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West Coast University Panama


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West Coast University of Panama is a globally recognized autonomous university that offers both professional and vocational study through accredited study centers.

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West Coast University Panama

  1. 1. A Recollection of How the Internet Has Revolutionized the Way We LearnNew modes of learning continue to challenge the traditional approach to college education. Theadvancements in information technology that have occurred in the last couple of decades havereally changed the way we approach education. In the past, if you got admission to say a WesternCoast university, youd have to travel to the university West Coast, take up residence on campusor in nearby hostels, and attend lectures in the university West Coast lecture halls. Lecturerswould teach from lecterns in front of the class and you would write term papers in the universitylibrary or other study venues.If you didnt want to travel to the West Coast you had one alternative in the form ofcorrespondence learning whereby youd be receiving instructional packages from the West CoastUniversity Panam through your mail. Learning by correspondence was problematic because ofthe time it took to mail material back and forth and not to mention the occasional loss ofpackages. In addition, feedback was very slow and there was practically no one-on-oneinteraction between the learner and the teacher.Fast forward to today and we now have great e-learning opportunities made possible by theinternet. Nowadays you dont have to travel to a Western Coast university if you dont want tobecause you can take its courses online from anywhere in the world.Access to the internet is growing by the day and the speed of data delivery is also increasing at avery high rate. This level of advancement has created a virtually perfect platform for e-learningto take place. Learners from any location in the world can now receive instruction from teachersstationed at a university West Coast in real-time. Learners can also easily access plenty oflearning materials through the internet at the click of a button. Many of the leading publishershave been publishing books in soft copy for quite a while now and these books are easily andaffordably available to people taking online courses.Online education is very popular especially with the younger generation which is morecomputer-savvy. Many young upwardly mobile people are now working and studying at thesame time. Compared to normal classroom learning, online learning has quite a few advantages.One advantage is that you dont have to attend classes in a lecture hall and therefore you donteven have to travel all the way to the university West Coast in which you have enrolled.Secondly, youll have a very flexible study schedule that wont interfere with your day to dayactivities. You can also take advantage of the hot spots that you can find in places like airports todo a bit of reading as you wait for a flight. Even assignments are much easier to do. You donthave to go to your Western Coast university library to access books because you can do soonline.About the AuthorFor more information West Coast University Panama please visit