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MIR - June 2011 - Mobile Activation


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Daniel Lammon, Strategy Director at MIR, presenting on how UNICEF can make a more meaningful impact with mobile.

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MIR - June 2011 - Mobile Activation

  1. 1. Mobile Activation: Guidelines & Case Studies
  2. 2. Guidelines
  3. 3. Mobile isn ’ t a bolt on
  4. 4. It requires new additions to your teams
  5. 5. Always ground your planning in behavior
  6. 6. Consider the devices that are common among your audience
  7. 7. Make it sharable
  8. 8. Provide Continual Value
  9. 9. Finding your mobile sweet spot
  10. 10. Permissions and Opt-ins
  11. 11. Integrating with other campaign elements
  12. 12. Across the board measurement
  13. 13. Case Studies
  14. 14. Cell-Life and MXit Background : In South Africa their are many more cellphones than landlines. The National Aids Helpline (NAHL) is free to call from a landline, but regular cellphone rates apply. It ’ s expensive to call from a private cellphone, or people have to make use of public phones which are often within earshot of others. Problem: It ’ s expensive and invasive to call the NAHL Solution: Leverage MXit, a mobile messaging service with over 20MM users. To allow young adults to receive HIV counseling via text, which is more efficient, private, and cost effective. “ Splash screen ” ads were used to drive initial awareness of the campaign. Results: 4000% increase in number of people using the service. Counsellors were able to handle 10+ conversations at a time. Hoax calls decreased dramatically. All at a cost of only $35,000
  15. 15. Red Cross in Haiti Problem: In January 2010 a massive earthquake devastated much of Haiti. The Red Cross needed a way to quickly collect donations that would engage a large number of people. Solution : Within a few hours, mGive had teamed up with the Red Cross to implement what would become the most successful mobile giving campaign to date. By texting “ HAITI ” to 90999 people could donate $10. The campaign propagated throughout all media channels. Results: Within five days the campaign had raised over $22 MM. By June 2010, it had raised over $41 MM. 14% of donations to Haiti came via text, more than television or email. 95% of text donations were from first time donors to the Red Cross. Over 20K text donors opted in to the Red Cross ’ email list.
  16. 16. Mobile matters in emerging markets More than 1/3 of the African population has a mobile plan, with some areas reaching almost 2/3 market penetration. 20% of Kenyans have access to grid electricity, but mobile subscriber penetration stands at over 42%. By 2015: Only 32% of the population is expected to be connected to the grid, but mobile penetration will have reached 75%.
  17. 17. Nike+ GPS
  18. 18. Thank You