Your Loving FatherMy Dear Son,Peace be upon you.Now that you have achieved success,thanks to Allah, the Exalted, and reach...
unlimitedinspiration@gmail.comTo my Dear Son…May Allah protect you.Khalid Ibrahim Al-DossaryA Message fromFather to SonTip...
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Father to son latest

  1. 1. Your Loving FatherMy Dear Son,Peace be upon you.Now that you have achieved success,thanks to Allah, the Exalted, and reached the thresholdof a new journey in your life, I, your loving father,would like to share with you some useful advice toilluminate your way during your forthcoming adven-ture.Before I start, let me congratulate youon this joyful occasion of your achievement. You cannotimagine how delighted I am for you. May Allah grantyou success in your professional journey and bring youback to us safely.It is now up to you to work hard todevelop yourself to meet the high expectations of allthose who have placed their trust in you. We areconfident that you will not fail us.Preparingfor your JourneyTravel light. Do not take unnecessary items thatwill overburden you (clothes, kitchenware,spices). When you get there, you will find thateverything that you need is available in storesand supermarkets.Keep the following important telephonenumbers close at hand:My Advice to YouMy Advice to YouMy Advice to YouMy Advice to YouMy Advice to YouMy Advice to YouYour Academic Advisoruniversity clinicLocal policeClose friendsYour family in the KingdomFindinga Place to LiveAs soon as you arrive at your destination, you maystay in temporary accommodation while you searchfor a suitable place to live. Consult your advisor tohelp you find nearby accommodation. The closer theaccommodation to the school, the better and themore secure. If you find a place on campus, take it!If you’re looking for a flat mate, make sure he isreliable and trustworthy. Divide the expenses equallyin everything (rent, food, drinks, etc).Your StudiesConcentrate on your main goal - I am here to study!Tackle each challenge with diligence and enthusi-asm.Contact your academic advisor at the start of theterm to plan your schedule/academic program. Donot hesitate to contact him on any academic matters.His job is to help and guide you on your academicjourney.Follow the advice given to you by the academicadviser.Manage your time wisely and adhere to your sched-ule.Try to do homework and assignments in the library, asthere is no better place to study and learn. Try asmuch as possible not to leave anything for home orapartment.Monitor your cumulative average. Make sure to keepit high. Anything below 2.5 may lead to the termina-tion of your scholarship.Manage your time wisely and adhere to your sched-ule.Balance work and study with regular exercise andmeals. Keep healthy by eating the right food andgoing to bed early.Read the Quran every morning for your day to beblessed. The fajar (dawn) time is the best time forstudying. Take advantage of it.Be proud of being a Muslim. Be yourself.Choose your friends carefully, on the basis of theirgood manners, righteousness, seriousness andpositive attitude towards studying. Do not waste yourtime with careless and frivolous people or those whomay wish to take advantage of you.Seek out well-behaved fellow Muslims to befriend.Remember that Allah is always watching over you. Ifyou disobey Him, your problems might increase andyou will never feel happy.Do not get involved in heatedarguments that may lead toviolence, trouble with authorities,or other negative consequences.Utilize your time effectively and try to read as muchas you can.Visit famous places and tourist attractions to remindyou of the Greatness of your Creator. Stay away fromplaces that are inappropriate or against your Islamicvalues.Exercise moderation in all things. Remember that yourepresent your country as an unofficial ambassadorabroad. Show all your best sidein everything you say and do.Avoid gatherings or partieswhere behaviour forbidden inIslam may take place.Do not allow yourself to be tempted by certainwomen, through whom Satan will lead you awayfrom the path of righteousness toward sin and STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases).Free TimeFriendsPractical MattersOpen a checking account (preferably a free checkingaccount) to deposit your money and for the Companyto transfer your allowances.Safeguard all your important documents; namely,your passport, ticket, license, certificates and yourmoney. Keep several copies of all your documentsjust in case you lose them. By the way, keep somecopies of your national ID card. Consult your advisor inyour location if you need to register with the Saudiembassy upon your arrival or later. Consult him onother matters that might be important. Do not delaythis action.
  2. 2. unlimitedinspiration@gmail.comTo my Dear Son…May Allah protect you.Khalid Ibrahim Al-DossaryA Message fromFather to SonTips on Studying AbroadMy Advice to YouMy Advice to YouMy Advice to YouPractical MattersNever drive without a license. Take your Saudi licensewith you and better yet get an international licensefrom here.Do not violate the traffic regulations or laws of thecountry. This will affect your insurance policy and youmay be deported from the country or your residencemight be revoked if you commit too many full of opportunities and has everything that youneed to succeed in your blessed life, God willing.Personal SafetyDo not go out late at night. If you need to go out atnight, take one of your friends with you. Stay awayfrom areas where crime is common.When you arrive, work on getting a local license.When withdrawing money from ATMs, do this indaylight and not at night. Use ATMs that are in publicplaces such as shopping malls where there are plentyof people. Withdraw only small amounts. Do notshow off cash or luxury items so as not to exposeyourself to theft or injury.Your FaithFear Allah and be conscious of Him in every step youtake. Be with Allah and He will be with you.Fulfil all your Islamic duties without being extreme.Remember to enjoy yourself and relax in ways thatare lawful and consistent with Islam. Do your prayerson time and always remember Allah.Respect the laws of the country so long as they do notclash with your principles, and pay special attention tothe traffic rules.Do not rush into things withoutsound advice. Seek guidancefrom advisors or friends beforeembarking on any plan or project. Do not deceiveyourself by saying that you are old enough to makeyour own decisions. Before taking any decision dotwo Rakat of Istikhar prayers and ask Allah to guideyou toward the best path of action.Do not deviate from the best Way of life, Islam.Remember that you have a loving family waiting foryou and a country that needs you. Your countryMay Allahbless &protect you...My Son,Please take heed of my words of advice, given to youby a father who dearly loves his son and prays toAllah for his safe return.I hope that my words will be of use to you and willalways guide you to success in this life and the Hereaf-ter.I await the day when you will return with your headheld high, proud of your accomplishments.May Allah, Glory be to Him, grant you success. Marchon my son on the Way of righteousness till you realizeyour goals.