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Slp fact checker


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Saint Lucia Labour Party propaganda fact checker

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Slp fact checker

  1. 1. SLP PROPAGANDA FACT CHECKER – LIE DETECTOR SLP TELLS YOU THE TRUTH The World is in crisis. The IMF said in its 2011 report that Saint Lucia weathered the global financial crisis well. The World global economy enjoyed Real GDP growth of 3.2%. Tourist arrivals started to soar from 2010 with SLP boasting of record arrivals in 2012. CDB projects growth in 2014 for almost every country in the region except Saint Lucia. The driver just cannot drive. We inherited a messed up economy from the UWP UWP brought you growth in 2006- 2011 except in 2009 when the whole world suffered decline. Growth was impossible. Growth was projected for 2012 by the IMF. Debt was contained by the UWP to only $685.2M over five years. SLP borrowed $258.1M in 2012 alone! UWP inherited Debt to GDP in 2006 at 65.5% and handed over to SLP at 68.5%adding only 3%; CDB is reporting 89%at the end of 2013 which speaks of 20.5%increase. Jadia calls CDB a liar and says it is 74%which amounts to a 5.5%in just 2 yrs already surpassing the UWP’s five years increase!