Aisha bint abu bakr (5)


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Aisha bint abu bakr (5)

  1. 1. Aishah Bint Abu BakrRadia Allahu ‘anhaPrepared byRuba SkaikIPC
  2. 2. Questions Who was the first among men to embraceIslam?Abu Bakr Al-Sedeeq  Who was the first among women to embraceIslam?Khadeeja Bint Khuwailed  Prophet Mohammed married widows,divorced women except one who was she?Aisha Bint Abu Bakr 
  3. 3. Questions Who was Aisha’s Father Abu Bakr Al-Sedeeq  Mention some of Abu Bakr Al-Sedeeq’s good deeds/ descriptions: The first believer Ateeq (freed from the Fire) His nickname Al-Seqdeeq “The second of the two; when they were in the cave” A number of the most revered Companionsembraced Islam at his hands, name some?
  4. 4. Abu Bakr Al-SedeeqOne of the ten persons given the glad tidings of Paradise1. Abu Bakr Al-Sedeeq2. Omar bin Al-Khattab3. Othman bin Affan4. Ali bin Abi Talib5. Talha bin Obaidellah6. Azzubair bin Al-Awwam7. Abdul-Rahman bin Oof8. Saed bin Abi Waqqas9. Saeed bin Zaid10. Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah
  5. 5. More Questions… Who was the most beloved of Allah’s creationto the Messenger of Allah Aisha bint Abu Bakr Al-Sedeeq  Who was the most beloved of Allah’s creationto the Messenger of Allah  (among men)Abu Bakr Al-Sedeeq 
  6. 6. More About Abu Bakr … He trusted him in religious and worldly matters He deputed him to lead the people in prayer The first to collect the chapters of the Quran in onevolume Fought the apostasy war against those whoapostatized Spent large sums of money in the cause ofpropagating Islam The first to collect the chapters of the Quran in onevolume Fought the apostasy war against those whoapostatized
  7. 7. More Questions… Who was the mother of Aisha Bint Abu Bakr Umm Ruman, God-fearing and virtues woman whodied during the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah  Who were the two supporters for the Prophet at the early stages of revelationHis Uncle Abu Talib,and his wife Khadeejah 
  8. 8. Overview Her Family Year of Sadness Her Marriage The Love prophet  had for Aisha The Affair of the Slander Aisha’s Knowledge
  9. 9. The Affair of the Slander
  10. 10. The Story Banu Al-Mustaliq were preparing to attackMadinah The Messenger of Allah  decided to launch asurprise attack against them He set out with his army He drew lots among his wives (custom) The lot fell to Aisha  She climbed her howdah and set out with him
  11. 11. Cont… The two armies met and the battle ended indefeat for them and victory for the Muslimarmy During they way back, the army stopped torest, Aisha  left the camp to answer the callof nature then to search for her necklace The Messenger of Allah  decided to go on,the men responsible for raising the howdahdidn’t recognize her absence
  12. 12. Cont… She was alone in an empty place, she decided toremain where she was till they come and fetch her While she was sleeping one of the companions“Safwan bin Al-Mu’attal” passed by her, he said: “ToAllah we belong and to Him shall we return! It is thewife of the Messenger of Allah ” She covered her face, and didn’t speak a word, hebrought the camel and asked her to mount the camelbut did not catch up with them till the following day
  13. 13. Cont… When they reached Madinah hypocritesaccused Aisha  and Safwan  People in Madinah were divided into fourgroups about the story of the Slander. The first, which was the majority, neitherbelieved such incident nor denied whatpeople were saying; most of them have keptto their silence.
  14. 14. Reaction People of the second group, who were aminority, strongly denied this hideous lie andcould never even accept it. For example: Abu-Ayyub Al-Ansari  wasasking his wife if she would have done such athing if she had been in Aisha’s place; Sheswore by Allah that she would never havedone it; he told her then that Aisha wouldnever do it too, since Aisha – being theProphet’s wife and thus a mother to all thebelievers - is surely better.
  15. 15. Reaction People of the third group had nearly the sameattitude as those of the first one, except thathere they helped this scandal to spread. This was either through talking a lot and evenwriting poetry about it, e.g. Hassan Ibn-Thabit, or through talking ill about Aisha, e.g.Mistah Ibn-Uthatha and Hamna Bint-Jahsh,who was the sister of the Prophet’s wifeZainab Bint-Jahsh and who always knew thatZainab was second favored after Aisha to theProphet . 
  16. 16. Hypocrites behind the Slander People of the fourth group, who were thereason and the origin of this whole thing toarise and then spread, were of course thehypocrites of Madinah. It is said that the one who carried most of theslander mission was Abdullah IbnUbai Ibn-Salul.
  17. 17. Aisha Situation Aisha said that she kept weeping for twowhole nights and a day continuously andcould never sleep until she thought her liverwould burst from weeping. The Prophet  andAisha really suffered; besides, the DivineRevelation did not come to the Prophet  for awhole month.
  18. 18. The Prophet Mohammed  Status the Prophet  asked Barira, Aisha’s slave, ifanything aroused her suspicion about Aisha.Barira denied and swore by Allah on that. He  asked his wife Zainab the same thing,she swore that she knew nothing about Aishaexcept good.
  19. 19.  At this point, the Prophet  felt that anotherstep should be done. Meanwhile, he  canneither resort to violence by all means, norcan he  go to people and tell them that hiswife is innocent because there is no Qur’anicayah was revealed to support him; i.e. notangible evidence whatsoever.
  20. 20.  Anyway, the Prophet (SAWS) stood on thepulpit and faced to the people saying, “OMuslims! Who will help me against a man( i.e. Ibn-Salul) who has hurt me byslandering my family? By Allah, I knownothing except good about my family. Andpeople have blamed a man (i.e. Safwan) ofwhom I know nothing except good, and henever used to visit my family except withme”.
  21. 21. Aisha Telling the Story Aisha said, “on that day I kept on weeping AllahsMessenger came to us, greeted, and sat down. Hehad never sat with me since the day when what wassaid was said. He had stayed a month withoutreceiving any Divine Revelation concerning my case. "Thereafter, O Aisha! I have been informed such andsuch a thing about you; and if you are innocent, Allahwill reveal your innocence, and if you have committeda sin, then ask for Allahs forgiveness and repent toHim, for when a worshiper of Allah confesses his sinand then repents to Allah, Allah accepts hisrepentance".
  22. 22. Cont.. When Allahs Messenger finished hisspeech, my tears ceased completely sothat I no longer felt even a drop thereof.Then I said to my father, "Reply toAllahs Messenger on my behalf as towhat he said". He (i.e. her father Abu-Bakr) said, "By Allah, I do not knowwhat to say to Allahs Messenger".
  23. 23. Cont.. Then I said to my mother, "Reply to AllahsMessenger". She said, "I do not know whatto say to Allahs Messenger". Still a young girl as I was and though I hadlittle knowledge of Qur’an. I said, "By Allah, Iknow that you heard you have believed it. Sonow, if I tell you that I am innocent, and Allahknows that I am innocent, you will not believeme; and if I confess something, and Allahknows that I am innocent of it, you will believeme.
  24. 24.  By Allah, I cannot find of you an exampleexcept that of Yusuf’s father :‫ن‬َ ‫فنو‬ُ‫نو‬ ‫ص‬ِ‫ُف‬ ‫ت‬َ ‫م ا‬َ ‫ل ى‬َ ‫ع‬َ ‫ن‬ُ‫نو‬ ‫ع ا‬َ ‫ت‬َ ‫س‬ْ‫َت‬ ‫م‬ُ‫نو‬ ‫ل‬ْ‫َت‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ه‬ُ‫نو‬ ‫ل‬ّ‫ه‬ ‫وال‬َ ‫ل‬ٌ ‫ملي‬ِ‫ُف‬ ‫ج‬َ ‫ر‬ٌ ‫ب‬ْ‫َت‬ ‫ص‬َ ‫ف‬َ  “So patience is most fitting. And it is AllahWhose Help can be sought against that (lie)which you describe”
  25. 25.  Aisha continued, “Then I turned away and layon my bed, and at that time I knew that I wasinnocent and that Allah would reveal myinnocence. But, by Allah, I never thought thatAllah would sent down a Divine Revelationthat would be recited (forever), as Iconsidered myself too unworthy to be talkedof by Allah with something that was to berecited
  26. 26. The Affair of the Slander “Verily, those who brought forth the slanderare a group among you. Consider it not a badthing for you. Nay, it is good for you. To everyman among them will be paid that which hehad earned of the sin, and as for him amongthem who had the greater share therein, hiswill be a great torment.”
  27. 27. Leasons Hypocrites intention to harm the Messengerof Allah by accusing his wife  Whatever harmed Aisha  would hurt him  No one should accuse any Muslim ofcommitting adultery without evidence. Disciplining the Believers for spreading theSlander The punishment for the people who spreadthe slander.
  28. 28. Aisha’s Knowledge Scholar of Islamic Jurisprudence with a broadknowledge of Hadeeth Urwah bin Al-Zubair said: “ I have not seenanyone with greater knowledge of Quran or itsobligations or the lawful and the unlawful, or thepoetry or the sayings of the Arabs or the genealogythan Aishah” She narrated 2210 Hadeeth
  29. 29. The End