Simien national park


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A report about one of the World Heritage Site.

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Simien national park

  1. 1. Ladies and Gentleman, Welcomeaboard Heritage Tourism Airlines nonstop flight to Ethiopia.
  2. 2. Simien National Park
  3. 3. Massive erosion over the years on the Ethiopian plateau has created one of the most spectacularlandscapes in the world, with jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices dropping some 1,500 m.
  4. 4. Simien Mountains National Park is in Ethiopia. Itwas one of the first sites added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978.
  5. 5. Simien Mountains one of the main highlands of Africa, the highest pointin Ethiopia, Ras Deshen is 4600m high.
  6. 6. The park was created primarily toprotect the Walia Ibex a wild goat. Simien Park is also families for theGelada Baboon and the rare Simien Jackal.
  7. 7. Simien Mountains will leave you speechless, is a heaven for trekkersand animal lovers, its the trepidation of sitting among Gelada Baboons.
  8. 8. Standing on top a panoramic precipice, overlooking Abyssinian abyss that will take your breath away.
  9. 9. Simien National Park is located innorthern Ethiopia about 100 km fromthe town of Gondar. The Simien have some of Africas most striking mountain scenery, a world heritage site. Adventure trekking routes into the Simien National Park take you through the most pristine region of Africa.
  10. 10. Discover some of Africas most beautiful and impressive scenery, meet Amharpeople. Many travellers consider Simianthe most beautiful mountain in all of the Africa, experience remote places where few tourists ever visit.
  11. 11. The park is home to some extremely rare animals such as the Gelada baboon.In the Semien Mountainsof Northern Ethiopia live these special Gelada Baboons. The red heart on the males chest iscalled the bleeding heart. These baboons are not scared at all so you can get real good close ups.
  12. 12. Gelada Baboon is the most common of these, with an estimated 20,000 Baboons living in troops.
  13. 13. Infant gelada baboon in SimienMountains National Park, Ethiopia (© Fiona Rogers/Corbis)
  14. 14. Only the very lucky visitor will see a Simien fox, or Abyssinian wolf (Simenia simensis). It is ex-tremely ran; in the Simyen it is even rarer than the walia, although it has another strongholdSIMIEN FOX in the mountains of southern Ethiopia, which the walia does not.
  15. 15. It is misnamed, for it is neither a fox nor a wolf but something unique-a member of the dog family, but theonly one. of its genus; and restricted to Ethiopia.
  16. 16. The Simien Jackal is now very rare in the mountains, you may spot a few Jackals here. Simien Wolf is the worlds rarest canid.
  17. 17. Walia ibex a goat found nowhere else in the world. Walia Ibex in Ethiopia by Markus Lilje.
  18. 18. The walia is a type of wild goat.
  19. 19. Located: Gondar RegionDate of Inscription: 1978 Criteria: (vii)(x) Property : 13,600 ha Ref: 9 Type: Natural
  20. 20. HISTORY• The park was established in 1969, having been set up by Clive Nicol, who wrote about his experiences in From the Roof of Africa (1971, ISBN 0 340 14755 5).• It was one of the first sites to be made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (1978). However, due to serious population declines of some of its characteristic native species, in 1996 it was also added to the List of World Heritage in Danger.
  21. 21. Clive Williams Nicol, MBE is a Welsh writerand actor and a long-time resident and citizen of Japan.• C.W. Nicol was born in Neath, Wales, and from a young age expressed an interest in wildlife and the environment.
  22. 22. • He then spent two years (1967 to 1969) as a game warden in Ethiopia, setting up the new Semien Mountains National Park for the Ethiopian Government. He returned to Japan, writing a book about his Ethiopian experiences: From the Roof of Africa (1971, ISBN 0-340-14755-5).
  23. 23. Significant Value
  24. 24. The park is of global significance forbiodiversity conservation because it ishome to globally threatened species.
  25. 25. The undulating plateau of the Simien mountains has over millions of years been eroded to form precipitous cliffsand deep gorges of exceptional natural beauty.
  26. 26. The spectacular scenery of the Simien mountains is considered to rival Colorado’s Grand Canyon.
  27. 27. Due to its topographic ruggedness, comparatively large forest stands,some in a more or less virgin state, still exist;
  28. 28. With its unique topography, abundance of fauna and flora, and its traditional peasant farming system, the area has a high potential for tourism.
  29. 29. Threats to theintegrity of the park include: • Human settlement • Cultivation • Soil erosion, particularly around the village of Gich • Frequent fires in the tree heather forest • Excessive numbers of domestic stock
  30. 30. Protection and management requirements:• Effective management presence and the maintenance and increasing of staff levels and training .• Effective protection of the park’s flagship species and close cooperation with local communities.
  31. 31. • Significant financial support is needed for the management of the park.• Development of alternative livelihood options for local communities.• Development, implementation, review and monitoring of a management plan and the revision and extension of the park boundaries.
  32. 32. • Improving and increasing ecotourism facilities.• Environmental education and training programmes.
  33. 33. The End. Thank you for listening.