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Presentation re FOL

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  • Helen

    In addition to:
    train-the-trainer workshops now until Christmas 2010
    2-hour school-based workshops from February through mid-April 2011
    Moodle Mentors throughout 2011
    We will also provide:
    self-help resources built in Moodle
    a drop-in space for workshop follow-up and just-in-time support
    a help-desk hotline for technical questions; and
    If you have any queries about the Training and Support Plan, or would like to make some suggestions, please contact: Cherry Stewart via email or phone her on 02-6773 5069
  • This site provides an example of Course Community site in Moodle.
    Here students can access a range of information and communicate with their peers. It allows students to establish an ‘identity’ with their peers across the year levels, whereas previously they were isolated within their units.
    In this instance this page provides information supporting the induction of students new to UNE.

    On the left hand side students can see all of their unit web sites and any course and community sites that they are enrolled in.

    On the right hand side, there is a link to other professional communities that students, as they progress through their studies, may link up with.

    The Search forums, also provides a practical way for students to link to relevant discussion forums in the Professional Community.

    There will also be links here to policy and other relevant ‘general’ information
  • This is a typical unit web site in Moodle.
    It has three columns and this particular site is using a topic based approached. As you can see the first topic in this site “Overview of Marketing” is currently highlighted, making it obvious where the student needs to draw their attention.
    Note on the left hand side in the navigation column, the student can jump directly to any particular section of the site, without multiple ‘clicks’.
    Navigation and access is consistent across all sites, making it easier for students to get quickly to the resources / spaces / activities that they need.
  • This shows an example of a content page and a personalised introduction to a particular unit by the Unit Coordinator. Use of photos are encouraged because they don’t use a lot of bandwidth but are good for personalising the unit.
  • Topics clearly stated and all activities detailed to students.
    Without being able to view the comparative site in Blackboard, the previous learning management system used at UNE, you may not appreciate the improvements that Moodle provides.
    In Blackboard, you would have to go down multiple pathways to find all of the particular activities associated with a unit topic.
    In Moodle, this is all at one level and activities are situated within the learning pathway, as appropriate.
    This is not only easier for the student from a learning perspective but much easier for a teacher to set up, as they can think holistically about their approach to a unit, rather then which tool do I use now.
  • On the right hand side of the Moodle site there is a calendar which will show key events that are both university and course wide.
    It will also show the individual assessment due dates for each student in their own site.
  • Resources are critical to what a students can access for their learning . This will include slides, audio, video, eReadings, etc.
    Again, without having to learn anything more than the tools staff are familiar with e.g. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint – they can easily setup an interactive presentation in Moodle. From a student perspective, this means that the technology they need to access this information is much more standardised.
  • Presentation to MAPA (10 Nov 2010)

    2. 2. CONTENTS • The UNE Flexible and Online Programme • Programme Status Update • Change Champion Events MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    3. 3. PROJECT 2012 – THE PORTFOLIO UNE: Flexible & Online Collaborations Trimesters Project 2012 - VC Unit Monitoring SDVC / DVC(A) Course Profile Planning Executive Sponsor Prof. Graham Webb Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    4. 4. PROJECT 2012 FOL – THE PORTFOLIO Flexible & Online Revitalised Learning Working Together Transforming Technology Executive Sponsor Prof. Graham Webb Academic Lead: Prof. Belinda Tynan Program Director: Sam Austrin-Miner Prog Mgr: Myles Carrick Prog Mgr: Lorraine Jenkyn Prog Mgr: David Symons MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    5. 5. PROGRAM STATUS UPDATE – REVITALISED LEARNING Project/Deliverables Executive Sponsor Status Outcomes and Benefits New and Revitalised Courses Graham Webb Green New course offerings, leading to increased revenue. Learning Models Quality & Stds Graham Webb Green Increased online quality for all courses and units. Moodle: Teaching/Learning Graham Webb Green New single learning platform integrated to new Learning Model. Removal of two older systems, reduction in IT applications staff. Moodle: Research & Communities Graham Webb Green Greater interaction between research and course communities. Post Graduate interaction increased. New single learning platform integrated to new Learning Model. Removal of two older systems, reduction in IT applications staff. Mahara ePortfolios Graham Webb Green Provision of lifetime ePortfolio space and system for all staff and students. Rich Media (Vod/Pod) Peter Enlund Amber Lecture capture system and storage for all lecture theatres and academic desktops. Increased availability of new Vodcasts and Podcasts of lectures for all students globally. System will be integrated with Moodle system. Virtual Classroom (Not funded) Peter Enlund Not Started Opportunity for students to view and take part in lectures and seminars in real time. (asynchronous and synchronous). Online Secure Examinations Graham Webb Green Reduction in usage of remote examination centres leading to a tighter control on exams and financial savings. Rationalising CDROMs Graham Webb Green Reduction in usage of outmoded media, staff and financial savings from postage, packaging etc. MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    6. 6. Moodle Mentors • School-based academics identified as eager to promote and use Moodle for teaching and learning • Must attend special Moodle workshop in January 2011 • Expected to facilitate at least one workshop within their School • Key point to distribute information about Moodle • Funding provided to attend Moodle / teaching and learning related workshop in 2011
    7. 7. A Moodle Course Community
    8. 8. Structure of a Moodle unit
    9. 9. Introduction, policies and welcome
    10. 10. ‣ Clear “nesting” of all activities Studying in Moodle • Current topic clearly labelled
    11. 11. Course and unit calendar  Calendar shows upcoming tasks for all current units
    12. 12. Resources • Slides embedded as interactive Flash presentation • ... or downloadable to PowerPoint
    13. 13. PROGRAM STATUS UPDATE – TRANSFORMING TECHNOLOGY Project Executive Sponsor Status Outcome and Benefits IT Strategy Peter Enlund Green - Complete Agreed IT plan and migration to portfolio management and budget management in line with University Strategy. Migration of workforce to customer orientated model. Reduction in cost ongoing capital requirements, increased system reliability. IT Budget Rebuild Peter Enlund Green - Complete Remodelling of IT budget requirements and decentralised spend against the new strategy. Better IT budget management. IT Design new Organisation Model Peter Enlund Green - Complete Organisational model that fits the customer focused imperatives of the new strategy for IT. Voice over IP Peter Enlund Green Business case, and thereafter deployment plan to deliver telephony service change. Financial savings. New Web Solutions Peter Enlund Amber New web hardware infrastructure that is more reliable and secure than current outmoded unsupported systems in use. Student satisfaction with online systems increased. Skype Roll Out Peter Enlund Green - Complete Enhanced use of new network to allow for greater communication between students and academics, admin staff. Reduction in cost of conference, video and telephone calls. Establish Information Strategy Peter Enlund Not Yet Started Strategy for management of information for the university as a whole, covering research, library, IT. Cloud Email/Calendar Peter Enlund Green Business case and plan to enable organisation to choose a vendor to provide email and calendar services in the cloud. Migration to the Cloud for these services. Resulting in reduction of cost of infrastructure and greater integration with new Moodle system for students and staff. Disaster Recovery Project Peter Enlund Amber Increased resilience in new Student learning platform (Moodle) Identity Access Management system created offsite. @Task Deployment Graham Webb Green – Almost Complete Transparent real time reporting on all outcomes, benefits, issues and risks for all FOL and ITD projects for executive management. Hosting Strategy Peter Enlund Green Plan to engage with a number of key IT partners to enable hosting of core systems and services. Reduction in ongoing capital requirements and FTE over time. MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    14. 14. Hosting Strategy • Phase 1 – Identification/Negotiation of a series of IT partners • Phase 2 – Core hosting requirements • Moodle • Callista • Alesco • Finance 1 MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    15. 15. PROGRAM STATUS UPDATE – WORKING TOGETHER Project Executive Sponsor Status Outcomes and Benefits Workforce Planning Peter Enlund Green A strategy to assist the university in coping with the resource and financial constraints imposed by demographic issues within the ageing workforce. Business Processes Adaptation Peter Enlund Not Yet Started Efficiency savings in Financial Flow; Human Resources; and procurement activity. Programme Mgt/Benefits Realisation Graham Webb Green A robust auditable delivery arm for the university’s transformation requirements providing transparent reporting and processes to assist the executive in management of risks and issues and financial constraints. Focus of delivery is upon strong business case development; delivery methodology; and financial and quality benefits realisation. Integrated Student Support Eve Woodbury Amber Reduction in current process weaknesses around student support. Retention and Engagement Graham Webb Green Reduction in student attrition. Load and Revenue Forecasting Kim Cull/Peter Enlund Green - Initiation Reports on financial information relating to the margin revenue against current student load. Approvals Project (Ac/Bus) Graham Webb Green - initiation A streamlined process of course and unit organisational acceptance/modifications that speeds up the time taken to make course/units live for students. New Support Model (PAT) Peter Enlund Green – almost complete A new IT desktop support model that is customer focused and based upon personal productivity. MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    16. 16. Business Process Adaptation • Vice Chancellor – “Mission Impossible Crack Team” • Procurement/Purchasing Processes [P2P] • Financial Flow Processes – COA – Delegated Authorities – Devolved Budget Management activities – GL – AP – AR – Cash Accounting • HR Processes MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE
    17. 17. DATE OF NEXT CHANGE CHAMPIONS MEETING • 15th November 2010 • 13th December 2010 • January 2011 • February 2011 • March 2011 • April 2011 • May 2011 • June 2011 • July 2011 • August 2011 • September 2011 • October 2011 • November 2011 • December 2011 • Choice and Flexibility • A Seamless Student Experience • Regionally Based – Globally Connected • Driving Innovation MARKETING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS UPDATE