Violence against Women - No longer a Family Issue


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Violence against Women - No longer a Family Issue

  2. 2. Project componentsIn December 2006Albania passed the Lawon Measures againstViolence in FamilyRelations 2. LawThe law entered into 1. Policy review enforcement and 3. Raisingforce on June 1st, 2007 for protective relief services awareness for legal and social through changing environment community attitudeProject duration: coordinationOctober 2006 –December 2010
  3. 3. 1. Policy review for protectivelegal and social environment1. The project helpedwith the formulation ofthe first NationalStrategy on GenderEquality and DomesticViolence (2007Ǧ2010)2. VAW Project helpedGoA to develop thesecondary legislation onthe basis and for theimplementation of theDV Law3. Lobbied for andsupported the creationof a core unit/section atthe MOLSAEO to dealwith DV issues
  4. 4. 2. Law enforcement and reliefservices through communitycoordination1. Conducted the first, baseline survey on prevalence and incidence ofdomestic violence against women and children – 56% of women haveexperienced some form of violence in family relationships; 57.7% ofchildren from 10Ǧ14 years old report being physically abused.2. Trained 140 police members, 400 health workers and 110 judges andprosecutors on the implementation of the DV law3. Developed a manual for police and another for health workers inhandling domestic and genderǦbased violence cases4. Organised 12 community coordination workshops for 300 officials andrepresentatives of local authorities, where the DV law was explained andparticipants brainstormed on how to build interǦdisciplinary collaboration
  5. 5. National Survey on Domestic ViolenceProf. Milika Dhamo, leader of the team involved in designing the questionnaire andconducting the Survey discusses the findings with a group of experts
  6. 6. Health workers training sessions on genderŞbasedand domestic violenceTirana maternity nurses discuss the protocols of domestic violence
  7. 7. Police training sessions
  8. 8. Police training sessionsUNDP representative, Entela Lako and Deputy General Director of the State Policedistribute certificates of attendance to police members of Tirana and Durres regions
  9. 9. Police training sessionsWomen police members are a driving force for improved police response to domesticviolence calls
  10. 10. Community Coordination workshopsMOLSAEO representatives and Berat region professionals discuss on the coordinatedimplementation of DV law
  11. 11. Community coordination workshopsTrainer explaining myths and facts of domestic violence to Elbasan community members
  12. 12. Community workshopsKukes community members attending DV workshops
  13. 13. Magistrates training sessionsProf. Aurela Anastas, first female member of Albanian Academy of Sciences, ConstitutionalLaw professor and Head of an NGO offering free legal assistance to women explains bestlegal practices in addressing domestic violence to a group of judges and prosecutors
  14. 14. Magistrates training sessionsHead of Korça court of Appeals discusses legal technical issues over interpretation of theDV law with the trainers
  15. 15. Awareness raising activities1. Education and awarenesscampaign with school pupilsof Kukes, Dibra, Bulqiza,Burrel, Berat, Kuçova,Skrapar, Gjirokastra,Tepelena and Permet2.AntiǦviolence days inuniversities with high UNand Albania representatives3. Training sessions withjournalists4. Exhibition of youngpainters on the VAW topic5. Celebratory concert onthe 8th of March 20086. Concluding nationalconference on DomesticViolence on 9 December20087. Advocacy tools
  16. 16. Awareness activities inschools
  17. 17. Workshops with pupils of GjirokastraBoys and girls were presented with the cause of domestic violence and were informed oftheir rights pursuant to the DV legislation
  18. 18. Young painters of “Jordan Misja” art schoolUN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative received the young painterswho prepared the exhibition on VAW during the 16 days of activism 2006
  19. 19. Young painters of “Jordan Misja” art schoolThe paintings with VAW topic were exhibited in the premises of Hotel Tirana International.These paintings formed a moving exhibition that was installed in other activities during the16 days of activism in other regions of Albania
  20. 20. 8th of March celebratory concertPM Berisha announcing his government support to introduction of 30% quota ofrepresentation for women into Albanian gender equality and electoral leigislation
  21. 21. AntiŞVAW days in Korçauniversity
  22. 22. Two newspaper supplements
  23. 23. TV spots against DomesticViolence Vts_01_1.vob