UN Programme 2010-2011 in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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UN Programme 2010-2011 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. 1. BiH Programme Steering BoardUnited Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina Annual Report 2010 and Plan 2011Council of Ministers / Entity Governments May/June, 2011 Sarajevo/Banja Luka
  2. 2. World Bank Portfolio and Disbursement 2010-11 (US$ million) A Bretton Wood Institution and a Specialized Agency of the UN - Coordinates closely with UNCT members on UNDAF preparation and delivery UNCT/UNDAF 2010 2011*Currently 14 active projects; Governance/ 24.1 18.7A total of US$ 332.3 million Local Dev.(of which 38% disbursed); Social Inclusion 111.9 1.99 IDA credits, 3 IBRD loans , Environment / 33.5 9.0 Climate Changeand 3 GEF grants;strong disbursement performance TOTAL: 169.5 29.6over the last 3 years * 2011, up to May 2011; About 60% and 40% of 2010/11 total amounts, were disbursed in the FBH and RS respectively
  3. 3. World Bank: some results from the current program• Reforms aimed at improving targeting of cash benefits - the most significant structural reform in BH over the last four years. Legislation adopted in 2010 – the challenge is now to implement it!• Investment projects continue to improve people’s lives, eg. improved access to water for over 300,000 people in 6 municipalities.• Six regional sanitary landfills – best practice in the region.• Effective primary health care through family medicine model.• Production of electricity increased and environmental impact improved.• 150 kms of roads rehabilitated.• Backlog of land registration cases to be eliminated by the end of 2011.
  4. 4. WB: New Country Partnership Strategy 2012-2015• Goals of the new CPS to be confirmed with the government in June, and presented to the World Bank Board for approval in September.• Lending envelope: about US$ 100m – IDA credits, about US$ 150m IBRD loans (DPL only), possible additional grant financing for regional climate change/disaster risk mitigation;• The main objective of the CPS will be to “support strong, inclusive economic growth and EU accession”.• Three pillars are likely to be: • Competitiveness • Inclusion • Environmental Sustainability
  5. 5. WB: Expected CPS Outcomes• Pillar I – Competitiveness • Improve competitiveness of the agriculture sector and access to EU markets ; • Energy - increases production of electricity while reducing pollution; • Efficient land market development. • Business environment regulatory reform, and improved investment climate (partnership with SIDA).• Pillar II – Inclusion • Further improvements of quality and access to primary health care • Effective and better targeted job-brokerage services • Improved targeting of non-insurance cash transfers (both veteran and civilian categories).• Pillar III – Environmental sustainability – partnership with EC • Effective solid waste management – more regional landfills and less wild dump sites. • Reduced river pollution (Miljacka, Bosna, Neretva) and better water management.
  6. 6. BiH Programme Steering Board• UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)2010 – 2014• UN AGENCIES’ PROFILES• 2010 UN FINANCIAL OVERVIEW• 2011 UN RESULTS AND FINANCIAL OVERVIEW
  7. 7. United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2010 - 2014• Adopted by Entity Governments and Council of Ministers in March, 2009. Started implementation January 1, 2010;• Implemented in partnership with all levels of government in BiH;• Support provided by 9 resident agencies (ILO, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UN Women, UNV, WHO), 6 non-resident agencies (FAO, IFAD, UNEP, UNECE, UN-Habitat, UNIDO) and IOM;• Activities closely coordinated with the Breton Woods Institutions: WB and IMF;• Aligned with the EU integration process and state/entities priorities.Total allocation envisioned: USD 178,000,000 (2010-2014)
  8. 8. United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2010 - 2014Key Outcome Areas:• GOVERNANCE & LOCAL DEVELOPMENT• SOCIAL INCLUSION• ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE• JUSTICE & HUMAN SECURITY
  9. 9. Agencies Profile FAO Establishment of rural development networks and food security action plan. IPARD sector review within EU accession process. ILO International labour standards (labour legislation) and employment and labour market policies (including vocational training and enterprise development) Social security, occupational safety and health, working conditions. Social dialogue and tripartism (economic and social councils, collective agreements, labour disputes), and employers’ and workers’ organisations. IOM Management of irregular migration flows including border management, counter trafficking/smuggling. Security Sector Reform within the EU/Euro Atlantic integration process. Promoting regular migration schemes with EU and other countries. UNDP Judicial reform and judicial institutions Rural economic and agricultural development. Poverty and social exclusion. Energy efficiency, climate change and conservation. Disaster risk reduction/mine action/disarmament
  10. 10. Agencies Profile UNEP Inter-governmental policy dialogue and cooperation on environment. Strenghtening capacities for environmental management. Translation of global policies into regional/local actions. UNESCO Restoration, revitalization and protection of cultural monuments. Promotion of cultural and natural heritage. Technical assistance in education, culture, natural-social science and communication-information. UNFPA Reproductive health policy development. Elderly social protection policy development. Collection and analysis of population data for planning/policy develop. UNHCR Legal protection and HR promotion for asylum seeker, refugees, IDPs, returnees and Roma at risk of statelessness. Income-generation projects and direct material assistance for referred group. Policy and legislative development and capacity building at all gov. levels.
  11. 11. Agencies Profile UNICEF Social protection and inclusion. Inclusive and quality education (pre, primary and secondary education) Early Childhood Development, health, immunization and nutritional services. Child protection/justice for children / children without parental care. Child rights monitoring / data collection / budget for children. UNIDO Establishment of recovery and recycling centers. Status review of cleaner production. UNV Promotion/mobilization of citizens (youth) for development by volunteering. UN Women Legal protection/promotion of gender equality and women’s human rights. Implementation and monitoring of UN resolutions on gender equality. Gender equality in the policy development and planning processes. WHO Health policy and health sector reform. Non communicable and communicable diseases control. Pharmaceutical policy implementation.
  12. 12. 2010 Financial Overview Indicative Total Indicative Budget Planned Budget2010 Donor Delivery per per Outcome for Outcome in 2010 2010 UN, EU, Swiss, Germany,Governance / Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Italy, 8,481,073 8,225,484 20%Local Develop. Sweden, Norway, BIH UN, Netherlands, Spain, Norway,Social Inclusion Swiss, Lichtenstein, Turkey, 20,484,151 19,371,601 47% Sweden, USA, Slovenia, UK, EU, BIHEnvironment / UN, MP*, Spain, Netherlands, 5,840,752 5,399,475 13%Climate Change GEF**, Norway, France, EU, BIHJustice/Human UN, GFATM***, EU, Spain, 8,978,239 8,360,121 20%Security Belgium, Italy, SwedenTOTAL USD: 43,784,215 41,356,681 100%*Multilateral Fund for Implementation of the Montreal Protocol**Global Environmental Fund***Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria
  13. 13. 2010 Financial Overview Governance/ Social Environment / UNCT Justice/HS TOTAL USD Local Dev. Inclusion Climate ChangeFAO 11,539 11,539IFAD 6,537,630* 6,537,630*ILO 67,063 67,063IOM 339,740 292,000 631,740UNDP 6,410,329 5,612,395 4,080,988 7,159,788 23,263,500UNEP 313,695 313,695UNESCO 833,500 833,500UNFPA 290,000 209,000 260,000 759,000UNHCR 487,498 2,295,870 40,000 2,823,368UNICEF 519,928 4,424,706 465,616 5,410,250UNIDO 159,753 159,753UN Women 110,926 64,717 175,643WHO 370,000 370,000TOTAL USD 8,225,484 19,371,601 5,399,475 8,360,121 41,356,681*USD 6,487,630 Loan Disbursement
  14. 14. 2011 Overview – Annual Outcomes & BudgetSector: GOVERNANCE & LOCAL DEVELOPMENT Annual Outcomes• Facilitate rural economic, agricultural and infrastructural development and strengthen municipal governance and absorption capacities in line with the EU accession process.• Support governments’ efforts in adopting socially inclusive standards in the social dialogue, policy development and policy implementation process.• Strengthen governments’ capacities in adopting human rights-based measures and mechanisms for addressing citizens needs (focus on IDPs, refugees, migrants, women, children, Roma, etc.) State RS FBiH Budget 4,022,699 2,552,055 2,832,352 SECTOR TOTAL USD 9,397,106
  15. 15. 2011 Overview – Annual Outcomes & BudgetSector: SOCIAL INCLUSION Annual Outcomes• Assist governments in implementation of the revised Strategy for Implementation of Annex VII.• Improve basic health, education, social protection, and child protection services.• Increase youth employability and first time work experience opportunities for unemployed youth.• Support development and implementation of evidence-based policies and protectionsystems targeting social inclusion of vulnerable groups (elderly, children, IDPs, returnees,women, Roma) and implementation of UN Conventions (Rights of People with Disabilities,Rights of the Children, etc). State RS FBiH Budget 2,381,858 9,241,730 5,857,858 SECTOR TOTAL USD 17,481,446
  16. 16. 2011 Overview – Annual Outcomes & BudgetSector: ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE Annual Outcomes• Ensure inclusion of environmental and energy issues in development agendas at all levels;• Contribute to governments’ efforts on meeting key international environmental obligations;• Develop governments’ capacities for effective participation in the global climate change negotiations;• Pioneer initiatives on linkages between economic development, climate change and energy efficiency. State RS FBiH Budget 3,275,756 2,131,633 2,074,792 SECTOR TOTAL USD 7,482,181
  17. 17. 2011 Overview – Annual Outcomes & BudgetSector: JUSTICE AND HUMAN SECURITY Annual Outcomes• Assist governments’ efforts to carry out Justice Reform Strategy and to establisheffective rule of law, access to justice and victims/witness support mechanisms.• Provide technical inputs in developing and implementing next HIV/AIDS Strategy andlegal protective mechanisms for children, refugees, asylum seekers and women.• Improve monitoring and implementation mechanisms for immunization services andcommunicable diseases information exchange.• Strengthen border management, disaster risk reduction, mine action and disarmamentcapacities and improve gender based and armed violence prevention mechanisms. State RS FBiH Budget 5,315,288 7,044,478 8,564,043 SECTOR TOTAL USD 20,923,809
  18. 18. 2011 Financial Overview Indicative Total Planned Budget per Outcome2011 Donor for 2011 % State RS FBiH TOTAL UN, EU, Swiss,Governance/ Lichenstein, Sweden, 4,022,699 2,552,055 2,832,352 9,397,106 17%Local Development Netherlands, Norway, Austrian, BIH, UN UN, Netherlands,Social Inclusion Switzerland, EU, Spain, 2,381,858 9,241,730 5,857,858 17,481,446 32% Turkey, BIH UN, Spain, GEF,Environment Austria, Finland,Protection / 3,275,756 2,131,633 2,074,792 7,482,181 15% Sweden, Slovenia, MP,Climate Change EU, France, BiH UN, GFATM, EU, Spain,Justice / Human Denmark, Sweden, 5,315,288 7,044,478 8,564,043 20,923,809 36%Security Switzerland, Norway, UK, USAID, NATO PfP 14,995,601 20,969,896 19,329,045TOTAL USD 55,284,542 27% 38% 35%
  19. 19. Criteria for allocation of programmes resources National/Entity priority initiatives;UNDAF 5-year objectives and sector priorities as defined with governments in 2009 and agency programs; Reports, analysis and field research; Availability of UN or Donor resources for particular objectives and country entitlements (f.ex. GEF, Trust Funds, MDG-F); Demand from authorities at all levels; Ability of counterpart to absorb; Regional initiatives where BIH participates.
  20. 20. 2011 Overview – Joint Programmes & Budgets 2011 JPs Annual Targets Institutional Partners BudgetMDG-F Culture • Adopt action plan for Culture Strategy & create new culture • BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs8 M USD statistics methodology • RS Ministry of Culture/Educ.(2009-2011) • Disseminate inter-cultural education toolkit for 3,500 • FBiH Ministry of Culture/Sp. 1,862,920UNDP/UNICEF/ teachersUNESCO • Renovated over 40 cultural institutions & monuments • Promoted reconciliation activities at municipal levelMDG-F Environment • Develop 30 LEAPs and 4 SEAPs • BiH MOFTER5.5 M USD • Identify and initiate innovative grants for sustainable energy • RS Ministry of Spatial(2010-2012) efficiency in public sector buildings Planning, Construction and 2,576,292UNDP/UNEP/FAO/ • Establish Designated National Authority (DNA) EnvironmentUNESCO/UNV • Develop first draft of the State of Environment Report • FBiH Ministry of Environment and TourismMDG-F Youth Employ • Establish 15 centers for information, counselling and • BiH Ministry of Cvil Affairs6.3 M USD training of unemployed youth • RS Ministries of(2010-2012) • Provide first work experience for at least 400 unemployed 1,970,883 Education/EmploymentUNDP/UNICEF/ young persons • FBiH Ministries ofUNFPA/IOM/UNV • Modernize curricula in 90 schools throughout BiH Education/EmploymentMDG-F Economic • Develop 11 strategic documents and action plans for SI in • BiH MOFTER & Civil AffairsGovernance water governance • RS/FBiH MoAFWM 2,016,8624.6 M USD • Addressed priorities defined in 11 master plans and Action • FBiH MoLSP(2010-2012) plans for Social Inclusion (infrastructural projects) • RS MoHSWUNICEF/UNDP • GoAl WaSH awareness campaign completedJP Combating GBV • Complete GBV prevalence survey and model for GBV data • BiH Gender Equality Agency1.1 M USD collection agreed • Entity Gender Centres(2010-2012) • Finalise GBV modules and training for police and prosecutors • RS Ministry of Interior 603,467UNFPA/UNDP • Conduct media/awareness raising campaign • FBiH Ministry of Interior • Scale up 6 referral mechanisms for victims of GBV • RS/FBiH Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Centres