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Brand equity of axe deodrant


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Brand equity of axe deodrant

  1. 1. Brand Equity of Axe Deodorant
  3. 3. Constraints !i!
  4. 4. BAV Model
  5. 5. Constraints of BAV Model
  6. 6. Brand Count - 252
  7. 7. Introduction of AXE 1. Axe was born in France in the Year 1983. 24 years later, this brand is Unilever's Best selling brand worldwide. It has an iconic status in whichever market it has entered. It is also one of the rare brands which can boast of replicating its entire marketing mix across geographical boundaries. The campaigns that you see in India is what the entire world is watching. For those who propound Glocalisation , AXE is an exception. 2. Axe deodorants was launched in India during 1999. The brand launch was very quiet and theoretically the brand was having the strategy of Slow Skimming i.e. High Price Low Promotion.
  8. 8. Impact of AXE in India 1. Axe at that time was the leading men's deodorants brand in Europe and was popular in India in the Grey market ( available in duty paid shops) .HLL may have launched this brand inspired by the volume of Axe sold in the Grey market. At that time, the deo market was a nascent one with an estimated market size of Rs 72 core. HLL had the brands Denim and Rexona and was ruling the market. Axe was priced at a premium above the Denim brand which was positioned as a male deo brand. 2. Axe initially was launched in the fragrance Java, Alaska and Atlantic. HLL did not bother to fine tune its Promotional mix to Indian market but just imported the promotions .... meaning, the company just ran the ads which was popular in the Europe and other markets.
  9. 9. Few Positioning Examples
  10. 10. Differentiation of AXE Deo
  11. 11. 1. Each of the fragrances created by international fragrance diva Ann Gottlieb 2. The formulation is a base with higher efficacy 3. Excellent advertising and branding targeting the youth 4. Good distribution, Promotions and campaigns for luring customers 5. Also provides grooming range like shaving gel, foam, After-Shave lotion, and Cologne Talc
  12. 12. Relevance of AXE Deo
  13. 13. 1. The age group of 20-30 is highest consumer of AXE deo spray. 2. The youth believe the choice of their deo brands affects their personality. 3. A person shows medium level of involvement in purchase 4. Executives/Professionals don’t use AXE deodorant
  14. 14. Esteem of AXE Deodorants
  15. 15. 1. I personally feel that it targets all 'Young at heart" naughty guys. 2. The brand has its brand values of Cool, Fashionable and Stylish. And world over, the brand sticks to its core values. 3. Underlying message or the DNA which is that the brand users are High on Confidence and always for the Axe users, Girls Makes The First Move. 4. All its campaigns revolve round this central theme of Seduction where Girl makes the first move. 5. The brand assumes that Men wants( Likes) to be Seduced . That feeling ( of being seduced) gives a big boost of self confidence to a man. Although many brands take this proposition, Axe just made it perfect.
  16. 16. Knowledge of AXE deodorants
  17. 17. 1. One of the reports term the marketing strategy of Axe as " Adventurous Marketing" . 2. That is true because its risky because the brand deals with Girls & Seduction. Not always every one may like the theme or the campaigns. 3. In India especially there are self styled Cultural Policemen/Women who cries foul for anything and everything. It is really surprising that so far, Axe has escaped their AXE. 4. That also shows that the ad agency is also careful about the concepts put across the Indian media. 5. While in a more liberal markets, Axe tests new levels of " Adventures" , here the brand plays really safe. It also ensures the campaigns run in Indian media is accepted because most often its the entire family who watches the TV.
  18. 18. Campus Ahmedabad Campus: Karnavati Knowledge Village, A/907,Uvarsad, S.G.Highway, Gandhinagar Kolkata Campus: Infinity Benchmark Tower 10th Floor, Plot - G1, Block - EP& GP, Sec - V, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Reg. Office: 407, Zodiac Square, 4th Floor Opp. Gurudwara, S.G. Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.