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HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund Introduction


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HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund Introduction

  1. A global partnership to accelerate the fight against HIV/AIDS
  2. CREATING A FAST LANE FOR CHANGENew interventions and technologies to change the face of HIV/AIDS “The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious.” — Ted Levitt, American Economist There are great ideas — simple, innovative, high-impact — emerging in the fight to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS. But a dearth of funds means some of the best never have the chance to come to life. The UNICEF HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund seeks to harness the greatest minds, most effective technologies, and best approaches to ensure even the hardest-to-reach children and families can lead healthy lives free of HIV. We invite you to join us in the next phase of the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  3. THE NEED FOR A NEW WAY FORWARDWorking together toward an HIV-free generation 34 million people 2.5 million children — including — are living 400,000 children 900,000 with HIV/AIDS today. More than and adolescents become newly infected each year. Vast segments of affected populations — especially women and children — are not being reached by current approaches to prevention and treatment. At the same time, the funding gap between what is needed to respond to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and what is available continues to grow, reaching $10 billion in 2010. There is an urgent need for a re-energized response to HIV/AIDS — to bring low-cost, high-impact interventions and technologies to scale. And we need your help.
  4. A FUND TO BRING INNOVATION TO SCALEThe UNICEF HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund brings together top HIV experts with diverse businessand philanthropic leaders to invest in high-impact, low-cost interventions and technologies thatcan change the face of the AIDS epidemic.How it works: UNICEF sources the most The Fund incubates UNICEF works with governments, innovative ideas these ideas, NGOs, academia, and multilateral — with the power to address providing financing partners to bring the most unmet needs and hard-to-reach successful projects to 3 and expertise through populations — from experts the pilot phase. scale, breaking bottlenecks, 1 and partners working in boosting capacity, and encourag- more than 150 countries. ing new commitments. 4 The Fund’s Advisory Funders and partners receive Committee recommends narrative and financial reports the highest- helping them monitor potential investments and continually projects align funding with the most effective 2 for seed funding. innovations. 5
  5. KEY ELEMENTS OF THE INNOVATION FUNDRapid, flexible resources building a pathway to scale • Pooled fund of $4-5 million/year. • Transparent criteria and process for selection of projects, including defined metrics for measuring success/impact. • Provision of rapid, flexible resources during the early stages of a project’s life cycle, building a pathway to scale up by governments and donors. • Advisory Committee comprised of HIV experts and lead funders working together to recommend the highest-potential projects for seed funding. • External/private sector expertise leveraged to strengthen projects as needed. • Five year initial phase from 2011 to 2015, with annual review of results and impact.
  6. INNOVATION FUND TARGET AREAS FOR INVESTMENTInvesting for impact Solutions for “Last Mile” Delivery • Strengthen drug and local supply chains • Ensure drug delivery and uptake by hardest-to-reach populations • Facilitate improved disease reporting, test result delivery and treatment monitoring • Develop open-source mobile technology for integrated health services Innovation in the Youth Agenda • Reimagine youth-friendly HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment platforms • Empower youth through technology, social networks, and other new media • Enable peer-to-peer communication and support Strengthening Families and Communities • Build social and economic systems that incentivize well-being and facilitate access to health care for the hardest-to-reach • Design resources for community-based healthcare and education. Optimizing Management Systems • Maximize cost effectiveness of interventions and outcomes • Improve data use and management
  7. INNOVATION FUND PROJECT SELECTION CRITERIABreaking bottlenecks, delivering results, positioning for scale • Focus on new interventions and technologies, or innovations to current approaches that contribute to reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and children. • IIdentify specific bottlenecks to be addressed and show how the project can help change the HIV/AIDS landscape. • Be evidence-based and contribute on-the-ground results within 2–3 years. • Demonstrate how “proof-of-concept” could lead to scale-up and funding by governments and donors. • lBuild on partnerships on the ground, link with national oversight. • Use existing global and national data and indicators to measure projects’ success. • lBe fundable with approximately $500K per project.
  8. INNOVATION: Results160 MOBILE HEALTH ExampleRapidSMS improves access to HIV test results and services for women and infants Bottleneck Transportation barriers and logistical delays lead to slow reporting If positive, child starts treatment of HIV test results, delaying Early Infant Diagnosis and inhibiting 13 If negative, child retested in 6 mos. treatment for mothers and infants. All pregnant mothers tested Mother retrieves DBS results from clinic, 1 0 & results are logged in child’s Under 5 Card 12 Solution Baby born to HIV+ mother 1 Mother is SMS RapidSMS mobile phone technology increases the number of 11 contacted System infants accurately tested for HIV and drastically reduces parents’ Results processed and sent to clinic via SMS 9 wait time for results. Results received by clinic worker & logged 10 LAB Lab receives Result CLINIC HUB CLINIC 2 8 samples 2 2 Low cost text messaging leads to 50% improvement in the DBS Sample DBS Sample 2 DBS Sample DBS Sample DBS Sample Hub Clinic receives & logs samples delivery of HIV results for infants and helps ensure treatment DBS sample taken at 6 rural clinic availability and adherence. 2 DBS Sample DBS Sample DBS Sample DBS Sample 1 DBS Sample 7 Hub aggregates samples Benefits 3 Samples packed & logged 1 5 Samples transported and sends to Lab 7 • Speed — Wait time for test results cut from months to days. Dried Blood Spot (DBS) to district Hub Clinic • Cost — No SMS cost for clinic staff. Sample DBS Sample DBS Sample DBS Sample 4 SMS “SENT #” samples • Scale — Potential for national scale at low cost. • Reporting — Web portal provides national view of HIV rates and treatment.
  9. INNOVATION: MOTHER-BABY PACK TO PREVENTMOTHER-TO-CHILD HIV TRANSMITION ExampleSimple, phased drug package helps keep babies HIV-free Bottleneck In remote, resource-limited communities many women lack access to care facilities that prevent mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV or provide sustained HIV/AIDS treatment. Solution An integrated take-home treatment pack provides necessary drugs to prevent MTCT of HIV during antenatal, delivery, and post-delivery care. Result Women get easy-to-follow, at-home treatment that empowers them to help ensure they do not pass the virus on to their newborns. Benefits • Portable and complete — each pack contains a complete set of pre-packaged drugs for mother and baby. • User-friendly — color-coding and pictograms help women take the correct dose of medicines without confusion. • Field-tested — proven success in Rwanda, Malawi, and Zambia. • Trained support — local capacity-building for health workers enables them to teach women how to take the medicines at home.
  10. OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP DRIVE THE HIV/AIDS INNOVATION FUNDUNICEF and Business and Philanthropic leaders changing the face of HIV/AIDS UNICEF as a Partner for Innovation UNICEF has offices in more than 150 countries worldwide, and a long history of identifying and scaling innovative solutions to development challenges. We are looking for partners who share our belief that the next step in the fight against HIV/AIDS calls for new col- laboration models and a willingness to embrace innovation. Become a Seed Funder Make a substantial, multi-year contribution to help seed the Fund and you’ll join the Fund’s Advisory Committee — a multi-disciplinary group of corporate and philanthropic leaders, and top HIV experts. Leverage Your Network If you know investors for whom the Innovation Fund would be of interest, please put them in touch with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.
  11. CONTACT USFor more information, please contact: Rajesh Anandan Vice President, Corporate, Foundation & Sports Partnerships U. S. Fund for UNICEF (212) 992-2646 Colleen Galbraith Manager, Corporate Partnerships U. S. Fund for UNICEF (212) 922-2635