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Technology Governance - Innovation Policy and Development Economics


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This programme covers several subject fields, as economics, technology and innovation, and public administration in an interrelated way. It includes various interlinked areas of study including public administration and the role of the state in economic development, innovation, industries, and finance. The programme is aimed at understanding the capitalist economies and economic development processes with a focus on developing and transitional countries The MA in Technology Governance is offered in cooperation with the European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology (ESST) that includes 12 leading European universities.

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Technology Governance - Innovation Policy and Development Economics

  1. 1.  Strong academic excellence and entrepreneurial spirit TALLINN UNIVERSIT Y OF TECHNOLOGY MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY GOVERNANCE – INNOVATION POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS WHY ESTONIA?  Internationally accepted diplomas  Great student services M  Modern and innovative European  Modern campus with new student dormitories country  Adventurous student life –  Beautiful country with Nordic values find true friends for life! and living standards  Office in Silicon Valley, California  Full member of the European Union, Schengen Area and Eurozone  Cooperation with Microsoft, Skype, Samsung etc. AS  Wired and high-tech society  Homeland of Skype  Blends medieval architecture with Scandinavian modernity (www.tripadvisor.com) WHY TUT? TALLINN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY ESTONIA IN FACTS FACTS ABOUT TUT TER M OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Estonia Founded: 1918 LOCATION: Northeastern Europe, Scandinavia Location: Tallinn, capital of Estonia CAPITAL: Tallinn Student body: around 14 000 GOVERNMENT: parliamentary democracy International student body: around 5% MEMBER STATE OF: EU, WTO, OECD & NATO AS TERRITORY: 45,227 km² (larger than e.g. the Language of study: Estonian, English, Russian Netherlands, which is 41,526 km²) POPULATION: 1.3 million OF Biggest faculty of economics and social sciences in Estonia Campus university CURRENCY: the euro (€) OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Estonian TECHNOLOGY OTHER LANGUAGES: English, German, Finnish, GOVERNANCE – Russian INNOVATION POLICY TER CLIMATE: humid/temperate AND DEVELOPMENT HOW TO APPLY? ECONOMICS OSLO TALLINN STOCKHOLM ESTONIA STEP 1 HELSINKI TALLINN OF Fill out the online application form at www.estonia.dreamapply.com, print it out, sign TECHNOLOGY the confirmation page and send it with other required documents to TUT’s International GOVERNANCE – Study Center. INNOVATION POLICY 1 passport size photo Receipt of non-refundable application fee for Contact AND DEVELOPMENT STEP 2 €40 (www.ttu.ee/admission) Thesis proposal, CV and motivational letter/ TALLINN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY ECONOMICS Attach documents: personal statement  Notarized/attested copies of Bachelor International Study Center (www.ttu.ee/prerequisites) diploma and academic transcripts (plus Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, ESTONIA notarized translations in English)  Proof of English language: copy of TOEFL, SEND E-MAIL study@ttu.ee ES ADLIN IELTS test or document that proves thatSTEP 3 CALL US (+372) 620 3422 E TION D your previous education was fully in English. PPLICA y 1st iTUT st 21 TOEFL report: minimum score of 173 withSend the application form together with the above A U – Ma Russia – July computer based test, 61 iBT. IELTS report: Non-E ey, Georgia,stlisted documents to International Study Center of WEBSITE rk minimum score of 5,0 EU, Tu Augus t 21Tallinn University of Technology. www.ttu.ee/en tut.international Fin land –  Copies of the identification pages of passport
  2. 2. FACTSDegree awarded: Master of Arts in Social MASTER OF BASIC STUDIES FUTURE CAREER OPTIONSSciences in Technology Governance (MA) TECHNOLOGY Development Policies and Globalization Academic volume: 120 ECPLanguage of studies: English GOVERNANCE – International Organizations European Union and Multilevel Governance The programme is designed to educate prospectiveDuration: 2 years INNOVATION POLICY policy analysts and public servants, but it is also ideal for those who want to work in the privateTuition fee: €2280 per whole programme*Entry: Bachelor’s degree, thesis proposal, AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIAL STUDIES sector (entrepreneurs, consultants, analysts) or NGOs. Potential employers include also internationalmotivational letter/personal statement and CV ECONOMICS organizations, science and technology parks, development agencies, think-tanks, and technology-Scholarships: R. Nurkse scholarship Introduction to Types of Capitalism intensive private companies. Faculty of Social Sciences*The tuition fees are based on 2012-2013 ECP prices Financial Policies, Innovation and Economic Development TEMPORARYwww.ttu.ee/technologygovernance History of Economic Policy and Theory of Uneven DevelopmentThis programme covers several subject fields,as economics, technology and innovation, and STRUCTURE OF THE Case Studies in Business, Government and RESIDENCE PERMITpublic administration in an interrelated way.It includes various interlinked areas of study CURRICULUM International Economy Economy and Business Climate in Eastern Non-EU students need to apply for temporaryincluding public administration and the role of Partnership residence permit for the period of their studies. After General studies 6 ECP being accepted to the university and receiving thethe state in economic development, innovation, Economy and Business Climate Russia Basic studies 9 ECP documents to apply for the residence permit, theindustries, and finance. The programme is aimed student should turn to the closest Estonian Embassy Special studies 70 ECP Funding Projects in Russian and Easternat understanding the capitalist economies (more info www.vm.ee). Temporary residence permit Free choice courses 5 ECP Partnership Countriesand economic development processes with a is valid for one year and should be renewed every yearfocus on developing and transitional countries Graduation thesis 30 ECP Management of Knowledge and Innovation in Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, CitizenshipThe MA in Technology Governance is offered in Processes and Migration Bureau (more info www.politsei.ee).cooperation with the European Inter-University EU students do not need residence permit for staying TOTAL 120 ECP Business Strategies, Business Planning, Product in Estonia. These students only need to register theirAssociation on Society, Science and Technology and Service Planning and Development residence in the City District Government.(ESST) that includes 12 leading European Empirical-Historical Economicsuniversities. GENERAL STUDIES State and Governance Small States ACCOMMODATIONKEY FEATURES Graduate Seminar Public Management and Administration There are two main options for arranging a student accommodation in Tallinn: Public Administration and Innovation Case-study based teaching and strong Policy Skills: Strategic Management, Policy Russian Law and Legal System  campus accommodation – TUT administrates On emphasis on internships Analysis and Lesson-Drawing EU Cooperation with Russia and Eastern 6 dormitories. Residences are based on box- Opposed to standard text-book and system – furnished apartment with 2 rooms for mainstream economics taught at most Partnership Countries 4 persons, with shared kitchen and a bathroom. universities. Explained by presenting more Russian Legal System and Regulations in Practice Stephan Jensen Rent per person in double room is around €100 per realistic, real-life related economic theories month. The number of places in the residences is Site visits and guest lectures from leading Norway Research Methods in Social Sciences limited, therefore the university cannot guarantee Regionalism and Regional Administration in Russia probably the best a place for all the students. ”This TUT Master’s programme is Estonian and international companies  Private rooms and apartments for rent – pe! of technology programme in the Euro Faculty includes many internationally Internship distinguished, award-winning professors economics apartments are usually found through Internet, The Technology Governance curr iculum in TUT Technical Change and Techno-economic Paradigms newspaper advertisements or rental agencies framework for provides you with a highly effective operating in Tallinn. Prices depend on the!!! Technology and Society vation apartment, its location and number of rooms. analyzing the pivotal role of technology and inno Case Studies in Technologies and Industries rnment, and in business, finance, economics, gove Innovation SystemsProfessor of the programme Mr. WolfgangDrechsler has served as Senior Legislative international relations. As such, it is extremely of strategic decisions necessarily Russians: History, Myths and Ideology LIVING EXPENSES relevant to the kind in any field.Analyst in the United States Congress and is Contemporary Russian Society and Culture facing high-level 21st century leaders The cost of living in Estonia, comparing to the rest ofrecipient of the Alena Brunovskà Award forTeaching Excellence in Public Administration! Also, because the classes are small and mostly in E-Governance the European Union, is very affordable. The average act with the top- monthly expenses of living for international students, sem inar forms you get a lot of cont including accommodation, transport, food and some fellow notch inter national professors as well as your FREE CHOICE COURSES other, can be estimated as around €500. students.” GRADUATION THESIS