Of Islam Will Bring Us TroubleSolution: We Should Remember That It Is The Way(Sunnah) Of ALLAH To Test Us. These Tests May TakePlace Because We Are Active In Dawa, Or Other ReasonsSuch As Because Personal Matters, Natural Disasters,Wars, Etc.[Al-Ahzab 39] (It is the practice of those) who preach theMessages of Allah, and fear Him, and fear none but Allah.And enough is Allah to call (men) to account.
  46. 46. 5th Milestone: Misinterpretation[Ma-edah 105] O ye who believe! Guardyour own souls: If ye follow (right)guidance, no hurt can come to you fromthose who stray. the goal of you all is toAllah. it is He that will show you the truthof all that ye do.
  47. 47. … MisinterpretationAbu Bakr (May ALLAH Be Pleased With Him)Notices That Some People Are MisunderstandingThis Verse. So, He Told The People During ASpeech, That He Though That They WereMisinterpreting The Verse, And That He HeardThe Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Saying: “WhenPeople See A Person Transgressing And Did NotStop Him, ALLAH Is Near Punishing Them”.(Narrated By Nessa-ie And Abu Dawood WithSound References).
  49. 49. First: Impurities That Spoil OurIntentionsTwo Conditions For Deeds To BeAccepted By ALLAH:– Intention Has To Be Pure For The Sake OfALLAH– The Action Should Follow The Way Of TheProphet (Peace Be Upon Him)
  50. 50. …Impurities That Spoil OurIntentionsWe Should Always Keep In Front Of Our EyesThat The Goal Is Paradise (Al-Jannah). [Al-Tawbah 111] Allah hath purchased of thebelievers their persons and their goods; for theirs(in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight inHis cause, and slay and are slain: a promisebinding on Him in truth, through the Law, theGospel, and the Quran: and who is more faithfulto his covenant than Allah. then rejoice in thebargain which ye have concluded: that is theachievement supreme.
  51. 51. Second: Avoid Biases To CertainPeople, Land, Or GroupThe Origin Is To Follow The Truth ByIts Evidence Rather Than Belonging To AGroup Or Tribe And Blindly FollowWhatever The Group Or Tribe Does
  52. 52. Third: Avoid Partisanship toNationalismOccupation Of The Muslims CountriesHas Left Us With Boarders And Divisions.People Who Invite Others To Islam ShouldAvoid Strengthening These Divisions AndBarriers
  53. 53. Fourth: Avoid Pride And Arrogance:When We Become Active In The FieldOf Dawa To ALLAH, We May Reach APrestigious Status Where We May StartFeeling Proud Of Our Accomplishments, OrBecome Arrogant Towards OthersWe Should Keep Busy With Our OwnFaults Rather Than The Faults Of Others
  54. 54. … Avoid Pride And ArroganceWe Should Avoid Looking At People InA Downwardly Manner. We ShouldInstead Look At Others With AnEmpathetic Manner And Feel Sorry ForThem That They Are Missing The GreatestThing We Have, Which Is Islam
  55. 55. Fifth: PessimismSome Of Us May Initially Fail In Making DawaTo Others, So We May Start Generalizing OurExperience And Believing That Everyone ElseWill Respond To Our Invitation In A Similar AndNegative MannerExample: During The Early Days Of TheMessage, Some Of The Early Companions UsedTo Swear To ALLAH That “Omar Will NotBecome A Muslim, Until The Donkey Of OmarBecomes A Muslim!”
  56. 56. Six: Misinterpretation Of End OfTimes Versus & HadithsThe Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Said: “IslamStarted Strange, And It Shall Come Back Strange;So May ALLAH Grant A Special Place inParadise (Too’bah) To The Strangers”. TheStrangers Are The Ones Who Correct WhatOthers Have SpoiledSome Of Us May Feel Desperate That OurTimes Are Times Of Tribulations And Mischief,And Start Believing That There Is Little We CanDo During These Times To Correct Things
  57. 57. …Misinterpretation Of End OfTimes Versus & HadithsHow Do You Know That Our Times Are In FactThe Times Of The Final Tribulations? There HasBeen Times Of Great Tribulations In The HistoryOf This Ummah. For Example…An Outcast Muslim Group Entered The Haram InMakka, Killed Thousands Of Innocent Muslims,And Moved The Black-Stone Away From TheHouse Of ALLAH For Sixteen Years.The Crusaders Occupied Jerusalem For HundredsOf Years.
  58. 58. …Misinterpretation Of End OfTimes Versus & HadithsThe Future Holds A Lot Of Good News,There Are A Lot Of Good Signs AroundUs, And There Are A Lot Of PositiveProphecies For Islam And The Muslims,Which Are Yet To Happen, That TheProphet (Peace Be Upon Him) Told Us WillTake Place Before The Day Of Judgment
  59. 59. May Allah Bless you All