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UnitedLayer Cloud Services_Managed Private Clouds, Virtual Private Cloud_San Francisco, CA


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Get a fully managed, high performance private cloud with full support - at a great price.

Highly Customized I Scalable I Enterprise-Grade

With Managed Private Clouds from UnitedLayer, you don't have to share your instances and workloads with any other customer.

Our world-class team is available to provision your Managed Private Cloud and will always be there for you with stellar 24x7 customer service.

UnitedLayer, LLC is a premier IT infrastructure provider serving enterprise clients. We offer colocation, managed services, private clouds, business continuity solutions and hybrid hosting out of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Ashburn and Toronto.

We are known for our world-class, SSAE 16-certified, fully redundant datacenter facilities with extreme connectivity. As well as our 24/7 stellar customer service and the ability to deploy and manage comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions.

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UnitedLayer Cloud Services_Managed Private Clouds, Virtual Private Cloud_San Francisco, CA

  1. 1. UNI-1 EDLAYER UnitedlayerYour IT Infrastructure. Delivered. Private Cloud ServicesCloud, Managed, Colocation and Disaster RecoveryGet a fully managed, high performance private cloud with full support - at a great price. High ly Customized I Scalable I Enterprise-GradeBEEN TH INK ING ABOUT?./ A PRIVATE CLOUD BUT NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS Whether you need help "cloudifying", have a business./ HOW TO MAKE YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE "CLOUD READY" problem for which you are not sure./ HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CLOUD of t he best IT approach or solution,./ THE NEED FOR PREDICTABLE PERFORMANCE AND COSTS NOT or need alternatives to lower your AVAILABLE IN A PUBLIC CLOUD costs - Unitedlayer can help.WIW UN ITCDLAYER?./ NATIONAL DATA CENTER FOOTPRINT We can provide many options on We operate our own data centers, which means we have what type of deployment makes control and keep costs down. Our footprint includes San sense. Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. Ashburn and Toronto../ EXPERIENCE AND SKILL We are experts in the process We have the know-how to architect solutions for applications to get you from point A to and the expertise to meet very specific customer point B. Consultation, requi rements. Architecture, Implementation,./ PROVEN PROCESS Ongoing Support - we do it all Its about taking away the pain of the how and the preparation. and do it all well. This is where we stand out../ MIGRATION EXPERTISE Well look at your requirements in We have the expertise and talent to migrate complex terms of compute workloads for enterprise IT infrastructure to an enterprise-grade Private physical vs. virtual machines; as Cloud hosted in one of our top-tier data centers. well as dedicated load balancers./ SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE and firewalls to meet availability, We offer customized solutions that meet the security and security, performance and compliance requirements for various industry verticals. compliance requirements.
  2. 2. II .EXAMPLES OF HOW WE ADD VALUE The Umtedlayer team determined we could save~ Develop software and processes to analyze your network & systems significantly with a dedicated infrastructure. managed server solution and~ Develop a footprint for taking you to a private cloud. migrat ion to a private cloud.~ Perform complex P2V migrations and reduce overall cost. Th e team also provided a~ Help you take advantage of cloud services for seasonal scaling, test & detailed proposal on the development etc. migration, telling us exactly~ Analyze your Big Data (Hadoop) workloads to create a solution with better what to do. We are confident cost/performance t han existing cluster-compute configurations. our partnership with~ Migrate to a private footprint w ith predictable costs, compliance, performance, 11 Unitedl ayer will thrive. security and API compatibility. - Jacob Morris, COO, WOWIO~ Provide 24x7 management and support.Take advantage of Unitedlayers expertise, experience and Managed Private Cloud portfolio tolower costs and increase performance. Afraid of what it will take? Not to worry, we will help you.UNITEDLAYCRS PROCESS TO HELP YOU "CLOUDil-Y"We specialize in taking away the pain of the process - you can be confident in UnitedLayer to help you getwhere you want to go. STEP 1 DISCOVER AND ANALYZE STEP 2: ARCHITECT SOLUTION ./ Operat ing Systems ~ti fy Virtualization Targets ./ Networking ~entity Server and Networking Archi tecture ./ CPU/Memory/Disk Utilization ./ Scalability and Workflow Considerations ./ High Availability Requirements ./ Security Considerations ./ Workflow Requ1rements ./ Ava ilability ConsiderationsOur world class team is available to provision your Managed Private Cloudoe there for you with stellar 24x7 customer service • • • • •