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The Future of Connected Games: Unity and Google Cloud


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From connected single-player to real-time multiplayer, are you ready to explore the spectrum of connected games? See how you can utilize Unity and the cloud to build and scale games to serve a global audience.

Micah Baker (Google Cloud)
Brandi House (Unity Technologies)

Published in: Software
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The Future of Connected Games: Unity and Google Cloud

  1. 1. The Future of Connected Games: Unity and Google Cloud Micah Baker Product Manager Google Cloud Brandi House Product Manager Unity
  2. 2. Connected games
  3. 3. of the top played Steam games are connected games Most Played of the top watched Twitch games are connected games Most Watched of the top grossing Google Play apps are connected games Most Rev Gen Connected Games are the Most Successful 87% 90% 90%
  4. 4. “Connectedness” ⬆ = Engagement (Content, Gameplay) ⬆ = Success (Retention, Monetization) ⬆ Connected Games are the Most Successful
  5. 5. Connected Games “Levels” Incentives/Rewards Competition/Cooperation People Interaction Game State Mgmt L1 L2 Real-time MP Tech L3 L4 Community vs Toxicity Persistent World Tech “Dynamic Single Player” “Turn-based Multiplayer” “Real-Time Multiplayer” “Persistent Game Spaces”
  6. 6. Retention: Players peek through the door, but they rarely step inside. L1: Dynamic Single Player
  7. 7. Keep your eye on the prize... Incentives
  8. 8. Can’t stop. There’s another cat just above me. Competition
  9. 9. Cooperation With our powers combined...
  10. 10. See L1 + People Interactions Async Multiplayer Tech Cheat Detection / Prevention L2: Turn-based Multiplayer
  11. 11. Humans are messy…. People Interactions and sometimes need help communicating.
  12. 12. Async Multiplayer Tech
  13. 13. Cheat Detection / Prevention Detect: Prevent: What are you doing...
  14. 14. See L1+L2 ++ Real-Time Multiplayer Tech Toxicity vs Community L3: Real-Time Multiplayer The-Cat-House - DeviantArt
  15. 15. Real-time Multiplayer Tech The Co-operatives
  16. 16. Real-timeMultiplayerTech
  17. 17. Community vs Toxicity Some say it’s like herding cats... Chat/emotes Clans/Guilds Forums / offline chat Player Management
  18. 18. See L1+L2+L3 ++ Persistent World Tech L4: Persistent World ©2013-2018 metalparts
  19. 19. Meta Servers Patch Server Database / Sync More... Persistent World Tech
  20. 20. Summary of Challenges Incentives/Rewards - novelty, balance, individualization, schedule Competition/Cooperation - ID, shared stats, cheating, notification People Interaction - Friends: invites, chat; Strangers: filtering/emotes, skill matching Game State Mgmt - latency tolerance, frequency, reliability, client authority / cheating L1 L2 Real-time MP Tech - speed/QoS, core networking, cheating, cost L3 L4 Community vs Toxicity - forums, clans (self mgmt), player management Persistent World Tech - meta servers, patch servers, sharding, data synchronization, more...
  21. 21. The Path Forward Quality Accessibility Scalable Flexible Fast/performant Reliable Cost-down Usability
  22. 22. Micah Baker Product Manager Google Cloud Power Up Your Connected Games Google Cloud
  23. 23. Open Build your game your way Secure Protect your game and data Innovative New solutions for new problems Scalable Performant, reliable and cost effective scale Google Cloud
  24. 24. Connected games need cloud infrastructure L4 Connectedness Infrastructure L3 L2 L1
  25. 25. Cloud Infrastructure & Extended Services Development Environment & Managed Services Google Cloud
  26. 26. ● Global game databases ● Innovative AI/ML models ● Connected game services Innovate ● Launch coordination ● Capacity planning ● Fast game server scaling ● Operations monitoring Launch ● Dynamic game content ● Improved matchmaking ● Game analytics Engage Google Cloud + Unity power connected games
  27. 27. How should I design my game? Rethink global. Google Cloud
  28. 28. I want to use more... Machine Learning. Google Cloud
  29. 29. Machine learning is... ● One branch of the field of Artificial Intelligence ● A way of solving problems without explicitly codifying the solution ● A way of building systems that improve themselves over time
  30. 30. Games built Google ML
  31. 31. Google “applied learning” projects
  32. 32. Applying ML to gaming Testing and QA bots In game chat translations Player assistance Fraud & cheat detection Finding a good match Tracking player toxicity
  33. 33. Google is... Democratizing ML. Google Cloud
  34. 34. Challenge accepted... Launch&Scale Get Help Build Innovate L1: Dynamic Single Player L2: Turn-based Multiplayer L3: Real-time Multiplayer Session-Based L4: Persistent World Real-Time
  35. 35. On the horizon... 42 Brandi House Product Manager Unity
  36. 36. 43 Dedicated Game Servers ● Hosting and Scaling ● Runtime ● Deploying and Sharing ● Monitor and Debug
  37. 37. 24x7x365 Support Personal Account Management Hundreds of games launched Host and Scale with Multiplay and GCP Dedicated Game Servers Premium Support Rapid scaling for your game, driven by player demand Zero Downtime patching Health and Uptime management Powerful Tech Hybrid blend of Cloud and Bare Metal Global scale for your launch Cost optimized solutions Flexible Infrastructure
  38. 38. Optimizing Unity Headless Linux Runtime Dedicated Game Servers Time for a diet...
  39. 39. Deploy and Share Tools with Cloud Build Dedicated Game Server
  40. 40. Monitor and Debug in Dev Dashboard Dedicated Game Servers
  41. 41. 48 Networking ● ECS-compatible Transport Layer ● FPS “Archetype”
  42. 42. 49 Matchmaking ● OSS Project with GCP ● Unity Managed Service
  43. 43. Flexible foundations Matchmaking
  44. 44. Beyond the horizon... 51 ● Player Auth/ID ● Friends/Invites/Parties ● Game state management ● Player economy / rewards ● … tell us what you need!
  45. 45. Unity and Google Alliance 52 Unity: ○ Accessible Game Dev Tools and Workflows ○ Multiplay orchestration Google: ○ Massive scale cloud services and infrastructure ○ Flexible and Open
  46. 46. Questions? 53