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Bublr Advertising Opportunities


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United Adworkers - Bublr would like to share their advertising and sponsorship opportunities to offer to your clients and partners!

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Bublr Advertising Opportunities

  1. 1. WHAT IS BUBLR? Bublr is Greater Milwaukee’s local, nonprofit bikeshare operator. WHAT IS BIKESHARE? Bikeshare is a short-term, automated, point-to- point travel option.
  2. 2. WHAT DO PEOPLE USE BUBLR FOR? • 30% get to or from work • 10% use Bublr to get to school • 40% use Bublr for exercise Everybody uses Bublr to get out and explore MKE.
  3. 3. • 92,000 trips in 2017 • 85 Stations throughout Milwaukee and Wauwatosa with expansion into West Allis and Shorewood just completed. • 18% of stations are located in disadvantaged neighborhoods BUBLR FACTS
  5. 5. BUBLR SYSTEM VALUE: $400K OOH Impressions per year 341 million CPM (“Cost per Thousand Impressions): $1.27 Typical OOH CPM is $2.50 to $9.00
  6. 6. PRESENTING SPONSOR $400K per year for 5 years for exclusive Presenting Sponsorship Deliverables include: Logo on every Bublr Bikes station ad panel, kiosk and bike splash guard in the Bublr Bikes system. The system currently includes 85 stations and 750 bikes throughout Milwaukee, Shorewood, Wauwatosa and West Allis. An additional 26 stations will be installed in Milwaukee in 2018-19. • Logo/message on Bublr Bikes app every time a rider checks out a bike. • Free Rides Day promotion. • Acknowledged as Presenting Sponsor on every page of Bublr’s website. • Acknowledged as Presenting Sponsor on Bublr Bikes annual t-shirt. • Option to have logo on hologram front light. • Generate positive traditional and social media about this partnership including Portraits of Bublr blog. • Provide Annual Bublr Passes at 90% off to all sponsor employees.
  7. 7. STREET-LEVEL ADVERTISING/SPONSORSHIP • Prominent logo placement on stations, bikes, baskets, docks and our website • More than 800,000 street-level impressions a year • Media exposure • Cross-promotion, events, and marketing • Membership discounts for employees • Integration with corporate wellness and sustainability programs • On-site bicycle safety and skills classes for your employees or customers Prior to running these ads, Uber received more riders than Lyft in MKE. After running the ads, they are now on par.
  8. 8. INCLUDES PRODUCTION AND INSTALLATION STATION/BIKE ADVERTISING $450 per station (no minimum) $36 per basket (10 minimum) $76 per bike splash guard (10 minimum) $1500 for a full bike wrap
  9. 9. Sally Sheperdson Executive Director 414.530.3785 For more information James Davies Senior Director of Operations & Planning 262.880.7815 Or drop in and see us in the Grand Avenue Mall