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United Nations      E-Government        Survey 2012                           E-Government for                    Sustaina...
tion for Economic Co-operation and Develop-       the world community is continuing its onward        Survey 2012 will, th...
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Introducing the United Nations E-Government Survey 2012


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E-Government for Sustainable Development: The announcement provides an overview of the focus of the upcoming United Nations E-Government Survey 2012

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Introducing the United Nations E-Government Survey 2012

  1. 1. United Nations E-Government Survey 2012 E-Government for Sustainable DevelopmentWhat is the focus of the and e-services, (ii) telecommunication infra- structure, and (iii) human capital endowment. age e-government to better serve the public. As such, it suggests a way forward for govern-forthcoming survey? In addition, the United Nations e-Government ments to move towards greater innovation, Survey assesses the capability and capacity of consolidate their e-government strategies andThe United Nations e-Government Survey was governments around the world to encourage develop evidence-based policies that will fa-initiated in 2001 by the Division for Public e-participation for effective public policy deci- cilitate the adoption of emerging technologiesAdministration and Development Manage- sion making. and effectively respond to the emerging needsment to support Member States’ efforts in of citizens.e-government and information communica- While providing a comparative assessment oftions technologies (ICTs) for socio-economic global e-government development, the Unit- In the last few years, the growing recognitiondevelopment. The United Nations e-Govern- ed Nations e-Government Survey highlights of the United Nations e-Government Surveyment Survey assesses the e-government de- the strategies, tools and best practices devel- has allowed its message to be accepted world-velopment of the 192 Member States of the oped and practiced by pioneering countries, wide. The data is used extensively and cited inUnited Nations according to a quantitative and taps on the collective wisdom of global publications by renowned research organiza-composite index comprising (i) e-information strategists and practitionersin how they lever- tions, including the World Bank, the Organiza-
  2. 2. tion for Economic Co-operation and Develop- the world community is continuing its onward Survey 2012 will, therefore, focus more closelyment (OECD), the Economist Intelligence Unit journey to the Millennium Development Goals on how government shares information on(EIU), the European Union (EU), the World target date of 2015. Accordingly, a special fo- service usage and feedback given by citizensEconomic Forum and the International Tele- cus of the United Nations e-Government Sur- concerning online services and e-participationcommusnication Union (ITU). vey 2012 will be on assessing the contribution initiatives, as well as how the public’s aware- of e-government to environmental sustain- ness to e-services provided by the governmentIn this context, the United Nations e-Gov- ability. It will focus on building an understand- is increased.ernment Survey 2012 will focus on the role ing of the role of e-government in providingof e-government in sustainable development, information and services for promoting aware- 5. Effective use of multi-channelincluding the promotion of social equity, eco- ness and advocacy of environmental resource service deliverynomic growth and environmental protection. management and climate change, especially Multi-channel service delivery. Within theBased on the findings and trends of previous as it relates to the delivery of such services purview of socio-economic sustainable devel-surveys, the United Nations e-Government to citizens. For instance, citizens look to the opment, the United Nations e-GovernmentSurvey 2012 will review, among other areas, government for the provision of critical infor- Survey 2012 will assess e-government ap-the following: mation and services in times of natural disas- proaches and development through the effec- ters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, tive use of multi-channel service delivery, in1. Integration and creation of one- floods, and volcanic eruptions. particular the availability of mobile services; stopshops and national portals the provision of free connectivity throughThe rising importance of a whole-of-govern- 3. Leverage of emerging technologies public kiosks and other facilities; and howment approach and integrated online service E-infrastructure and its increasing role in these approaches will help advance economicdelivery. To ensure the long-term sustain- bridging the digital divide, with a particular efficiency and effectiveness in governmentability of online services along with increased emphasis on the provision of effective online service delivery, including social networkingusage and sophistication, there is a global services for the inclusion of vulnerable and services. In particular, a special focus will un-shift towards the integration and creation of marginalized groups, such as the poor, the derline the growing need for providing mobileone-stopshops and national portals, with in- handicapped, women, children and youth, web-based and text-based services, as mobiletegrated solutions such as single sign-on and the elderly, and minorities, etc. Bridging the devices now have a much higher penetrationidentity management. These initiatives have digital divide for sustainable development ons in developing turn, allowed for greater cost savings and remains a top priority for the United Nationsefficiency in back-end government operations as does supporting equitable participationwhile delivering more effective and convenient in development issues. The United Nationspublic services. What is important is not how e-Government Survey 2012 will assess howmany government websites there are, but how emerging technologies, such as broadband,citizens can access with ease a wide range of are leveraged to mitigate the adverse impactrelevant online services, without the need to of digital divide and to better deliver onlineunderstand the government organization. services with reference to both accessibility and the active engagement of citizens. Contact:2. Contribution of e-government to Ms. Haiyan Qian, Director environmental sustainability 4. Public’s access and awareness Division for Public AdministrationThe use of e-government to provide informa- to e-services & Development Management/tion and services to citizens on environment The increasing emphasis on service usage and United Nations Department ofrelated issues. In 2012, the Rio +20 – United citizen satisfaction. Even with the most su- Economic and Social AffairsNations Conference on Sustainable Develop- perb online services deployed, the widespread Tel: +1 212-963-2764ment – will deliberate upon the issues of en- adoption and use of e-government cannot be Email: unpan@un.orgvironment and sustainable development as assured. The United Nations e-Government United Nations E-Government Survey 2010 Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis