Summer 2008 Road Trip


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Three weeks, 7,000 miles. Austin to Seattle and back.

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Summer 2008 Road Trip

  2. Kansas farmland
  3. Kansas homestead
  4. Sand Hills, central Nebraska
  5. North Loup River, central Nebraska
  6. Gas station near Badlands National Park, S.D.
  7. Entering the Badlands in southwestern South Dakota
  8. Badlands National Park, S.D.
  9. Badlands National Park, S.D.
  10. Badlands National Park, S.D.
  11. Badlands National Park, S.D.
  12. Badlands National Park, S.D.
  13. Q: Why did the buffalo cross the road?
  14. George letting off steam
  15. Devil’s Tower, northeastern Wyoming
  16. Devil’s Tower, northeastern Wyoming
  17. Target practice somewhere in northwestern South Dakota
  18. Farmland in western North Dakota
  19. Prairie land, Theodore Roosevelt N.P. North Unit, North Dakota
  20. Little Missouri River,Theodore Roosevelt N.P. North Unit, North Dakota
  21. Theodore Roosevelt N.P. North Unit, North Dakota
  22. Theodore Roosevelt N.P. North Unit, North Dakota
  23. Nice aim…
  24. Northeastern Montana
  25. Havre (pronounced have-er ) Montana
  26. Outside my motel room in Havre
  27. Farmland in northern Montana
  28. Northern Montana
  29. Galata Montana (sadly I did not stay here)
  30. A closer look at the sign
  31. View from my motel room, Glacier National Park, Montana
  32. Alpine lake, Glacier National Park
  33. Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
  34. North Cascades National Park, Washington
  35. Puget Sound, Seattle (Olympic Mountains in the background)
  36. The Ballard neighborhood in Seattle
  37. Flowers in Ballard
  38. Sunset on the Puget Sound
  39. The fish market, Seattle
  40. The Space Needle, Seattle (Pascale)
  41. Ferry from Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula (Pascale)
  42. View of Olympic Mountains from Hurricane Ridge, Olympic N.P.
  43. Panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains
  44. Olympic National Park (Pascale)
  45. Mt. Olympus (background), Olympic N.P.
  46. Rain forest, Olympic N.P. (Pascale)
  47. Olympic National Park (picture by kind stranger)
  48. Forest trail, Oregon coast (Pascale)
  49. Forest flora, Oregon coast (Pascale)
  50. Aquatic growth, Oregon coast
  51. More aquatic growth
  52. Mussels on the Oregon coast (Pascale)
  53. Nap time on the Oregon coast
  54. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (that’s a person on the beach) (Pascale)
  55. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (Pascale)
  56. Southern Oregon coast
  57. Southern Oregon coast
  58. Southern Oregon coast (Pascale)
  59. Central Nevada (Pascale)
  60. Flowers in central Nevada
  61. Arriving in Austin… Nevada
  62. Downtown Austin, Nevada (Pascale)
  63. St. Augustine Catholic Church in Austin (Pascale)
  64. Great Basin National Park, eastern Nevada
  65. Great Basin National Park
  66. View from Great Basin National Park
  67. Bryce Canyon National Park, southern Utah
  68. Bryce Canyon National Park
  69. Bryce Canyon National Park
  70. “ Nevermore.”
  71. Southern Utah
  72. Capitol Reef National Park, Utah (Pascale)
  73. Capitol Reef National Park
  74. Canyonlands National Park, Utah (Pascale)
  75. Canyonlands National Park (Pascale)
  76. Canyonlands National Park
  77. Canyonlands National Park
  78. Arches National Park, Utah (Pascale)
  79. Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
  80. Delicate Arch, Arches National Park (that’s us)
  81. Landscape Arch, Arches National Park (Pascale)
  82. Arches National Park
  83. Moon rising above Balanced Rock, Arches N.P.
  84. Colorado River, eastern Utah
  85. The new Denver Art Museum (left)
  86. New Mexico sky