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Buletin Uniex Consulting Edisi ke-3


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Buletin Uniex Consulting Edisi ke-3

  1. 1. CULTURE TRANSFORMATION ROLE IN ADVANCE CORPORATION U-Shared Organizational culture change is possible. Culture change requires understanding, commitment, and tools. Enriching lives: personal, organization & nations Cultural transformation is a familiar term in the Buletin/UniEX/V/12/003 organization world. This term first appears because there are moral and ethical violations at the company, which raises awareness of the importance of a strong aspect of the work culture in the company. At this time, the transformation of culture has become important in improving company performance. This happens because the performance of a company adjust to the situation and demands faced by the company. Challenges faced by companies today are not the same as the previous challenge. Therefore, companiesEvents are required to transform the culture to improve the currentUniEX Academy Goes to performance to be better than the previous performance.Campus in Bandung (20 – 23 Many studies about relationship between culture transformation inJune 2012) the performance of the company premises that present the results ofJune is a moment for UniEXAcademy to visit some … that culture is important in the company. The study concluded that 3 among companies that have a strong culture can generate income 4 2Servant Leader Camp times higher than companies with weak cultures, in which the researchDo you know that a good leader is firm with a weak culture of losing. It can be concluded that the culturesomeone who feels good with contained in the company has a great influence on the development ofthem selves? …. the corporate. 5
  2. 2. Buletin/UniEX/V/12/003 Culture transformation in corporate is started rewarded with increased revenues, but also to the from the leader. Leaders must be able to change loyalty and confidence in the companys employees. how the current leadership style and manner of It is inevitable that loyalty is one of the factors that work and leadership style of the previous line with are also important in the development process the needs of the company. Why should we begin towards a better company than before. In addition, from the leader? The answer is because the leader is with the transformation of culture, vision and a role model for those they lead. When a courageous mission can also be identified from the highest to leader to make changes, then the people they lead the lowest position in the company. Thus, through will also change. the transformation of However, change is not cultural leaders who easy to do. The leader have successfully made must be willing to take a changes in accordance greater risk for with the needs of increased performance. companies with creative Leader is an important ways of achieving the factor in the vision and mission of the transformation of company. culture as are regarded as role models in the works. Belief, value, and their behavior imitated by the Another advantage of the culture people they lead. transformation is becoming more positive working atmosphere, so as to make the workers become Once the leader make changes, then the comfortable with the work environment. cultural transformation can occur. Changes made by Comfortable work environment will provide a sense these leaders will initially have an impact on of impact and accountable to the existence of the employees. Employees who imitate belief, value, company. Thus, the workers would run the and its leader behavior will automatically work as obligations of each with all my heart because of a leader. This will impact on the improvement of sense of belonging. In addition, the comfortable human resources. Domino effect of that is, the situation that could create conducive environment, improvement of human resources will also in the company and can reduce collisions that do not automatically increase the companys performance need to inhibit performance of the company. to be better than before. Changes in corporate performance to be better no doubt increase corporate revenue. The changes are not only2
  3. 3. In SELL YOUR SELF seminar, they also learned how to be their self by understanding their strength and weaknesses and how to cope the behavior of the personality to their real life. Why? When we want to make sure the future of our world, we need to put life basic foundation to our young generation. They can’t walk alone. They need some people who can be their mentors, their leaders and good role models so they can stand on in their path and save the future of our next generation. This is our responsibility; our children, community and nation. UniEX Academy is very proud to be a part of this excited moment to help them in character building and finding their true-life purpose. Who were participated in this event? This programs were participated more than 150 college students, which coordinated by university of senate and BEM (Badan Executive Mahasiswa) and fully supported UniEX Goes to by their principal. There Campus on June were so much20 – 23 June 2012 energy, enthusiasm since the first time the June is a event was moment for conducted. UniEX Almost all participants proactively involved in all sessions. It was Academy to unbelievable that they are trying so hard to find their real passion, visit some aligned with their potential and personality. universitiesin Bandung. We conduct “SELL Seminar session is closed by one on one coaching session with someYOUR SELF” seminar and career participants who need to know more about their right career objectivecoaching program in three for their future.universities: Sekolah TeknikTeknologi Tekstil, Sekolah TinggiHukum Bandung and STMIK STIESTAN IM.What is “SELL YOUR SELF”Seminar?This is a program for collegestudents to find their real passion, Sponsorshipcareer objective, focus on their We are very thankful to our sponsors who support the programs,goals and how to build basic skills individually and corporate (such as: Orangtua Group, Sosro & SanDisk).before going to the real working We really hope there will be many sponsors will join with the SYFworld. program for the next event. 3
  4. 4. Buletin/UniEX/V/12/003 Where will We be Next? After Bandung, we will visit Semarang with the seminars and coaching session “SELL YOUR SELF FOR YOUR BRIGHTER FUTURE” and Job Fair on 18 – 19 July 2012 in RRI Building, Semarang. There will be more than 500 participants who will join with the seminars and more than 1000 participants in this job fair. Target of the participants of the seminar is fresh graduates, college students and young age professional that are called to find their passion and how to have fun career in their age based on their life objective, Warrior of the potential and personality. Light Who will Join with the Program? The Warrior of the Light knows In this event, we give exclusivity for the 30 companies who are that no one is stupid and that life passionate to next generation and want to get involve in career teaches everyone – however long development. that may take. There will be 30 companies who participate the job fair event: Manufacturing, financial, banking, mining and groups of company, also Warrior of the Light does his/her some local companies in Semarang. best and expects the best of others. Warrior of the Light tries to show each person how much they are capable of achieving. What people said about negative mindset does not discourage warrior of the Light. He/she continues to encourage others because this is also the way to encourage him/her self. Warrior of the Light realizes that Contact Us there are difficulties he/she had not reckoned with. If you have some questions or need information about this event, just contact us by email or phone and we will try to help Warrior of the Light knows what your needs: he/she is capable of. Office : +62 21 451 3925 Warrior of the Light, Paulo Coelho Or Email : kristina@uniexconsulting.com4
  5. 5. Servant Leadership Attitudes 1. Express Encouragement Servant leader is encourager. They seek to raise a level of confidence of others. 2. Have genuine Empathy It describes the compassion that moves a man to the deepest depths of his being. Servant leaders are not detached emotionally from those they serve. 3. Maintain Unity Servant leader is peacemaker. Peacemakers don’t just stop conflict; they replace the causes of conflict with reconciliation and unity. Servant leader leads by creating a likeminded culture; becoming one based on the same love.Servant leadership is oftenmisunderstood, possibly this is 4. Understand Purposebecause people find it confusing to Servant leader creates goals and understand their purpose; they focushave the words servant andleadership together. To be a leader on it.of people, executives oftenmistakenly believe, one always has 5. Not politically motivatedto be the driving force that The thing about servant leader is that while they may serve in a position,subordinates follow. Indeed, but they don’t need a position to serve.research tells us that to be aneffective leader individuals musthave a certain motivation to lead. 6. Not ConceitedHowever, servant leadership Servant leader does not have an excessively favorable opinion of theirrequires a different approach and in own importance. They don’t feel the need to attract attention to themaddition to the motivation to lead,there must be the need to serve selves. They look to the needs of others first. Servant leaders do notboth employees and organization. serve for the spotlight. They use discretion when posting their exploits on social media.The servant leader should feel aresponsibility towards employees as 7. Humbleindividuals and must have a senseof stewardship for them and the Genuine humility is not bemoaning how low you are, it is aboutorganization as a whole. Companies elevating other people. Leading with humility is investing in others. It isadopting servant leadership within rejoicing over the fact that those you lead can do a better job than you.their organizational culture give alot of attention to developingenvironments and support 8. Work well with Othersstructures that foster high levels of Servant Leader strives to be team players. They are not concerned aboutemployee satisfaction. celebrity status. Working with others is a choice and compels commitment. Teamwork is a lot like class – either you have it or youIn addition, the servant leaderworks toward building a learning don’t.organization where individuals areencouraged to grow and be ofunique value. Contact UsWhat is Servant Leadership If you have some questions or need information about ourAttitude? services or programs, just contact us by email or phone and we will try to help your needs: Office : +62 21 451 3925 Or Email : 5