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Gps pc tracking software


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UniGuard design and sell fuel monitoring system, gps tracking software, gps car tracker, gps camera tracker, gps fuel tracker. Clients spread in in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Ghana, India, Russia, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Qatar.

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Gps pc tracking software

  1. 1. UniGuard Technology Limited GPS Web Tracking System How does GPS Tracking System Work?    Vehicle trackers or personal trackers receive GPS data (speed, time, date, coordinates) from GPS satellites GSPS Trackers send GPS data to Server via GPRS or mobile phones via SMS Server stores and handle GPS data for user’s login and management Tracking web ID test Pass 123 Company web
  2. 2. UniGuard Technology Limited Real time monitoring on Google Map History Playback Polygon Geo-fencing Alarm (Can set 10 Entering and 10 Leaving alarm areas)
  3. 3. UniGuard Technology Limited Send commands to tracker Online (including Poll, A-GPS location, take picture, change password, set SOS number, set GPRS interval, Set speed limit, Reset GPS, Restart tracker, Stop/Start vehicle) Alarm Reports (SOS alarm, Over speed alarm, External power cut alarm, Geo-fencing alarm,etc) Mileage Report: Easy to know the distance moved during certain time
  4. 4. UniGuard Technology Limited Fuel Curve: Easy to know when and how much fuel is consumed. With external fuel sensor, user can get fuel theft alarm to prevent theft. Vehicle Stop Report: Easy to know when and where vehicle stops-If the vehicle stops at right place during working time? ACC Idle Report: Does the driver uses vehicle effectively? Does the driver leaves vehicle engine running to waste fuel?
  5. 5. UniGuard Technology Limited Photo View: To monitor driver’s performance and scene outside the vehicle. Client Account Manage: Create User Account/Admin Account for customers Vehicle Manage: Assign vehicles to clients