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We are pleased to inform that acting upon the suggestions of our esteemed Merchants, Customers and Affiliates we have added a new presentation and PDF file in our site. This new file is named as “10 Steps to Start” and it is placed at following locations:

https://www.unitedpaycheck.com/index.asp?tcode=120902&name=United-Paycheck.com ==== then click BUSINESS

These files explain in the simplest language, 10 Steps which a new user has to follow to get accustomed to all the major functionalities in the Virtual Office of United Paycheck .

As a new affiliate you just have to follow the instructions given in the files and once you complete the 10 Steps, you will be all set to perform your role in the United Paycheck affiliate network. Existing and experienced affiliates may use these files to make their new referrals understand the business in the simplest way without any hassle.

We have tried our level best to keep the things simple and user friendly. Our technical team will keep on adding new functionalities, documents and tools in future to make the experience of our affiliates pleasant.

If you are facing any technical issue or want to suggest any correction / modification, please feel free to bring it to our notice through support@unitedpaycheck.com. We will be more than happy to accommodate any valuable corrections / updates / additions suggested by our affiliates and other associates.

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United Paycheck 10 Steps to begin Earning

  1. 1. Ten Steps to Begin Earning @United Paycheck
  2. 2. Step-1 Go to https://unitedpaycheck.com Click Business link and understand business plan thoroughly Create an Email account for yourself preferably in Gmail or Yahoo Mail
  3. 3. Step-2 Go to your Sponsor link which you have got from your referrer Sponsor link looks like https://www.unitedpaycheck. com/index.asp?tcode=100255 &name=Smith If you don’t have Sponsor link, Don’t worry , visit http://www.facebook.com/U nitedPaycheck, and request your sponsor link
  4. 4. Step-3 1. Goto your sponsor link Select Register (Refer 1.) 2. Fill up your valid Email (Refer 2.) Check your Email from no_reply@unitedpaycheck.com If you don’t get the mail check 3. spam folder in your Email Type your authentication code (Refer 3.)
  5. 5. Step-4 Check that you have correct referral ID and Name Place yourself Right or Left based upon on your referrer’s suggestion, if you don’t have that information select Left Complete all requisite fields Submit it and you will get the welcome page
  6. 6. Step-4 You will get another E-mail from no_reply@unitedpaycheck.com Save these credentials to login to your United Paycheck account
  7. 7. Step-5 Login to United Paycheck Business using your credentials Make sure that your name and ID appear correctly This is your sponsor link (URL) and you can use it for your business promotions and team building Remember to bookmark or save United Paycheck website
  8. 8. Step-6 Open a FREE payment processor account for the following sites: (if you don’t have it already) Liberty Reserve Perfect Money EGO Pay When you are ready to deposit your own funds into your United Paycheck account you will first need to transfer funds into your payment processor account.
  9. 9. Step-7 Login to United Paycheck Business using your credentials Goto E-Wallet and select Add Funds Enter the amount you want to select ; say $1000 Select you Payment processor and complete the transaction process Goto E-Wallet and check E- Wallet balance, you will see your transaction amount there
  10. 10. Step-8 Go to Purchase and select Purchase AdPort Enter the number of AdPort you want to purchase and complete the transaction Go to Accounts and select AdPort Details, you will have your purchased AdPorts details
  11. 11. Step-9 To qualify for binary incentive every associate requires to form two teams (Left Team: Right Team) Each side, you must have at least one activated (Must buy at least one AdPort each) direct referral To maximize your income promote repurchasing of AdPorts and increase your team size.Note: To Understand business plan in detail, refer to the detailed business plan presentation .
  12. 12. Step-10 Use your sponsor link to promote your business online i.e. Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, Email/SMS promotions etc…….. Work hard to create your own team, larger the team, bigger your daily incentive Dedication, sincerity and honest hard work will earn you a sustainable online income every day Focus on achieving financial independence
  13. 13. Thomas J. WatsonYou have to have your heart in the business and the business in yourheart.Dennis WaitleyGoals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of thebest ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it.That is what goals can do for us; concentrate our energy. All The Best