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O.m. presentation

  1. 1. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT A Case Study on “Efficient Service Production with Optima”. Presented by: Arnab Roy Chowdhury.
  2. 2. Case Facts: This case is about Mitec Group who has 12 years of experience in the area of voice network management. The group has a proven track record of supplying scalable management solutions for Voice Managed Services. They had many challenges which they faced in the service.
  3. 3. Challenges: Many increasing number of enterprises decide to buy managed services or completely or partly outsource the voice infrastructure and IT responsibility. The customers are today far more exposed to a complex voice/data infrastructure. For this a huge amount of customers are getting huge amount of consciousness regarding service quality and they require a better level of service agreements. This is a most important parameter and it depends upon quality of service. This is the main challenge for them and it is crucial for them to industrialize the production of services.
  4. 4. Their Operations: Today, as services are executed manually so they are repetitive, time consuming and tedious. In addition, the tasks are such in nature that competence and experience is required to perform the actual service. For this skilled technicians are designated to perform relatively basic work. They become much expensive and so valuable resources are wrongly deployed. Experience shows that an average service task takes up to 20 minutes to perform. But if we apply optima service it will ensure that the task is properly executed at the agreed time. As a result the Mitec Group has developed a framework to cater for automation of time- consuming service tasks.
  5. 5. Problem Identification:  They have one common source of information about customer premises equipment.  Additionally, information can easily be shared with other third party solutions and for this their information has no privacy at all.  Their information is written in very simple language and so it is very easy to understand them.
  6. 6. Solutions: Following solutions are given:-  The robust Optima Framework enables automation of service tasks on different equipment types. The flexible Plug-in solution also facilitates definition of new plug-ins.  For customer premises equipment they had the fast ROI, which can run one or more service tasks, as e.g. during hours with low traffic.  Though their language is very simple but they have the complicated password for it, so there are no possibility of loss of information.
  7. 7. Key Features:  WEB based configuration and administration.  Optima offers an intuitive GUI for easy configuration of new single or multiple service task executions.  Flexible Plug-in architecture.  The flexible Plug-in architecture enables fast and easy add-on of new service task plug-ins.  Scalable and module based.
  8. 8. Contd..  Optima can run with either one or multiple plug-ins. The solution is designed for scalability and grows with requirements.  Easy scheduling of multiple tasks.  Optima allows the user to define concurrent service task execution on different customers.  Integrated reporting and email notification in case of errors.  Optima facilitates a sophisticated report manager which displays all pending service tasks as well as any unsuccessful attempts. In case of errors Optima may forward an email notification.
  9. 9. Conclusion: Lastly, it is concluded that Mitec Group has adopted Optima service which help them to reduce time, man power and money. It also fastens return on investment which initially will increase profit for them and improved framework will help them to serve the customers well so that they will not switch to other IT companies.
  10. 10. Campus Overview 907/A Uvarshad, Gandhinag ar Highway, Ahmedabad – 382422. Ahmedabad Kolkata Infinity Benchmark, 10th Floor, Plot G1, Block EP & GP, Sector V, Salt-Lake, Kolkata – 700091. Mumbai Goldline Business Centre Linkway Estate, Next to Chincholi Fire Brigade, Malad (West), Mumbai – 400 064.