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GPS Tracking Software-Uniguard Technology Limited


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GPS Tracking Software-Uniguard Technology Limited

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GPS Tracking Software-Uniguard Technology Limited

  1. 1. Uniguard Technology LimitedGPS Tracking SoftwareGPS tracker for motorbike/car safety,garbage truck,sealed garbage truckGPS tracker for small vehicle gps trackingGPS tracking for covert trackingOnline tracking system for oil company, Transport CompanyCar tracker cheap priceLets take a look at the available features of the Uniguard GPS web-based system.Map Overview - By hovering your mouse over your vehicles, youll be able to see specificvehicle information such as latitude, longitude, and speed of the vehicle -- all of which areupdated every 10 seconds or anytime you require. Integrated with Microsoft Virtual Earth,youll be able to select - Hybrid, Satellite, Map and Birds Eye Views - all with the click ofa mouse button.Map Control - The Map Control tab lets you view your map with a Birds Eye, Hybrid orSatellite view. You can also zoom in, pan, or set map rendering features within the MapControl tab on your GPS fleet management system.Devices - The Devices tab enables you to customize your map view by viewing all of yourfleet vehicles or just one. This section is where you can view vehicles by group, whichyou create through the Group Editor and Driver Editor.Report - The Report tab lets you obtain reports either online (onscreen) or emailed to youin Excel. Reports available onscreen include: Fuel Report, Image Report, EnhancedReport, Start/Stop Report, Excessive Idling, Vehicle Mileage, Speeding Report, and ZoneActivity, Start/Stop Report, and Speeding Report.Alert System - Through the onscreen Alert Editor, you can create an unlimited number ofEvent Alerts such as boundary zone entry/exit, speed alerts, and ignition on/off. Onceyou have set your alerts, you will receive SMS notifications any time an event takesplace.Search - The Search tab is a convenient tool to help you find locations for certain places.For example, if you need to find the closest gas station, simply type in "fuel" or "gas" inthe "Find" box, and a list of gas stations, complete with address and phone number, willpopulate on the fleet management system.Dispatch & Directions - The Dispatch & Directions feature enables you to plan a route.You can enter a single start and stop address or plot up to 20 stops on the same route.Routes can be customized by either "fastest time" or "shortest distance".
  2. 2. Uniguard Technology LimitedAddress - Through the Address Editor, you can place markers you define and createdirectly on the map. These markers can be helpful for placing warehouse, offices or otherfrequently used locations in your daily use of the Live Trac GPS tracking system.Historical Playback - Need to know a specific path taken by a vehicle? The HistoricalPlayback tab lets you do just that. Simply select the vehicle you want to view through theDevices tab, select the date under the Historical Playback tab and hit the forward button.The Historical Playback feature is available for the previous 90 days on your fleetmanagement system device.Why choose us?1) Now Uniguard GPS is becoming the leading manufacturer of Vehicle GPS Trackers inChina. Thanks to our staffs’ hardworking and sincere service for more than 5 years,Uniguard has been recognized as A Reliable Partner for GPS Tracker in global market.2) R&D Team in Uniguard regularly study and research for new & different types of GPSTracker for different purposes.3) Due to Uniguard advanced technology, strict quality control management &competitive price, we gain orders from Government Purchasing in both domestic marketand overseas market.4) Uniguard engineers guarantees you quicker & better technical support.DeliveryUsually we deliver goods by DHL, FedEx or EMS. You can also appoint other ways fordelivery.Delivery time:1-3days after payment be confirmed. Goods take normally 3-5days to reachyou.Special technical service:1.All of our devices have two years warranty2.Help you setup your own GPS tracking system3.Free server service period: 12-month4.We accept OEM and customized orders.(logo, functions, language)Contacts:Company: Uniguard Technology LimitedSite: www.uniguardgps.comTel: 86-15012404563Email: info@uniguardgps.comMSN: uniguardgps@gmail.comSkype: uniguardgps