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Germ Warfare Presentation Y Gamble 052709


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The Realities of the H1N1 Virus. Where did the threat come from?

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Germ Warfare Presentation Y Gamble 052709

  2. 2. SWINE FLU VIRUS (H1N1)<br />Where Did I come From? <br />We do not know.<br />Do you have a vaccine?<br />No.<br />Where is your antidote?<br />There is not one at present.<br />CAN YOU STOP ME? <br />Not at present time.<br />
  3. 3. Straws In The Wind<br />From Mexico to China <br />in 20 days<br />&quot;It really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic,&quot; said WHO Director General Margaret Chan.<br /> &quot;We do not have all the answers right now but we will get them.&quot; <br />
  4. 4. Where Does the Threat Come From?<br />December 2008 Senate Investigative Committee headed by Senator Bob Graham reported to Obama administration that we could expect a nuclear or biological terror attack before 2013<br />H1N1 was purported to have been genetically manufactured. Allegations denied by US and WHO.<br />
  5. 5. United States of America is Ready to Defend Against Any Attack<br />The new FORT DETRICK 160,000 square foot laboratory in Maryland<br />Biological Weapons Production<br />Official FBI Statement <br />
  6. 6. GERM WARFARECan It? Will It? WHEN?!!<br />YES IT CAN<br />IT IS THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP IN WAR<br />WITHIN THE NEXT 4 YEARS<br />Official FBI Statement <br />
  7. 7. International Community Participates<br />Stem Cell Research Ban Lifted<br />New Fort Detrick<br />BIOTECH ROLE IN GERM WARFARE<br />Official FBI Statement <br />
  8. 8. US Biodefense Program <br />Three Government Projects<br />“The Pentagon produced a genetically enhanced form of Bacillus anthracis in order to test the efficiency of the anthrax vaccine used by the military. ”<br />“Pentagon researchers constructed a germ production facility using commercially available materials in order to determine whether a terrorist organization could do the same without being detected. ”<br />“CIA, built and tested a model of a Soviet cluster bomb designed to disseminate bacterial agents. ”<br />Cluster Bomb<br />Official FBI Statement <br />
  9. 9. US Aerosol Facilities <br />“CIA, aerosol testing Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center in MD. Edgewood has two aerosol facilities of enormous size: the one for spray dispersion testing is 70 cubic meters; the one for explosive testing is 155 cubic meters.” <br />“Aerosol work is also being conducted by Sandia National Laboratories (part of DOE) at an undisclosed location, very probably DOE’s Nevada test site, in one or more underground facilities. The program is studying dose/response, agent survivability and potency as a function of environment and time, and developing &quot;source term models of material released--the dispersal method, the agent type, the amount of agent and its state (gaseous, particulate or both), the size distribution and how the source varies over time.”<br />Dispersal Method<br />Official FBI Statement <br />
  10. 10. US Weaponized Anthrax<br /> “US Army manufactures weaponized anthrax in small quantities for defensive purposes. The anthrax was produced in a dry form and had a high concentration and small particle size. These traits increased its lethality considerably .” <br />Anthrax in Lungs<br />Official FBI Statement <br />
  11. 11. Anti-Microbial Drugs<br /> “At Ibis Therapeutics, subsidiary of southern California Isis Pharmaceuticals scientists develop a new class of anti-microbial drugs designed to treat infectious bacteria genetically altered to resist treatment.” <br />How It Works<br />Identify structures in RNA common to all species of bacteria but absent in mammals. <br />Identified RNA structures would assist production of a drug that will bind to the RNA and the bacteria regardless of modification.<br />Drug will destroy bacteria without harm to humans or animals. <br />
  12. 12. “Designer Biology” <br /> “Egea, San Diego based biotech scientists develop “designer biology” technology. ” <br />Their Work<br />Splices DNA to create new molecules; <br />They also identify the genetic structure of engineered bacteria. <br />
  13. 13. The Big “IF”<br /> “Nanogen, a southern California biotech firm develops tools for analyzing genes. The Army has provided them funding to develop a portable “lab on a microchip” device to detect biological or chemical warfare agents.” <br />Nanogen co-founder Michael Heller, a UCSD professor of bioengineering added these words “We have to look at all the ways terrorists can approach us, every weak-link scenario, and we have to cover it all,&quot; Heller said. &quot;And technologically, we are equipped to handle it.&quot; <br />The Model<br /> The big ‘IF’ is identification. <br />If we identity the organism we can synthesize an antibody, a vaccine. <br />
  14. 14. 10 Million Years Later<br /> After 10 million years as bio-beings what have we learned?<br />…we have learned how to make big bombs, <br />… make hand weapons that fire off multiple rounds and can split a man in half, <br />…how to press a red-button and wipe out whole populations,<br />…we have learned how to put total population annihilation on the tip of a straight pen or pass it along on an undetectable microchip,<br />THE SAD IRONY<br />What we have failed to understand is that life exists only because other life exists. Destroy one and you destroy the other.<br />What we have yet to learn is how to live harmoniously with one another, with nature and with the earth. <br />
  15. 15.
  16. 16. LITERATURE and RESOURCES CITED <br /><br /><br /><br />Fort Detrick Current Expansion, President Bush Archive, wrote April 28, 2004, Bush Homeland Security Presidential Directive, HSPD-10.<br />Genentech Archive, To:, Subject: Biotech Companies Focusing On Germ-warfare Remedies, From: Rick Roush &lt;;Biotech Companies Focusing On Germ-warfare Remedies Copley News Service, September 28, 2001<br /><br />U.S. Senator Bob Graham Chair, December 1, 2008, Report from Bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism<br />