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WUC Panama

  1. 1. Considering the Advantages of Distance LearningDespite the fact that the demand for education is increasing, it is rather unfortunate that fewerresources are being made available to fund educational institutions. Colleges and universities arenevertheless coming up with innovative methods for disseminating education to more people atlower costs. Distance learning is one of the most successful strategies that learning institutionsare using to this end.Distance learning is a form of learning where instructors are separated from their students byspace. For example, instructors based at a West Coast University Panama can tutor their studentsbased in various locations around the world. Various forms of information technology bridge thegap between the students and their West Coast University-based instructors.More often than not instructors and students engage in one-on-one interactions in real-time. Theclasses are arranged such that the instructors at the West Coast University, according to thisexample, are able to communicate with their students wherever they say via video links or highspeed internet. Students can ask questions of their teachers and even participate in discussions.Some universities in however require students to report to their campuses for brief durations totake exams. These universities in may want to examine all their students under supervision.Distance learning has caught on in many parts of the world and learners are benefitingimmensely from the flexibility and adaptability it offers. The main attraction of distance learningis that people can enroll in universities in from anywhere in the world without necessarilytraveling to the physical location. Indeed, people in remote locations around the world can nowhave access to the quality education provided by universities.Distance education is definitely a lifeline for people who want to obtain college diplomas whileworking fulltime; its certainly impractical for someone to enroll in a fulltime college whileholding a job and looking after his/her family and other obligations. With distance learning busypeople can access education from the comfort of their homes or distance learning centers a shortdrive away. Distance learning does not require full time commitment and so people canconveniently fit classes around their regular schedules.Since learning institutions spend less money on distance learning programs they pass thesebenefits to students by charging lower fees as compared to the fees paid by regular students. Inaddition, students get to save the monies that theyd have spent on transport to campus, mealsand accommodations.About the AuthorFor more information West Coast University Panama please visithttp://www.westcoastuniversity.edu.pa/