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Women Living With Disabilities


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The presentation was presented at a subregional seminar for NHRIs in Central Asia on "Promoting and Protecting the Rights of the Person with Disabilities" in February 2012

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Women Living With Disabilities

  1. 1. Women living with disabilities Yana Chicherina, Louise Sperl 16th February, 2012 Bratislava
  2. 2. International Frameworks (I) The CRPD Convention• Recognizes that women and girls with disabilities are subject to multiple forms of discrimination.• Art. 6: State parties obliged to take measures to ensure full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by women and girls with disabilities.
  3. 3. International Frameworks (II) Nexus CRPD - CEDAW• General Recommendation No. 18 (1991) on Disabled women• CEDAW Concluding Observations (e.g. Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine)
  4. 4. International Frameworks (II) Nexus CRPD – ILO Conventions• Convention on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons (No. 159) of 1983• ILO Human Resources Development Recommendation (No. 195) of 2004• 2001 ILO Code of Practice on Managing Disability in the Workplace.
  5. 5. Women with disabilities in ECIS• Reproductive rights• Vulnerability to violence and sexual exploitation• Access to education• Employment opportunities
  6. 6. Addressing rights of women with disabilities in ECIS• Breaking stigma and stereotypes• Improving legislation• Empowerment• Reproductive rights• Deinstitutalization/ protection from violence
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