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Personal selling & sales management

  1. 1. Learning Objectives: Chapter 17 Personal Selling and Sales Management 1. Define personal selling. 2. Explain the roles of personal selling. 3. List the three categories of personal selling. 4. Describe five major personal selling strategies. 5. Explain the steps in the sales process. 6. Describe the seven possible strategies for closing sales.
  2. 2. Learning Objectives: Chapter 17 Personal Selling and Sales Management 7. Define sales management and explain its functions. 8. Describe the characteristics of the successful salesperson. 9. Describe the contents and role of the sales plan. 10.Explain the four characteristics of personal selling in the hospitality and travel industry.
  3. 3. Definition of Personal Selling Personal selling involves oral conversations, either by telephone or face-to-face, between salespersons and prospective customers.
  4. 4. Roles of Personal Selling a. Identifying decision makers, decision processes, and qualified buyers b. Promoting to corporate, travel trade, and other groups c. Generating increased sales at the point of purchase d. Providing detailed and up-to-date information to the travel trade e. Maintaining a personal relationship with key clients f. Gathering information on competitors’ promotions
  5. 5. Three Categories of Personal Selling a. Field sales b. Telephone sales c. Inside sales
  6. 6. Five Major Personal Selling Strategies 1. Stimulus response 2. Mental states 3. Formula 4. Need satisfaction 5. Problem solving
  7. 7. Steps in the Sales Process 1. Prospecting and qualifying prospective customers:  Blind prospecting  Cold calling or canvassing  Sales blitz  Lead prospecting 2. Preplanning prior to sales calls:  Pre-approach  The approach
  8. 8. Steps in the Sales Process 3. Presenting and demonstrating services:  Sales presentation  Demonstration 4. Handling objections and questions:  Restate the objection  “Agree and neutralize” tactic
  9. 9. Steps in the Sales Process 5. Closing the sale.  Verbal closing clues  Non-verbal closing clues 6. Following up after closing the sale.
  10. 10. Seven Possible Strategies for Closing Sales 1. Trial closes 2. Assumptive close 3. Summary or summary-of-the-benefits close 4. Special concession close 5. Eliminating-the-single-objection or final-concern close 6. Limited-choice close 7. Direct-appeal close
  11. 11. Definition of Sales Management Sales management is the management of the sales force and personal selling efforts to achieve desired sales objectives.
  12. 12. Functions of Sales Management a. Sales-force staffing and operations b. Sales planning c. Sales performance evaluation
  13. 13. Characteristics of the Successful Salesperson a. Sales aptitude: The extent of an individual’s ability to perform a given sales job, consisting of mental abilities and personality traits. b. Skill levels: Skills obtained in personal communication and knowledge of services, obtained through sales training and previous sales and operational experience.
  14. 14. Characteristics of the Successful Salesperson c. Personal characteristics: Demographic profile, psychographic and lifestyle characteristics, physical appearance and traits.
  15. 15. Contents of the Sales Plan a. Sales objectives b. Sales activities c. Sales budget
  16. 16. Roles of the Sales Plan a. Preparing sales forecasts b. Developing sales department budgets c. Assigning sales territories and quotas
  17. 17. Four Characteristics of Personal Selling in Hospitality and Travel a. Importance of personal selling varies b. Inside selling closely related to service levels c. No generally accepted qualifications for industry sales positions d. Importance of missionary sales work
  18. 18. Campus Overview 907/A Uvarshad, Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad – 382422. Ahmedabad Kolkata Infinity Benchmark, 10th Floor, Plot G1, Block EP & GP, Sector V, Salt- Lake, Kolkata – 700091. Mumbai Goldline Business Centre Linkway Estate,  Next to Chincholi Fire Brigade, Malad (West), Mumbai – 400 064.
  19. 19. Thank You