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Some Words


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some words to think about.

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Some Words

  1. 1. It Is Exactly 当前时刻为 07:28
  2. 2. Picture : orchids of Vietnam 图片:越南 - 兰花 Music : Automne Rose 音乐:飘落的玫瑰
  3. 3. Never deprive anyone of hope; it could be the only thing a person ow n. 勿剥夺任何人的希望,因为那可能是他唯一拥有的。
  4. 4. Don’t make decisions when you are angry. 不要在生气的时候做决定。
  5. 5. Watch your posture. 注意你的仪态。
  6. 6. Don’t pay for a job until it’s finished. 不要在一份工作未完成前付出报酬。
  7. 7. Terespópolis Beware of who has nothing to lose 。 要当心那些铤而走险的人。
  8. 8. Learn how to say “No” courteoulsy and promptly . 要学会如何礼貌而迅速的说“不”。
  9. 9. Don’t expect life to be fair. 不要期望生活永远公平。
  10. 10. Don’t hesitate to lose a battle if it helps you win the war. 如果一次失败的交战能帮你赢得整个战争的胜利,那就不要害怕失败。
  11. 11. Don’t procrastinate. Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. 不要迟疑,在需要的时候做需要的事!
  12. 12. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” and “I’m sorry”. 不要害怕说“我不知道”和“对不起”。
  13. 13. Watch the sun rise at least once a month. 每个月至少看一次日出。
  14. 14. Look people in the eye. 直视他人的眼。
  15. 15. Say “please” and “thank you” often. 要经常说“请”和“谢谢”。
  16. 16. Do what you really like to do. 做你真正想做的事情。
  17. 17. Do onto others as you wish others did onto you. 己所欲,施于人。
  18. 18. Learn how to keep secrets. 学会保守秘密。
  19. 19. Own up to your mistakes. 承认自己的错误。
  20. 20. z. Always tell the truth. 要永远诚实。
  21. 21. Don’t repeat all you hear, don’t say all you think. 不要重复你全部听到的,也不必把你所有的想法说出来。
  22. 22. Don’t criticize people, praise them. 不要批评人,要赞扬他人 .
  23. 23. Learn how to listen, it’s an art. 倾听乃艺术。
  24. 24. Don’t believe all you hear. 勿全信他人之言。
  25. 25. Enjoy beauty. 欣赏美。
  26. 26. Choose your spouse well, most of your happiness depends on it. 认真选择伴侣,你的幸福很大程度上决定于此
  27. 27. Don’t lose control at any time; take a deep breath 不要失控,深呼吸 …
  28. 28. You are the way you breathe. 你的生活态度决定了你自身
  29. 29. Meditate for thirty minutes every day. 每天冥思 30 分钟。
  30. 30. Enjoy your free time! 尽情享受自由时间!
  31. 31. Phragmipedium Cardinale Cherish your friends. 珍惜朋友。
  32. 32. Be honest, earn people’s respect. 以诚实来赢得他人的尊重。
  33. 33. You have the right to be happy! 你有快乐的权利!
  34. 34. Shed hate and rancour, they hurt you more than they do others. 不要有仇恨,害人终害己。
  35. 35. There are things you can’t get back: the spoken word, the time that has gone by, and lost opportunities. 说出去的话,流逝的时间,失去的机会, 这些东西将不能挽回:
  36. 36. Do only one thing at a time. 一次做好一件事。
  37. 37. Immortality exists, it’s called knowledge. Ask what you don’t know and remember it for when you’re asked. 有一样事物是永恒的,他是知识。向他人请教不懂的知识,并牢记它以备运用。
  38. 38. Discover pleasure in simple things: eating, breathing, walking, tasting, touching, seeing, sleeping… 吃饭,呼吸,行走,品尝,触摸,观察,睡觉。。。 学会在这些简单的事物中发现快乐:
  39. 39. Happiness is like a piggy-bank, put in it as much as you can . 幸福就像一个储蓄罐,尽可能得将它填满
  40. 40. One day you will be able to go over what you discarded and die laughing ….. 总有一天你会重温你所经历的并笑着去另一个世界 … ..   愿上苍保佑你