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Ig1 assignment 2011_to_2012_updated_17.01.12

  1. 1. Assignment briefQualification Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Unit 2: Communication Skills for Creative Media ProductionUnit number and title Unit 22: Single Camera Techniques - Partial Unit 24: Writing for Television and Video - PartialStart date 31st October 2011Deadline 15th December 2011Assessor name Iain GoodyearAssignment title IG1 - PITCHING YOUR FILM IDEAThe purpose of this assignment is to:Develop your skills and technical code analysis of short films.Develop your ideas generation and group work skills.Develop your research skills in relation to script commissioning.Familiarise you with script writing format and script drafting.Develop your ability to verbally pitch a short film idea to a panel. Scenario A crucial aspect of any media production is the successful pitch of an idea to media specialist commissioners. This process takes place early in the life cycle of a production and requires careful planning and consideration. The pitch is primarily an opportunity for media producers to convey their ideas and generate interest and enthusiasm for a production project with a view to securing funding. This assignment will require you to work in groups of 3 to verbally pitch a production company proposal for a short film to a panel of commissioners. The purpose of this pitch is to communicate how viable your film idea is and to secure funding that will allow you to realise your film idea into a short film production. The theme of your short film is ‘GOING ON A JOURNEY’ and your pitch, proposal and supporting documentation must make clear how your film will explore and communicate this theme. Prior to the delivery of your group pitch, you will be required to produce evidence of research and existing film influences. This will consist of the following sections: *Research that describes short film codes & conventions and production practices Practicing your verbal pitching of ideas and responding to feedback to improve your pitching skills Visual evidence of ideas generation and existing film influences An account of how your film will explore the provided theme through narrative, cinematography and mise en scene *Research that describes the writer’s role in the commissioning process with appropriate use of subject terminology A draft short film proposal, treatment and 1st draft script *YOU ARE REMINDED THAT ALL SECONDARY RESEARCH SOURCES ARE TO BE CORRECTLY REFERENCED WITH SUPPORTING REFERENCE PAGE(S). 1
  2. 2. Tasks Grading Criteria MappingTask 1Produce a comprehensive word-processed analysis of three short films. Unit 22: P1/M1/D1Using subject specific terminology, comment on how meaning is communicatedthrough the use of cinematography, mise en scene & the use of sound and music.You must include still images from your chosen films to illustrate yourobservations and use appropriate terminology accurately.*Your word-processed analysis must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog.Task 2Produce a comprehensive and well-structured video research report (using Unit 2: P1/M1/D1combination of still images, word processed text, music and sound recordings Unit 2: P2/M2/D2and compiled using Adobe Premiere) that describes the screenwriter’s role in Unit 24: P1/M1/D1the script commissioning process.Your video report must clearly describe what you understand script commissioningto mean (including visual examples such as website screen grabs or bookresearch source quotes as well as other references you have used to obtain thisknowledge).Your video report must also detail what processes of development a script writergoes through to develop a script for production (including visual examples such aswebsite screen grabs or book research source quotes as well as references youhave used to obtain this knowledge).*Your video research report must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog asan embedded video.Task 3Showing creativity and flair generate ideas for a short film production using the Unit 22: P2/M2/D2theme outlined in your assignment scenario on page 1. Unit 24: P3/M3/D3These ideas can be presented in the form of sketches, hand drawn and digitallyproduced mind maps, mood boards, images you have gathered / found andphotographs you have taken.Your ideas generation must clearly state how your ideas relate to the providedtheme in the scenario on page 1 of this assignment.*All ideas generation must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog.Task 4Showing creativity and flair produce a 1 paragraph proposal and 1 – 2 page Unit 24: P3/M3/D3treatment of your short film idea.This must be based on, and further develop some aspects of your ideas generation.Your treatment must include information of chosen film genre, target audience,character biography information and a descriptive overview of your film idea’snarrative.*Your word-processed proposal and treatment must be uploaded to your IG1assignment blog. 2
  3. 3. Task 5Produce a short film script based on your developed idea to near professional Unit 2: P3/M3/D3standards. Unit 24: P5/M5/D5Your script must be a 3 to 5 page document.Your script must NOT contain dialogue but should feature clear scene headings,make specific reference to characters by name and feature detailed descriptivecharacter action*Your word-processed scripts must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog.Task 6As a production team you must then decide on which film proposal you will take Unit 2: P2/M2/D2through to the pitch stage and further development in your next assignment. Unit 2: P3/M3/D3In teams of 3, you must present a summary of your ideas to the others in yourgroup. Then, as a group you must decide which idea you are collectively going todevelop into a verbal group pitch to a panel of commissioners.You must then produce a PowerPoint that visually shows your ideas generation andexisting film influences (this will be played throughout your verbal pitch). Prior toyour actual pitch you will present a practice pitch to your class for which you willreceive written feedback.You must present an analysis report that also visually interprets your feedback withthe use of graphs and charts that makes specific reference to audience feedbackquestions. This analysis should also include a summary of what changes you, as agroup, will implement to have a beneficial effect on your final pitch.*Your word-processed practice pitch analysis must be uploaded to your IG1assignment blog.Task 7Pitch your short film idea to a panel of commissioners, showing creativity and Unit 2: P4/M4/D4flair and to near professional standards. Unit 2: P5/M5/D5 Unit 24: P4/M4/D4Your final pitch must be no more than 3 minutes long and you will be stopped afterthis time has elapsed so rehearse your pitch thoroughly before you deliver it.*Your group final pitch video must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog asan embedded video.Sources of information This brief has been verified as being fit for purpose Iain Goodyear Date 03.10.11 Harry Arnold Date 03.10.11 3
  4. 4. Unit 2 Communication Skills for Creative Media Production (Level 3)P1: use appropriate techniques to M1: use appropriate techniques to D1: use appropriate techniques toextract relevant information from extract information from written extract comprehensive informationwritten sources sources with some precision from written sourcesP2: present a media production M2: present a structured and D2: present a well-structured andreport which conveys relevant detailed media production substantial media production reportinformation [IE] report which conveys which conveys information with information and explains precise exemplification and justifies conclusions with clarity conclusions with supporting argumentsP3: review reports to make changes M3: review reports to make D3: review reports to makewith occasional beneficial effects changes with frequent changes with consistently[RL] beneficial effects beneficial effectsP4: deploy and manage appropriate M4: deploy and manage D4: deploy and managetechnology to pitch a media technology to pitch a media technology to pitch a mediaproduction proposal [SM] production proposal effectively and production proposal with with some creativity and flair and to imagination near-professional standardsP5: employ appropriate forms of M5: employ forms of address in a D5: employ forms of address in aaddress in a media production pitch media production pitch media production pitch with flair toto communicate ideas [CT] to communicate ideas communicate ideas with impact effectivelyUnit 22 Single Camera Techniques (Level 3)P1: describe the features of single M1: explain the features of D1: comprehensively explain thecamera production with some single camera production with features of single camera productionappropriate use of subject reference to detailed illustrative with reference to elucidatedterminology examples and with generally correct examples and consistently using use of subject terminology subject terminology correctlyP2: generate outline plans for a M2: generate detailed ideas for a D2: generate thoroughly thoughtsingle camera production working single camera production showing through ideas for a single camerawithin appropriate conventions and some imagination and with only production showing creativity andwith some assistance [CT] occasional assistance flair and working independently to professional expectationsP3: produce a single camera M3: produce a single camera D3: produce a single cameraproduction working within production to a good technical production to a technical quality thatappropriate conventions and with standard showing some imagination reflects near professional standardssome assistance [SM] and with only occasional assistance showing creativity and flair and working independently to professional expectationsUnit 24 Writing for Television and Video (Level 3)P1: describe the writer’s role M1: explain the writer’s role in the D1: comprehensively explainin the commissioning commissioning process with reference the writer’s role in theprocess using some subject to detailed illustrative examples and commissioning process withterminology appropriately [IE] with generally correct use of subject elucidated examples and terminology consistently using subject terminology correctlyP2: collect and prepare suitable M2: collect and prepare good D2: collect and prepare excellentbackground materials for a background material for background material for ascriptwriting project with some a scriptwriting project scriptwriting project to near-assistance [CT] competently and with only professional standards working occasional assistance independently to professional expectationsP3: produce script proposals M3: produce script proposals for D3: produce script proposals forfor specific purposes specific purposes showing some specific purposes showing creativityworking within appropriate imagination and with only occasional and flair and working independentlyconventions and with some assistance to professional expectationsassistance [CT]P4: pitch a prepared proposal M4: pitch a prepared proposal D4: pitch a prepared proposal to a effectively near-professional standardP5: produce a script for a specific M5: produce a script for a specific D5: produce a script for a specificpurpose working within appropriate purpose competently showing some purpose to near-professionalconventions and with some imagination and with only occasional standards and working independentlyassistance. [CT, assistance to professional expectationsSM] 4
  5. 5. :PLTS: This summary references where applicable, in the square brackets, the elements of the personal, learning and thinking skills applicable inthe pass criteria. It identifies opportunities for learners to demonstrate effective application of the referenced elements of the skills. 5