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Tweetalyst - Social media customer care & analytics tool


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Published in: Social Media
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Tweetalyst - Social media customer care & analytics tool

  1. 1. Social media customer care & analytics firm
  2. 2. Social Media – a customer support • Customers take it to social media to talk about product or vent • If the customer isn’t answered, can cause the grievance to take catalyst effect and spread across the network
  3. 3. Problem at hand • 53% of consumers expect a brand to respond to a tweet within an hour • That number jumps to 72% of consumers expecting a response if the tweet is a complaint about the brand or its products Source:
  4. 4. Problem at hand Source:
  5. 5. Why Brands are expected reply? Source:
  6. 6. Brands who respond timely get.. Source:
  7. 7. When a Brand doesn’t respond on time Source:
  8. 8. Solution.. Tweetalyst Pro
  9. 9. Features • Track unanswered tweets • Templates to reply quickly and train new joinees • Track customer sentiment to convert into happy customer • Reports to track employee activity through official brand account • Scoring system for Celebrity Factor, Impact Factor and Activity Factor
  10. 10. Contact us / Phone: +91-9870942768