13 Month Extension of Unemployment Benefits


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13 Month Extension of Unemployment Benefits

  1. 1. Login | Blog | SiteMap | Make TWS my homepage HOME You are here: Home » World » News Details FEATURES A r tic le C o m m e nts ( ) E m a il P r int A+ / A- HEALTH LOCAL NEWS U n e m p lo ym e n t b e n e fits : O b a m a e x te n d s it fo r 1 3 OPINION m o n th s REGIONAL 19 June, 2011 Share SCIENCE AND TECH Ads by Google Unemployment Obama SPORTS WORLD President Barack Obama reauthorizes federal unemployment benefits extension for another 13 months. The step was taken by Obama to reduce the escalating unemployment rate in the country. Top 2011 Online Grants The unemployment rate in United Grant Funding May Be Available Go Back To States has reached almost 9 percent. It School! is a critical situation and needs www.ClassesUSA.com immediate attention, Obama, who is Help Restore the Economy face elections in 2012 has realized. W rite Congress. Tell Them to Work Together and Find Solutions! Obama might know well that the O weNo.com Republicans, who have majority in the Unemployment Analysis House of Representatives, would not Pew Reports on the impact of Long-term Unemployment allow an extension for the jobless www.Pewtrusts.org/pfai benefits. The Republicans have been Infinisource Unemployment severe criticizers of any kind of Get control of you unemployment claims w ith unemployment benefits extension us today. because they want to see the country’s infinisourcepayroll.com budget deficit offset more than Sub s c r ib e N e w s Le tte r anything else. Enter your mail ID But, according to Unemployment-Extension.Org, there are 1.5 million 99ers in the United Subscribe States. These are the people who have been out of work since the global financial slowdown. They have been living on the federal benefits for last 99 weeks. Last year, the Republicans Unsubscribe and Democrats agreed to allow a 13-month extension for jobless benefits on a compromise deal made between the parties. The Republicans allowed the Democrats to introduce the extension on condition that they would support their demand for an extension of Bush tax cuts. It might an irony for a person that the Republicans who are pledged to offset the country’s budget deficiency were raising the demand for Bush tax cuts extension. REA DERS C O M M ENTS() To comment, Register or Log In Post Comment converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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