Case study on Dental spa


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Case study on Dental spa

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Case study on Dental spa

  1. 1. CASE : DENTAL SPA TREATMENT Which one of the three new service requirements would a dental spa least likely pass : service experience fit, operational fit or financial impact? Why? “Dental spa” services included a warm paraffin hand treatment during dental cleaning or dental treatment, aimed at putting the client at ease and make the entire dental process more bearable, minimising pain. The dental clinics planned to provide comfort to the patients beyond the normal services. The three general factors that determine the development the new dental spa service are :
  2. 2.  SERVICE EXPERIENCE FIT : Calming music, comfortable chairs and flat screen TVs mounted on the ceiling with sound from the noise-cancelling headphones that block unpleasant dental noises were the measures taken to make the few moments spent at the clinic, easy-going and comfortable for the patients. This ambience was the current service experience of the patients so far. A new service such as a warm paraffin hand treatment service would enhance this experience and the patients might warmly welcome it.  OPERATIONAL FIT : This new service of warm paraffin hand treatment or other spa services like foot scrubs, pedicures require proper operational support to be executed. Such services require professional skills and knowledge about the treatment as well as the method of treatment. Hiring professionals wouldn’t be a problem.  FINANCIAL IMPACT :However, the spa services would be costly to the customers who avail of them. Why would they choose to avail of spa services in a dental clinic rather than a proper beauty spa? They would also come as quite expensive to the clinics as to provide good services, they would have to hire good professionals who would be expensive. If customers do not feel the importance of spa services in a dental clinic then the clinics would actually have to incur lossess. Thus Financial Impact is a factor which a dental spa would least likely to pass. What are some of the main areas of complexity and divergence in this kind of operation relative to the standard dental clinic ?
  3. 3. A useful way of analyzing the operational fit for this new dental spa service is by specifying the complexity and divergenceof the proposed service relative to the basic service of a dental clinic. Complexity is the number of steps involved in a service and possible actions that can be taken at each step. Divergence is the number of ways a customer/service provider interaction can vary at each step according to the needs and abilities of each. Main areas of complexity and divergence : COMPLEXITY : Customers would be asked if they are interested in special spa treatment. If yes, then various packages of different prices will be offered Will they want the spa after or before the dental treatment If they want, then different professionals would have to be employed for the spa treatment Will dental+spa packages be introduced at special price? DIVERGENCE : If no, then they can raise the price just for the dental treatment. If yes, then dental treatment can be offered at a reduced price. Customer feedback is very important to know their levels of satisfaction with the dental treatment along with spa services.