Becoming a nation


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Becoming a nation

  1. 1. Becoming a nation
  2. 2. After World War II, many people living in countries underAfter World War II, many people living in countries under foreign ruleforeign rule Wanted to put an end to foreign rule. They also wanted toWanted to put an end to foreign rule. They also wanted to governgovern Themselves. The people in Singapore were no different……..Themselves. The people in Singapore were no different…….. BECOMING A NATION
  3. 3. It is important for the Singapore government because when 1942 the Japanese people’s are fighted. Than finally Singapore are fell to Japanese on 15 February 1942. When Singapore Solve their problems Singapore government its ‘important for our own country them think About that.’ WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS IMPORTANT FOR US TO GOVERN OUR OWN COUNTRY?
  4. 4. It is important for us to govern our own country because we were not Independence , to achieve our independence from the British and how We finally became an independent nation.
  5. 5. Some peaceful means while others used violence to achieve their goals, The people soon demanded to rule Singapore themselves and post-war problems such as unemployment , food shortages and lack of housing And school continue WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE SELF – GOVERNING?
  6. 6. •Building a strong economy and creating jobs , gaining independence from the British and keep communists under control WHAT WERE THE REASONS FOR THE MERGED?
  7. 7. When the PAP frist came into power , it had to ensure that Singapore was able to survive. It needed to build a strong economy and create jobs for the people. Overseas companies were encouraged to set up their factories in Singapore. The new factories provided jobs for the people. To sell their products, the companies needed a bigger market The government looked to Malaya as a bigger market for the products made in Singapore. It hoped to set up a Common Market was more likely to happen if Singapore merged with Malaya to form a new country Dr Goh keng Swee Finace Minister send a message When I went home for lunch, I passed big schools and saw thousands of kids going home at 1pm. I kept on worrying about where I was going to find jobs for them WHY MERGER?
  8. 8. In a Common market, produCts between states Can be sold wIthout beIng taxed. In malaya, there Is a large populatIon. we Can sell our tyres to the people lIvIng In the many states there and make lots of money but when the Common market Is set up, we wIll not be taxed when we sell our tyres In malaya . thIs means that we Can sell the tyres at Cheaper prICes and more people wIll buy the tyres do you know what Is Common market?
  9. 9. In 1959, the British granted full self- government to Singapore. However, the Singapore leader felt that Singaporeans should be their own master and be totally free from British rule. The British , however were not ready to grant independence to Singapore gaInIng IndependenCe from the brItIsh
  10. 10. The Malayan government was very successful in controlling the activities of the Malayan communists. By the late 1950s many communists had surrendered to the Malayan government. It was clear that the Communists were too weak to challenge the Malayan goverment KEEPING THE COMMUNISTS UNDER CONTROL..
  11. 11. This flag is commonly adopted by the communist parties •Why is the background colour red? •The red flag symbolises left-wing politics communist What Does the symbol represent? Hammer-industrial Sickle-farmers The meaning: unity between industrial and agricultural workers. LET’S THINKS…