Presetation about tecnology


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Presetation about tecnology

  1. 1. Presetation about tecnology Level 5 Daniel González Galante Daniel Leonardo Alfonso Castro Vanesa Sánchez Dimaté Jorge David Parra Martinez
  2. 2.  Daniel González Galante
  3. 3. My favorite technological object The xbox 360, created by Microsoft, is my favorite technological object because is a great videogame console. You can play many videogames of different genre (fight, first person shooter, horror, war, sports) with a great quality of video and sound. The xbox also has the possibility to connect on internet and use many important pages like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. So if you don’t like play alone, you can play online many multiplayer games with any person in the world. In addition the xbox is not only a videogame console because you can play dvd videos and download music and images. In conclusion with this technological objet you can pass many hours playing and get funny.
  4. 4. Samples Andres: Is a great console, in special the sports games are spectacular Juan: is the better console in the present generation Carlos: is better the ps3 in graphics and in the quality. Irene: is great but is very addictive and sped much time Sebastian: is a cool console for play online
  5. 5. Videos
  6. 6. Comparation of the videos The persons in both of the videos talking about something related with the videogame world: in the first video talking about the Microsoft console called Xbox 360, meanwhile in the second video talking about the Sony console called Ps3. This conference take place in the videogame convention called E3. In both videos, they show to the people important and different, changes or new application for each console: in the first video the speaker show the new version of the Xbox 360 with all the advantages like small size and Wi-Fi integrated; in the other hand in the second video the speaker show a new application for the Ps3 that permit play the game in 3D image.
  7. 7. My favourite technological object is the psp or playstation portable, it is a handheld game console ofthe sony corporation. Psp is an excellent console, itis very small and you can take it anywhere. Anotheradvantage of this video game is the great variety ofgames, this platform has al kinds of games, forevery one, it is very good. For the other hand, psp isobject that helps you in times of boredom, it isamazing.
  8. 8. 1.Daniela: Like, it is the betterconsole2.Jose: Like, it is very good3.Marcelo: like, its very good4.Juan: Prefer the Nintendo Ds5.María : like, it is the better console
  9. 9. -Bill Gates talk about windows:
  10. 10. • -Steve Jobs talk about ipad:
  11. 11. Steve Jobs said that everyone use a laptop or a smartphone but he critizes a lot this kind of objectsbecause they are very slow, but the problem is thecheap laptops or cheap phones the are bad. Forthese reasons, Jobs recomends his I pad, he said thatit is the union between a laptop and a smart phone,it is amazing. For other part Bill gates talk about thewindows 7, he said that its incredible, and he saidthat it are going to help people to do a lot of actions.
  12. 12. Vanesa Sánchez Dimaté
  13. 13.  A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle for combining alternative propulsion motor driven by electricity from batteries and an internal combustion engine. Is a great invention because the energy is used in a 30% , while in a combustion vehicle the energy is used in a 15%, which enables that the increased output. On the other hand the emissions of the hybrid vehicles are reduced in contrast with the combustion vehicle which, helping the environment.
  14. 14.  In the survey I can see that they coincide in something; they think that is a great invention because it is a technolgy that helps very much to the enverioment. Nevertheless somebody think that the electrical cars are very expensive and meny people prefer to buy something more economic.
  15. 15.  Both videos talk about the advantages of the hybrid vehicles. They talk us how the person to take these cars will have a better economic because it don’t need combustible and the battery lasts much longer. Also stresses that scientist are looking for a battery that will resist for more time.