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Jrj productions practice film pitch feedback


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Jrj productions practice film pitch feedback

  1. 1. The idea was not clearly communicated and 66.7% of people in the class thought this whilst 33.3% of the class thought it was. For improvement my group could communicate between each other more clearly so we know what we are saying and can make tell our idea more clearly.On this survey our group was not very enthusiastic as the highest we go on the scale was 3 by one people. Toimprove this we need to be more excited about our project and think of something interesting that makes usstand out from other groups.
  2. 2. From these results most people were not very excited about our short film idea with almost half the classanswering 1 (not very excited) to improve this we could make our idea clearer to everyone and tell them moreabout the story.Half of the class thought they were directly addressed and half didn’t so to improve this we could addressthe people more by giving more clear eye contact and moving forward from time to time instead ofstanding still.
  3. 3. Most people thought the idea was poor with half the class voting 1(poor idea). To improve this we could make changes to the script and make improvements to make the films more exciting to everyone and improve our scores.Our 3 key strengths were clear eye contact scoring the highest, second was our originality of the idea and alsobody language was the third highest scored. We need to improve how clear and concise we our too peopleand also confident at answering questions at the end.
  4. 4. We need to improve on all areas with over half the class voting for each option. To do this we could thinkabout how we present our pitch so we know what we are going to do and so we are more confident whenpresenting our short film idea.