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DESA's Reference Guide on Capacity Development Tools


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DESA's Reference Guide on Capacity Development Tools

  1. 1. An introduction to the Guide DESA’s operational work is aimed at developing capacities of developing countries totranslate internationally agreed policy frameworks into strategies and programmes at country-level. Capacity development is the third functional pillar of DESA’s overall mandate, alongside itsnormative and analytical work. DESA bases its capacity development work on five priority areas that capitalize on theDepartment’s key areas of strength and expertise. These are: (i) strengthening of statistical capacities, including monitoring of MDGs; (ii) macro-economic advisory services and international tax cooperation; (iii) social integration and inclusion of vulnerable groups; (iv) sustainable development including climate change mitigation and adaptation and forests; and (v) public administration and ICT for development, including e-government. The Reference Guide contains an annotated list of capacity development resources, referredto here as “tools”, developed by DESA or produced in collaboration with partners. These toolshave been brought together for easy reference of DESA clients, partners, and various users,mainly policymakers and development practitioners in government as well as in academia andcivil society in developing countries. They provide practical information and knowledge for policymaking and implementation, and take the form of handbooks, manuals, case studies, policynotes, and on-line training materials organized according to the above five priority areas. Thematerials have been developed drawing from DESA’s in-depth analytical and normative work,and complement DESA’s assistance delivered through specialized advisory services, trainingworkshops, and diffusion of knowledge through expert groups and practitioners’ meetings. TheGuide includes materials issued from the year 2000 onwards. It provides hyperlinks to accessthe tools on line. For more information contact: CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT OFFICE United Nations One UN Plaza DC-1 25th floor New York, NY 10017 and Phone: (+1) 917 367 7037; (+1) 212 963 2825 E-mail:
  2. 2. DESA Reference Guide to Capacity Development Tools, by Focus Area Focus Area: Strengthening Statistical Capacities, Including Monitoring of the MDGs Title Brief description Year of publication Category/format Availability Provides an introduction to some basic concepts and structures of the System of National Accounts (SNA) to economists and policy makers Website National Accounts: A Practical who are not familiar with national accounts, as well as other 2003 Handbook accessible/ Introduction newcomers to the field of national accounting. downloadable The handbook covers the conceptual and practical aspects of linking Arabic English Handbook of National Accounting -- business accounts to national accounts through countries Russian and Links Between Business Accounting experiences. 2000 Handbook and National Accounting Spanish editions are available The handbook provides, on the basis of country experiences, hands Handbook of National Accounting: on guidance on the implementation of the more practical modules of WebsiteIntegrated Environmental and Economic the System of integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting 2000 Handbook accessible/ Accounting -- An Operational Manual (SEEA). downloadable This Handbook is one in a series of national accounting handbooks. It examines how scope, detail and consistency of benchmark, annual WebsiteHandbook of National Accounting: Use and quarterly macro accounts data can best serve indicator analysis of Macro Accounts in Policy Analysis of past and modelling of future trends and how compilation methods 2002 Handbook accessible/ downloadable may affect such analyses. This website serves as the knowledge centre on official statistics and reflects the strong commitment of UNSD to facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practices in the management and development of national statistical systems. This work started with the collation of Website Development of National Statistical good practices in the application of the Fundamental Principles of Systems - Website continuously updated Website accessible/ Official Statistics. This website is a searchable repository, providing downloadable information on current practices in National Statistical Systems around the world, and international guidelines on statistical organizations The manual was developed to serve as a reference document for WebsitePost Enumeration Surveys Operational these workshops, as well as to provide operational guidelines for the 2010 Manual accessible/ Guidelines 2010 preparation and implementation of a post enumeration survey. downloadable The reference serves as guide for national governments in establishing and maintaining reliable civil registration systems for legal documentation on events throughout the lifetime of individuals WebsitePrinciples and Recommendations for a from birth, changes in marital status, and to death. It provides Vital Statistics System Revision 2 2001 Handbook accessible/ technical guidance on standards, concepts, definitions, and downloadable classifications for civil registration and vital statistics to further increase international comparability of data. This publication is aimed at assisting national statistical offices and other producers of disability statistics in improving the collection, compilation and dissemination of disability data. The document Website Guidelines and Principles for the addresses methodological issues in the area of disability by providing Development of Disability Statistics 2001 Handbook accessible/ guidelines and principles related to data collection, through surveys downloadable and censuses and also on the compilation, dissemination and usage of data on disability. This publication presents an overview of different approaches in the design of time-use surveys. The publication provides further impetus WebsiteGuide to Producing Statistics on TimeUse: Measuring Paid and Unpaid Work to the development of time-use statistics and assistance to countries 2005 Handbook accessible/ interested in undertaking time-use surveys. downloadable The knowledge base serves as a single web-based access point for a dynamic and centralized repository of information on all aspects of methodology and best country practices for the collection, analysis WebsiteKnowledgebase on Economic Statistics - and dissemination of economic statistics and macroeconomic continuously updated Website accessible/ Methods and Country Practices standards. As such, it facilitates the international sharing and downloadable exchange of knowledge on economic statistics programmes as well as the provision of guidance to countries. This knowledge base provides practical and methodological information on the use and correct interpretation of international trade statistics. Especially, this knowledge base gives background Website International Trade Statistics Knowledgebase information on the UN Comtrade and the UN ServiceTrade continuously updated Website accessible/ databases. downloadable The Manual serves data compilers of all institutions which play a role in the collection, compilation and dissemination of trade statistics and it may also serve as a guide to users who wish to understand better Website International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Compilers Manual (2002) the nature of trade data. The Manual discusses in detail the 2004 Manual accessible/ conceptual and institutional framework of data collection, the sources downloadable of data, methods of data compilation, and data dissemination, reconciliation and exchange.
  3. 3. The Supplement assists United Nations Member States in the implementation of the guidelines adopted by the United Nations Statistical Commission and laid out in International Merchandise International Merchandise Trade Trade Statistics : Concepts and Definitions , Revision 2 (IMTS, Rev.2 WebsiteStatistics: Supplement to the Compilers ) and International Merchandise Trade Statistics : Compilers Manual . 2008 Manual accessible/ Manual (2007) downloadable The Supplement may also serve as a guide to users who wish to understand better the nature of trade data. The Census Knowledge Base is a fundamental part of the resource centre for the 2010 World Population and Housing Census Programme. It is a repository of documents relevant for the field of Website The Census KnowledgeBase population and housing census taking. This includes international continuously updated Website accessible/ census methodological guidelines as well as documents on best downloadable practices in census taking. The website presents practical information and guidelines on census methodology and on best practices to help countries plan and carry Website out a census, as well as an up-to-date account of national census Population and housing censuses 2010 Website accessible/ taking activities and of provision of support to countries in the downloadable implementation of the census round. The Handbook is a reference document on management aspects of conducting a population and housing census. It provides guidance on how to (i) develop a structure able to effectively manage the census WebsiteHandbook on Census Management for Population and Housing Censuses planning and operational processes; (ii) plan all the process that need 2001 Handbook accessible/ to be considered in establishing a census; and (iii) design control and downloadable monitoring processes. This publication provides an overview of census and survey data editing methodology and information on the use of various approaches to census editing and reviews the advantages and WebsiteHandbook on Population and Housing Census Editing disadvantages of manual and computer-assisted editing. It presents, 2001 Handbook accessible/ in detail, procedures and techniques for editing census data at various downloadable stages of processing. The census handbook is in various parts, and is revised to reflect Handbook of Population and Housing new developments and emerging issues in census-taking and Censuses, Part III not issued Handbook Not issued national experiences in conducting the censuses each decade. The handbook is divided into six chapters and seven annexes. It covers managerial issues when reorganizing national statistical offices to permit the full use of geospatial infrastructure. It provides technical content for the data-processing manager or cartography/GIS WebsiteHandbook on Geospatial Infrastructure chief, such as constructing an EA (enumeration area) geodatabase, in support of Census Activities 2009 Handbook accessible/ using global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing and downloadable creating maps needed for enumeration. The annexes provide a handy reference for those planning and implementing geospatial solutions to census projects. The Handbook provides guidance on the measurement of economic characteristics in population censuses, based on relevant Website Measuring the Economically Active in experiences of countries, with a particular focus on the questions Population Censuses: A Handbook 2010 Handbook accessible/ used and the requirements for processing of responses. downloadable The Handbook provides principles and international recommendations, providing technical assistance to countries in Principles and Recommendations for Website census operations, and compiling and disseminating census results Population and Housing Censuses 2008 Handbook accessible/ Revision 2 from countries or areas. downloadable The official MDG Indicators website presents the official data, definitions, methodologies and sources for more than 60 indicators to measure progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. The data and analyses are the product of the work of the Inter-agency and Expert Group (IAEG) on MDG Indicators, coordinated by the United Website The official MDG Indicators website Nations Statistics Division. You will also find the official progress continuously updated Website accessible/ reports and documents produced by IAEG. Links to related sites and downloadable documents and constantly updated news will keep you up to date with the ongoing activities on MDG monitoring. The Handbook provides detailed information on available WebsiteHandbook on the Collection of Fertility sources/methods to obtain these data and may be used to decide 2004 Handbook accessible/ and Mortality Data what combination will best suit national conditions to derive fertility downloadable and mortality indicators. This Manual is an aid to demographers and population experts to apply indirect methods for estimating adult mortality. These methods WebsiteMethods for estimating adult mortality are particularly valuable in the absence of a reliable civil registration 2002 Handbook accessible/ system that records deaths and the demographic characteristics of downloadable the deceased. This paper uses data from Jordans 2007 Demographic and HealthBehavioural Factors as Emerging Main Survey to reassess the main determinants of child mortality in this Website Determinants of Child Mortality in middle-income country.Middle-Income Countries: A Case Study 2011 Case study accessible/ of Jordan downloadable
  4. 4. The publication provides practical guidelines to survey sample design, data processing and analysis of large-scale household surveys. It WebsiteDesigning Household Survey Samples: underscores the importance of developing a good implementation 2008 Handbook accessible/ Practical Guidelines strategy for surveys in order to generate accurate survey results by downloadable minimizing sampling and non-sampling errors. The present publication presents the state of the art on several important aspects of conducting household surveys in developing and Website Household Sample Surveys in transition countries, including sample design, survey implementation, 2005 Handbook accessible/ Developing and Transition Countries non-sampling errors, survey costs, and analysis of survey data. downloadable This Handbook provides guidance for developing national capability to operate and maintain, in a coordinated manner, the fundamental Handbook on Training in Civil systems of civil registration and vital statistics. It contains course Website Registration and Vital Statistics material, consisting of 23 modules that can be adapted to conduct an 2002 Handbook accessible/ Systems downloadable effective and comprehensive training on the essentials for civil registration and vital statistics systems. This Manual provides an updated framework for the development of a national system of criminal justice statistics. It is suitable for use in a Website Manual for the Development of a wide range of national and local circumstances and by countries that System of Criminal Justice Statistics 2003 Manual accessible/ vary markedly in the underlying conditions and readiness to develop downloadable such a system of criminal justice statistics.
  5. 5. Focus Area: Macro-economic Advisory Services and International Tax Cooperation Title Brief description Year of publication Category/format Availability The Policy Note takes stock of the nature of the financial, technical and institutional support and preferential trade-related treatments that Strengthening International Support Website have been provided to LDCs. It provides an assessment of how Measures for the Least Developed 2010 Policy Note accessible/ Countries useful these existing support measures have been and identifies downloadable ways in which they can be made more effective. This Manual provides a detailed introduction to the issues addressed in the United Nations Model Double Taxation Convention betweenManual for the Negotiation of Bilateral Developed and Developing Countries as revised in 2001. The goal of WebsiteTax Treaties between Developed and the Manual is to assist developing countries and economies in 2003 Manual accessible/ Developing Countries downloadable transition to negotiate tax treaties among themselves and with developed countries. This Handbook aims at promoting a better understanding of the LDC category and the benefits derived from membership therein. It Handbook on the Least Developed contains a comprehensive explanation of the criteria, procedures and WebsiteCountry Category: Inclusion, Graduation methodology used by the Committee for Development Policy for 2008 Handbook accessible/ and Special Support Measures establishing which countries are eligible for inclusion in, or downloadable recommended for graduation from, the LDC category. Vulnerability Monitor No. 1: Global The manuals aim at establishing a reliable monitoring and analysis Vulnerability to Trade Shocks system to alert policy makers about vulnerabilities that could hurt countries under changing global economic conditions. IMAS tries to Vulnerability Monitor No. 2: Global address three challenges: To bring existing information together intoVulnerability to Food and Energy Price an effective monitoring framework that allows for real-time Shocks assessments of the economic and social impacts of changing WebsiteVulnerability Monitor No. 3: World trade conditions in the world economy; To analyze risks related to different recovers, but developing country 2010 Manual accessible/ types of shocks, their transmissions, and likely effects on developingvulnerability to commodity price swings downloadable countries and various population groups To inform policy makers so remains that they can design adequate responses and monitor the effectiveness of the policy actions taken.Vulnerability Monitor No. 4: The globalfinancial crisis has wiped out progress in reducing open unemployment The Global Policy Model (GPM) is a tool for investigation of policy United Nations GPM: Underlying concepts and empirical illustrations scenarios for the world economy . The model allows users to specify alternative assumptions about the future economic context and policy United Nations GPM: Technical responses in different groups of countries and trace macro-economic description of GPM 2009 outcomes over short, medium and long-term timescales.United Nations GPM: Appendices A–FCoordinated and uncoordinated policy Websitemeasures as the global financial crisis 2009 Policy Note accessible/ intensifies downloadable Downside risk scenarios as the world economy recovers from the global 2010 financial crisis of 2009 A low-carbon, high growth policy scenario for the world economy 2009Public and private investment in a low-carbon, high growth policy scenario for 2009 the world economy The notes provide concrete suggestions on the means to achieve at WebsiteNational Development Strategies Policy the national level, the internationally-agreed development goals Notes-Financial POLICIES synthesized in the United Nations Development Agenda. The notes 2007 Policy Note accessible/ serve to help countries take advantage of and expand their policy downloadable space - their effective room for manoeuvre in formulating and integrating national economic, social, and environmental policies. WebsiteNational Development Strategies Policy Notes---STATE-OWNED 2007 Policy Note accessible/ ENTERPRISE REFORM Policies downloadableNational Development Strategies Policy Website Notes---INVESTMENT AND 2007 Policy Note accessible/ TECHNOLOGY POLICIES downloadable WebsiteNational Development Strategies Policy Notes---TRADE POLICY 2007 Policy Note accessible/ downloadableNational Development Strategies Policy Website Notes---MACROECONOMIC AND 2007 Policy Note accessible/ GROWTH POLICIES downloadable This website offers applied models to the national situation or for all Website Macroeconomic policy analysis in Central American countries. Central America and the Caribbean 2007 Website accessible/ downloadable The study analyzes the determinants of improving outcomes in Latin America and the Caribbean’s Website education, health and basic sanitation and the macroeconomic trade- Challenge to Reach the MDGs: 2008 Case study accessible/ Financing Options and Trade-offs offs caused by scaling up public spending for the Millennium downloadable Development Goals (MDGs), using an integrated modelling approach.
  6. 6. This study applies an economic-wide framework to analyze the impact Impact of the global crisis on the Website of the crisis on MDG achievement in six Latin American countries achievement of the MDGs in Latin 2009 (revised in 2010) Case study accessible/ America (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua). downloadable This e-learning course is related to WTO provisions and preferentialProvisions for LDCs in the Agreement market access for LDCs. Interactive Online Available for on Agriculture 2011 Training direct access The database highlights successes, challenges, development National Development Policies that outcomes, lessons-learned and good practices with the aim to Available for 2007 Database Work facilitate sharing information and identifying policies that could be direct access replicated or adapted to other contexts.
  7. 7. Focus Area: Social Integration and Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups Title Brief description Year of publication Category/format Availability The study serves as a guiding framework for policymakers, Website Analysing and Measuring Social researchers and practitioners interested in developing practical tools Inclusion in a Global Context 2010 Handbook accessible/ for evidence-based policymaking, impact assessment, monitoring and downloadable evaluation in the area of social inclusion. The notes provide concrete suggestions on the means to achieve at the national level, the internationally-agreed development goals synthesized in the United Nations Development Agenda. The notes WebsiteNational Development Strategies Policy Notes---SOCIAL POLICY serve to help countries take advantage of and expand their policy 2007 Policy Note accessible/ space - their effective room for manoeuvre in formulating and downloadable integrating national economic, social, and environmental policies. The Handbook is about how Parliaments and parliamentarians can Handbook for Parliamentarians on the play a key role in promoting and protecting human rights Website Convention on the Rights of Persons 2007 Handbook accessible/ with Disabilities downloadable The Guide offers national policy makers practical suggestions for theGuide to the National Implementation of most crucial areas on MIPAA. It is primarily intended for use by Websitethe Madrid International Plan of Action national focal points responsible for developing and implementing 2008 Handbook accessible/ on Ageing national policies on ageing. downloadable The Guide offers practical ideas and recommendations for concrete action to the people who make and carry out legislation, policies and Website Guide to the Implementation of the World Programme of Action for Youth programmes that affect the everyday realities and struggles of young 2006 Handbook accessible/ people. downloadable The Guidelines provide policy recommendations on cooperatives including the need for public recognition of cooperatives, appropriate legal, judicial and administrative provisions, research, statistics and information, education on cooperatives, the provision of public funds Website UN Guidelines and Cooperatives for support to cooperatives, and the need for institutional 2008 Report accessible/ arrangements for collaboration and partnership. downloadableThe Madrid International Plan of Action The Toolkit provides a framework to develop and implement policies Website on Ageing: Guiding Framework and and programmes on ageing at national level from needs Toolkit for Practitioners and Policy assessments, stakeholder analysis and participation through 2008 Handbook accessible/ Makers programme and policy planning. downloadable This study addresses the need identified by the governments of External economic vulnerability, social seven countries in Latin America to strengthen their knowledge aboutprotection and poverty in Latin America - Available for policy options to mitigate the effects of external shocks. (Vulnerabilidad económica externa, 2011 Case study purchase/Spanisprotección social y pobreza en América h version Latina) This is the analysis of the economic context including the labor Comparative analysis of the implications of macroeconomic policy, market, and social protection in the study countries (Bolivia, external shocks and social protection Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua) systems on poverty and inequality in during the period 1990-2007. It shows that these (like the generality Website seven Latin American countries - of the Latin American countries) are very sensitive to the impacts, accessible/ (Análisis comparativo de las both positive and negative external shocks. 2011 Case study implicaciones de la política downloadable/macroeconómica, los choques externos Spanish versiony los sistemas de protección social en la pobreza y la desigualdad en siete países de América Latina) This study explores how the changes in the international economic Bolivia study: Implications ofmacroeconomic policy, external shocks environment, mainly the economic crisis, the resurgence of inflation in and social protection systems in the region, the variability in oil prices, fluctuations in major currencies poverty, inequality and vulnerability in like the dollar and the euro and the economic policies adopted by Website Latin America and the Caribbean. other countries have major impact on the Bolivian economy. accessible/ Bolivia - (Implicaciones de la política 2010 Case studymacroeconómica, los choques externos downloadable/y los sistemas de protección social en Spanish version la pobreza, la desigualdad y la vulnerabilidad en América Latina y el Caribe. Bolivia) This study describes how the last decade of the twentieth century was Columbia study: Implications of characterized by strong macroeconomic volatility in Latin Americanmacroeconomic policy, external shocks economies. In general, the reforms imposed in the early nineties and social protection systems in increased flows of entry and exit of goods and capital and also made poverty, inequality and vulnerability in Website the economies vulnerable to external shocks. The study presents two Latin America and the Caribbean. toold necessary to define a suitable methodological framework that accessible/Colombia - (Implicaciones de la política 2011 Case studymacroeconómica, los choques externos takes account of all areas, macroeconomic and microeconomic downloadable/y los sistemas de protección social en vulnerability .These are a Computable General Equilibrium Model Spanish version la pobreza, la desigualdad y la (CGE) and microsimulation analysis. vulnerabilidad en América Latina y el Caribe. Colombia)
  8. 8. This study shows how Costa Rica, like other Latin American Costa Rica study: Implications of countries, has suffered different impacts over time resulting from themacroeconomic policy, external shocks implementation of economic policies and external shocks. In recent and social protection systems in years, specifically between 1990 and 2008, the economic process has poverty, inequality and vulnerability in Website been characterized by an increase in the external opening, withLatin America and the Caribbean. Costa market liberalization. accessible/ Rica - (Implicaciones de la política 2010 Case study macroeconómica, los choques downloadable/ externos, y los sistemas de protección Spanish version social en la pobreza, la desigualdad yla vulnerabilidad en América Latina y el Caribe. Costa Rica) This study presents Guatemala as a small open economy that is Guatemala study: Implications of exposed to external macroeconomic shocks. It also describes the macroeconomic policy, external shocks issues of social safety net and negative external shocks that had and social protection systems in poverty, inequality and vulnerability in impact on poverty and inequality among others. Website Latin America and the Caribbean. accessible/ Guatemala - (Implicaciones de la 2010 Case study política macroeconómica, los choques downloadable/ externos y los sistemas de protección Spanish version social en la pobreza, la desigualdad yla vulnerabilidad en América Latina y El Caribe. Guatemala) This report presents the results for the case of Ecuador. The Ecuador study: Implications of document is presents a historical evolution of macroeconomicmacroeconomic policy, external shocks indicators in the country; the evolution and functioning of labor and social protection systems in poverty, inequality and vulnerability in markets in Ecuador; analysis of the living conditions of population and Website Latin America and the Caribbean. social protection systems in the country today; a description of the accessible/Ecuador, 1990-2006 - (Implicaciones de computable general equilibrium model used in the project; simulations 2010 Case study la política macroeconómica, los downloadable/ of macroeconomic shocks and public policy to analyze their impact on choques externos y los sistemas de Spanish version poverty and inequality; and the main conclusions and policy protección social en la pobreza, la recommendations.desigualdad y la vulnerabilidad. El caso del Ecuador, 1990-2006) This study presents the effects of the economy based on Mexico study: Implications ofmacroeconomic policy, external shocks macroeconomic events that affected the Mexican economy in the last and social protection systems in two decades. The observed results indicate that a reduction in world poverty, inequality and vulnerability in prices of major export goods, an increase in global food prices and a Website Latin America and the Caribbean. drop in remittance income, would cause the most damage in the main accessible/ Mexico - (Implicaciones de la política macroeconomic indicators, labor market and poverty. It also simulates 2010 Case studymacroeconómica, los choques externos downloadable/ and analyzes the five public policies relevant social protection that Spanish versiony los sistemas de protección social en la pobreza, la desigualdad y la could cope with these shocks. vulnerabilidad en América Latina y el Caribe. México) This study describes how Nicaragua being a small open economy is Nicaragua study: Implications of vulnerable to the events of the international economy. After a reviewmacroeconomic policy, external shocks of historical data, general equilibrium analysis and application of and social protection systems in microsimulation methodology, the study concludes that the external poverty, inequality and vulnerability in shocks that have had a greater impact on poverty, inequality and Website Latin America and the Caribbean. vulnerability of Nicaraguan households have been those related to the accessible/ Nicaragua - (Implicaciones de la 2010 Case study reduced flow of remittances, the increase in world oil prices and lower downloadable/ política macroeconómica, los choques externos y los sistemas de protección capital inflows. Spanish version social en la pobreza, la desigualdad yla vulnerabilidad en América Latina y el Caribe. Nicaragua)
  9. 9. Focus Area: Sustainable Development Including Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, and Forests Title Brief description Year of publication Category/format Availability It provides inputs to the work of the Commission on Sustainable Development on examples of best practices as well as illustrating lessons learned submitted by Governments. The Case studies Available forSustainable Development Case Studies provide a basis for the compilation of the "Matrix", a tool created at 2011 Database direct access CSD-13 which compiles practical experiences and lessons learned in implementation. The Matrix is an information tool developed to compile the policy options and practical measures contained in the CSD Chairmans summary of the interactive discussions held at the Intergovernmental Available for CSD Matrix Preparatory Meeting, so as to make it a living document, and to 009, 2011 update comin Database direct access develop web-based tools to disseminate information on implementation and best practices The web-based tools are created to disseminate information on implementation and best practices to support international efforts to Available for CSD WAND – Water Action Network achieve the internationally agreed goals related to water and 2005 Database direct access sanitation. SIDSnet will serve as the global platform to coordinate and facilitate the activities related to the sustainable development of SIDS in three key areas: Track international meetings and inter-governmentalSmall Island Developing States Network processes related to SIDS. Contribute to filling the gaps in data Available for (SIDSnet) 2011 Database availability by collating national data and statistical information direct access towards assessment of vulnerability-resilience country profiles. Facilitate and motivate partnerships across the thematic areas of the Barbados Plan of Action CSD Indicators of Sustainable CSD Indicators of Sustainable Development Guidelines and Methodologies Available for Development 2007 Information Guideline direct access
  10. 10. Focus Area: Public Administration and ICT for Development , Including e-government Title Brief description Year of publication Category/format Availability The UNPAN Online Training Centre delivers courses on various Available for free topics in public administration. The main objective of the UNPAN and direct Training Centre is to increase the opportunities for government Interactive Online The UNPAN Online Training 2008-2010 access with officials from all over the world to access training materials on e- Training UNPAN government. They are provided free of charge. registration This guide provides an overview of the concepts, issues, tools and Available for free Introduction to Citizen Engagement in examples of practices and methodologies of participatory public and direct Interactive Online Public Governance for the Realization governance that can be effective in fostering the achievement of the 2011 access with of the Millennium Development Goals Training MDGs. UNPAN registration Visual support enables insightful ideas to leap over language barriers. This online training course communicates the main ideas in several fields of public administration through the use of diagrams. The Website diagrams are organized into six chapters: Systems and Environment Public Administration Illustrated 2008 Online Training accessible/ of the Public Sector, Developing Human Resources, Adapting downloadable Technologies, Building Partnerships, Measuring for Performance, and Improving Public Performance. This course aims to enhance the capacity of Human Resources Available for free Managers in the Public Service in Africa and to contribute to the and direct Human Resource Managers Capacity improvement of analysis and formulation of effective human resource Interactive Online Development 2010 access with development policies and strategies as part of public service Training UNPAN transformation in African countries. registration This online training course contributes to the knowledge and practices of local governance leaders and policy makers especially as they relate to managing equilibrium between centralized and decentralized systems; Responsiveness to people needs through participatory Available for free service delivery; Civic engagement, inclusiveness, partnerships and and direct Interactive Online Decentralized Governance resource mobilization for poverty reduction and local level 2008 access with Training development; Building cohesive local level communities for a secure UNPAN and peaceful environment; Developing institutional, structural registration arrangements, management systems and tools that work. This online training course is designed as a brief introduction toKnowledge Management in Government Interactive Online Available for Organization knowledge management (KM) and a guide to the implementation of 2008 Training direct access KM projects in government organizations. This online training course is designed as a brief introduction to Available for free Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation (RBME) for the and direct Results-Based Monitoring and Interactive Online Evaluation for MDG Implementation Implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. 2008 access with Training UNPAN registration This learning material is an introduction to electronic government (e- government). Our basic premise that the governments use of Website Introduction to Electronic Government Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is not an end in 2008 Online Training accessible/ itself, certainly not a technical exercise, but a tool to achieve better downloadable government. This course provides background knowledge on the basic concepts of Available for free ICT development and e-government. It gives an overview of the and direct evolution of IT, its content and its applications, with particular Interactive Online Principles of E-Government 2005 access with reference to e-government. Training UNPAN registration This course describes the fundamental infrastructures that are Available for free required for the success of e-government development. An overview and direct Infrastructure for E-Government on the different information-related infrastructures that are Interactive Online Development 2005 access with fundamental to the implementation of e-government, such as e- Training UNPAN record, portals, and e-payment are provided. registration This course discusses high-level concerns on e-government Available for free sustainable development. It includes various policies, laws and and direct Strategies and Methodologies for E- regulations that help to facilitate e-government development, so that a Interactive Online Government 2005 access with government can achieve e-government milestones in a relatively Training UNPAN short period of time. registration This learning material aims to provide a basic understanding of e- governance strategies and teaches how an effective strategic plan Website Strategic Planning for Electronic can be developed through a process. Important elements of the Governance 2008 Online Training accessible/ strategic plans of some e-governance leaders are also discussed as downloadable case studies. This online training course highlights the value of e-government interoperability and the steps required to achieve effective interoperability. It also answers some of the fundamental questions, Available for free such as who should be involved in e-Government Interoperability and directE-Government Interoperability(English & Interactive Online Russian) projects; why a Government Interoperability Framework (GIF) should 2011 access with Training be developed; how GIFs are produced and revised; and what the UNPAN key factors are for the successful development and operationalization registration of a GIF.
  11. 11. This module discusses organizational transformation in the context of electronic governance. It starts by explaining change management in large organizations such as government agencies, new public Structures and Processes for management, strategic and performance management, business Website Implementing and Operating e- process reengineering, and the role of good practice program 2008 Online Training accessible/ Governance downloadable management when implementing IT strategy. Finally, the importance of ICT governance is explained as an enabler of organizational change. This learning material aims to provide a basic understanding of Website Workflow and Business Process technologies supporting e-governance. It examines Workflow andManagement for Electronic Government Business Process Management for Electronic Government. 2008 Online Training accessible/ downloadable This learning material aims to provide a basic understanding of WebsiteOntology, Semantic Web and Electronic technologies supporting e-governance. It examines Ontologies and Government the Semantic Web in the context of electronic governance 2008 Online Training accessible/ downloadable The Guidelines on Strategic Planning in Parliament are intended to strengthen and support the strategic planning discipline in parliaments WebsiteGuidelines for ICT Strategic Planning in by providing insights into what strategic planning is, why it is critical, Parliaments 2010 Online Training accessible/ and how it can be applied in the parliamentary context. downloadable The purpose of this training material is to introduce students to Website Management of Public Property fundamental concepts related to public property management. (Russian) 2008 Online Training accessible/ downloadable The course provides background knowledge on the basic concepts of E-Government - What a Government ICT development and e-government. It gives an overview of the Website Leader Should Know - Introduction evolution of IT, its content and its applications, with particular (Arabic, English, French, Romanian, 2010 Online Training accessible/ Russian and Ukrainian) reference to e-government. downloadable The course discusses high-level concerns on e-government E-Government - What a Government sustainable development. It includes various policies, laws and WebsiteLeader Should Know - Strategic (Arabic, regulations that help to facilitate e-government development, so that a English, French, Romanian, Russian 2010 Online Training accessible/ government can achieve e-government milestones in a relatively and Ukrainian) downloadable short period of time. The course describes the fundamental infrastructures that are E-Government - What a Government required for the success of e-government development. An overview WebsiteLeader Should Know - Tactical (Arabic, on the different information-related infrastructures that are English, French, Romanian, Russian 2010 Online Training accessible/ fundamental to the implementation of e-government, such as e- downloadable and Ukrainian) record, portals, and e-payment are provided. This training material aims to support the development of capacities in the directive, executive and professional levels involved in Human WebsiteHuman Resources Management in the Resources and Capacity fields in the public sector. Its ultimate goal is Public Sector (Spanish) to provide tools to the organizations and staff in the public 2011 Online Training accessible/ administration systems and institutions to achieve their goals within a downloadable framework of efficiency and integrity. La búsqueda de la calidad se fundamenta en un cambio de actitud que tiene que darse en toda la organización y que va desde el empleado del nivel más elemental hasta el empleado del máximo nivel jerárquico; todos deben comprender que lo que hacen se debe a Available for free la calidad. Este curso se convierte en un primer paso para iniciar las and direct La Calidad en las Organizaciones actitudes necesarias para implementar procesos de cambio Interactive Online Públicas (Spanish) 2010 access with organizacional, partiendo de un proceso de concientización profunda Training UNPAN sobre lo que significa la calidad total, el compromiso que de ellos se registration espera y del apoyo sustantivo de toda la organización para elé xito de este tipo de procesos. Este curso tiene como objetivo analizar, comprender, aplicar e interpretar la gestión presupuestaria basada en resultados empleando indicadores de desempeño; identificar aspectos evaluables de su Available for free labor y diseñar, calcular e interpretar indicadores de desempeño; and direct Gestión Presupuestaria Basada en analizar y aplicar los resultados de la evaluación del desempeño en la Interactive Online Resultados (Spanish) 2010 access with toma de decisiones presupuestarias; actuar como agente Training UNPAN multiplicador en su ámbito laboral retroalimentando y replicando registration criterios objetivos y coherentes de evaluación del desempeño. The toolkit is designed to ensure that actors/stakeholders have a WebsiteCivic Engagement in Public Policies – A correct understanding of the principles. Functioning and Toolkit 2007 Toolkit accessible/ implementation of engaged governance. downloadable Compendium of ICT Applications on This compendium focuses on the use of mobile technology in the Website Electronic Government - Volume 1: areas of health and learning. Mobile Applications on Health and 2007 Handbook accessible/ Learning downloadable Compendium on Innovative E-Government Practices is a biannual Compendium on Innovative E- publication of DPADM. It contains over 500 best practices on Handbook and Online WebsiteGovernment Practices ( Vol I ) - Online innovative adoption and implementation of ICT in public service 2005 accessible/ Knowledge Base downloadable delivery. This guide provides practical tools on how to adapt innovative Guide for the Transfer and Adaptation practices by offering an overview of the process of adaptation and the Websiteof Innovations in Governance - Practical steps required for effective knowledge transfer and organizational 2007 Manual accessible/ Tools and Steps downloadable change.