Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) 5 Oct 2013 open day


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Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) 5 Oct 2013 open day presentation

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Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) 5 Oct 2013 open day

  1. 1. Sport Business Management BSc (Hons) Adam Jones
  2. 2. Gareth Bale Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) • £85 million on signing • £10million a year in endorsements. • £2m a year from Adidas • Signed up to be the face of BT Sport
  3. 3. Sport Policy and Politics Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) “Sport Business Management” Why Does Qatar have the world cup? Almost a third of children aged 2-15 were overweight or obese in 2011 “it started two weeks ago, especially in the villages close to the F1 track….Leaders have been beaten and tortured before being released, "It is our firm belief that sport, and the F1 grand prix, can have a positive and healing effect in situations where conflict, social unrest and tensions are causing distress."
  4. 4. The Law and regulation of Sport Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) LANCE ARMSTRONG, the disgraced American cycling champion, has reached an agreed settlement with The Sunday Times, which had accused him of deceit and sued him for more than £1m.
  5. 5. Why study Sport Business Management? Sport England estimate that in 2010 total spend of on Sport was approximately £20.3 billion Sport‟s contribution to national GDP is greater than motor vehicles, telecoms services, legal services, accounting, publishing, advertising and the utilities Sport England reported that the number of people with sport- related jobs in 2010 as being estimated at over 400,000, equivalent to 2.3 % of all employment
  6. 6. Sport Business Management – a global dimension The economic flow of money, The flow of images and information through multinational media The movement of people as tourists and workers The flow of technology including machinery and equipment The use of sport to support the flow of values associated with state diplomacy and international governing bodies
  7. 7. Obama and Cameron play ping pong Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) The University of Brighton is the founding partner of football for peace.
  8. 8. Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) Course Structure Year 1 Introduction to Sport Business Management (20) Introduction to Sports Policy (20) Introduction to Politics and Sport (20) Finance for Sport Business Management( 20) Introduction to Graduate Skills and Research Methods (20) The Sport Customer (20) Year 2 Management People in Sport Business (20) Politics and Policy in Sport (20) Research Design and Evaluation (20) Personal and Professional Development in Sport and Business Management (20) Reflective Practice in Sport Business Management (20) Management in Sport Business Organizations (20) Placement Year 3 Marketing for Sport Business(20) Strategic Change in Sport Business Management(2 0) The Law and regulation of Sport (10) Options (30) Dissertation (40)
  9. 9. What makes this courses special? •Emphasis on equipping students with necessary skills to become able, and employable, graduates •„Students on these programmes produce work of an exceptional standard‟ (Dr. Andy Pitchford, External Examiner) •Taught by a team of internationally-renowned academics •Vocational experiences •External links with sports organisations
  10. 10. How will I learn? Interactive lectures Seminar work and presentations Group discussion Large key note lectures Virtual Learning Environment VLE (Studentcentral) On line quizzes Practical workshops Reading and personal research Tutorials
  11. 11. How will I be assessed? Assessment is specific to each module and may be a mixture of group and individual work. Assessment methods may include not only:- Essays, exams, written reports But also: Poster presentations Practical demonstrations Use of contemporary digital media Oral group presentations
  12. 12. How will I get feedback? Normally this will be within 20 days of the hand in and may be: Written hard copy Online, via Turn It Audio via Podcast, Turn It In or MP3 file Tutorials Feedback will be both On going (formative) and At the end of each assessment task (summative) All 1st years will get feedback on a piece of work within 6 weeks of starting their course
  13. 13. Possible career paths •Sports Development •Sports Media and Public Relations •Management of sports facilities •Sport and/or social policy
  14. 14. Employability development • Personal and professional development • Live consultancy projects, working with clients to solve problems and presenting solutions. • Operating live events in Level • Students are actively encouraged to participate in community projects and activities
  15. 15. Employability • Visiting speakers from industry and academia also involved in mentoring and assessing students • Ongoing CV development through participation in University schemes for volunteering, mentoring, teaching etc • Supported by the School of Sport and Service Management Employability Centre in Hillbrow
  16. 16. Visiting Guest Speakers Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) Brighton Marathon Sports goods manufacturers Sports Centres Sports Clubs
  17. 17. Key facts Typical offer: A Levels: BBB BTEC Diploma: DDM Course code: 2G55 Location: Eastbourne campus
  18. 18. Any questions?